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I finished my Wilton cake decorating course 3 last week. I was so proud of my final cake and couldn’t wait to get home to take a picture to post. (Don’t ask me why I didn’t bring my camera to class. Hindsight is 20/20.) But as I was taking it out of my car my beautiful cake went splat all over the parking lot. *tear* I think I screamed. So sadly I have no pictures of my final cake but I posted the sample from the book.

Mine wasn’t exactly that perfect (I didn’t do the white fondant flower on the base of the cakes or the shell border above the ruffle border) but I was uber proud of it. I am hoping that my teacher saved the picture she took from her camera phone so I can post later.

I do have pictures of some new royal icing flowers that I learned to make though.

A bazillion points to the first one who knows the name of each flower.

(This one is my favorite)

I have to admit that I totally sucked at them the first few times. It probably didn’t help that my hands get really warm when I am concentrating hard so the icing kinda “melted” as I was piping. But after some practice I got more confident and they started looking like flowers. LOL.

Bet you can’t tell which one I made first? ;)

While I am on the topic of Wilton, my teacher was telling me that my Michaels has canceled all their other classes (bead, one stroke painting, crochet, kids club etc) and they are also thinking of canceling the Wilton class too. *sad face* I am guessing it has something to do with paying the instructors but not making a profit from the class related products? No profits… not worth it. Its too bad. She said that the decision came from Michael’s corporate office but she wasn’t sure if this was nationwide Michael’s revamping or just my store.

Anyone know? Andrea?

EDIT: to add names of flowers
Morning Glory, Petunia, Poinsettia, Easter lily



  1. Aww, so sorry about the spill!! Seriously!!

    I know at my Micheals in Mission Valley they are canceling the drawing class, but the cake teacher seems ready to go for the next four months — well she’s moving to florida after class two, but there’s another teacher that they have scheduled to take her place.

    I bow in your prescence over those flowers!

  2. NATALIE, thanks for your cake sympathy. I was bummed for the rest of the day… Interesting about your Michael’s. Maybe its just my store then. boo.

  3. soooo… hydrangea, lily, dahlia?

  4. and sorry about the spillage. :(
    Nothing worse than ruined baked goods before anyone has even seen the results!

  5. NIKITA, you got the lily!

  6. First of all, wow. You’re so awesome. I hope I can someday be as skilled as you, sensei. I am taking course I at A.C. Moore bc their schedule was better than Michael’s. From what I understand, Wilton pays the instructors, not Michael’s or any other store. They are Wilton employees I think…I could be wrong. I’m sad for you, but have heard nothing about it by me.

  7. How sad for you and for your cake. I would have loved to see it. Your flowers are very impressive.

  8. ANDREA, well I can’t speak for AC Moore but I know my teacher gets paid by Michaels. Not sure if she gets supplemental pay from Wilton too though? *shrugs* I am just bummed that they are canceling the classes…

    GRETCHEN, Yeah makes me sad when I think about it too. Obviously I would be an awful cake delivery person. haha. Thanks for the compliments on my flowers…

  9. Morning Glory, Lily, Poinsettia, Honey Suckle?

    Great job!!

  10. Nope, changed my mind. Poppy!

  11. Also, I hope your teacher saved your pic. I want to see the final product!

  12. RACHEYPOO, damn you’re good! You got the lily, morning glory and poinsettia.

  13. It’s hard to tell, but is the last flower (the yellow one) a daylily?

  14. DESSERTS, nope! guess again! ;)

  15. Sorry, I didn’t mean hydrangea… I meant Hibiscus!

  16. NIKITA, I can totally see hibiscus! But thats not what its suppose to be. haha.

  17. My friend is/was a One Stroke instructor at my local Michaels and she has said that the only classes that will remain will be the Wilton classes, due to popular demand. All others are being canceled. It’s too bad. Can’t wait to see pics of your finished cake!

  18. I tried… :)
    They certainly look yummy!

  19. So, I’ve looked into become a Wilton teacher (not that I’m anywhere close to being skilled enough now, but just to have it in the back of my mind) and Wilton instructors are not Wilton employees. The only thing they get from Wilton is 50% discount on their website. What/if the store pays, I don’t know…. Beautiful flowers CB!

  20. What a bummer on your cake! The flowers look awesome!! I’m still putting on icing out of the corner of a ziploc! ha!

  21. Beautiful flowers! And you did not drop your cake! Shut up…. That’s just crazy.

  22. LIZ N, bummer! I was hoping it wasn’t nationwide thing.
    NIKITA, great guesses. The last one is suppose to be a petunia. ;)
    NINA, ah good to know! Thats the impression I got from my teacher too. I think they only get paid like a Michael’s employee so its not much.
    SUZY Q-ZY, Nothing wrong with ziplock! Me and ziplock are old piping friends! I still use it on occasion when I run out of the swanky piping bags. As long as I have my tips, ziplock is good in a pinch! :)
    JOY, I did!! I even tried to dive and save it but got cake and shattered fondant flowers all over my shirt, hair, face. Trust me! I was not a pretty sight. I guess next time I’ll be more careful about putting it on the top of my car. I must have misjudged the slope. :(

  23. YOU PUT YOUR CAKE ON THE TOP OF YOUR CAR????!!!! Next time, put it in the trunk and/or have the doors open before you pick the cake up…or have a partner. Geesh. I shouldn’t jinx myself, but I have been fortunate enough to never drop a cake…yet. I had one melt its way to ruin though so I know how heart breaking it can be. I never transport my cakes while stacked though. I wait until I’m at the venue to stack.

    Last I saw, our Michael’s had their cake classes going for half price. I don’t know about any of the other classes. We have a hobby lobby here too though, and I think they get more of the business because the classroom is bigger and easier to get to.

    Is the yellow one supposed to be the petunia? I don’t remember ever seeing a yellow petunia. I second my sister in that it looks like a daylily. Big surprise that we thought the same thing!! (You should see what happens when we try NOT to dress alike L + D = twins.)

  24. Yellow=poppy??

  25. ZEBE, I know!! ::smacks forehead:: I won’t put it on top of my car next time. I am not a flower person beyond a rose so I think I just used whatever color I had to make my petunia. Are they suppose to be pink or …?

  26. OMGoodness! Heartbreaking! My mom used to do cakes so I know what a moment that was!
    Your flower are GORGEOUS!
    Just found your blog!

  27. JENMARIE, thank you! Nice to meet you. I checked out your blog. You are a whiz with your papercraft. I love it! You ever think about making a cupcake one ;) How did you find my blog?

  28. That is terrible, dropping your cake after all your hard work! I just discovered cakes and am looking into some courses here on this side of the pond, love the fondant style cakes! I think my hands are a little too big for delicate flowers :-)

  29. NOSKOS, thanks for your sympathy. I was very sad indeed. I love fondant too! I am not a fan of the taste but its so awesome to decorate with. I am sure you could do (big hands and all) with some practice!

  30. Oh no – I am so sorry to hear about your cake! How awful – you must have felt terrible watching all your hard work fall to the ground. Your flowers are very lovely! :)

  31. I would have cried!

  32. CUPCAKERY, oh yeah. I think my stomach and my heart collided at the same time. Thanks about my flowers.

    MEGAN, I didn’t cry but I screamed. Thankfully it wasn’t for a paying client or anything but it still would have been nice to show my hubs.

  33. That is so sad about your cake! I’ve never dropped a cake, but we don’t have a Michaels to take a cake decorating class at. I have dropped cupcakes and it always makes me sad.
    My mom once made a beautiful cake with pointsetta’s on it and my sister accidentally stuck her foot in it.

    Your flowers are really great too!

  34. MARY, no Michaels? Do you have AC Moore or Hobby Lobby? aawww your mom’s cake. I feel her pain. Thanks about my flowers! :)

  35. We have a Pat Catan’s in the next county up, but I don’t think they have classes. In town we have an independent store “Handicraft Headquarters” where I can get a pretty good supply of cake decorating products, but they don’t teach classes.

  36. MARY, very cool. I must not have those stores b/c I’ve never heard of them. Its too bad they don’t have classes but it seems like Michaels is cancelling their classes too… boo. Where have all the classes gone? (Sing it with me)

  37. I can sympathize with dropping the cake….I made cupcakes for my friend’s bridal shower last May, and dropped a box of them on the way into the hall—I just about cried. I think the worst part was that I had to make two more cakes for other people the next day, and all I could think about was those cute little daisy cupcakes splattered all over the floor.

  38. DESSERT, oh I am sure you can sympathize. *knock on wood* Its kinda traumatic!

  39. i know it’s been said before – but these are totally amazing. i hope your teacher has a photo and we get a squizz at the finished product.

    there is a swahili phrase they using kenya – polesana. it means sorry, in they way you say sorry for someone else’s pain/loss/grief, not sorry when you tread on their foot in the street. it has great weight and meaning.

    to you i say: polesana

  40. HISTORYGIRL, wow. I love that you shared some of your beautiful background/language with me. thanks so much for your sympathy.

  41. I saw your post and wanted to give my answers to the names of the royal icing flowers that you did. Poinsetta, Morning Glory, Petunia, and Easter Lily. Let me know if I got it Lol, I think they look pretty nice my self.

  42. GERI, Morning Glory, Petunia, Poinsettia, Easter lily. You were very close which makes me happy about my piping skills. HAHA

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