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March 11, 2008 at 11:12 AM | Posted in pet peeve | 22 Comments

Anytime I bake cupcakes I try my darndest to scrape the bowl clean to get the maximum amount of cupcakes possible. I literally cringe when I watch the Barefoot Contessa (or any food network personality for that matter) bake anything b/c she leaves alot of cupcake-able batter in her KA mixer.

Sometimes I find myself yelling at the TV…

“You aren’t done scraping the bowl! There’s gotta be at least 2 more cupcakes left in there!”

But alas my yelling does nothing and the 2 cupcakes that almost were go in the soapy sink.

Don’t get me wrong. I lurve Ina Garten. She’s in my top 3 food network rotation but… stop the batter insanity!

Forget the children. My motto is: no cupcake batter left behind.

//end rant



  1. I don’t so much try to make extra cupcakes, but I do try to make the cups all even. I just don’t like wasted food in general…and most cooking shows waste a TON! But then they also use three times as many dishes as I do because they don’t have to wash & dry them all themselves.

  2. ZEBE, thats true too. If I can’t make another whole cupcake I will level out the cupcakes with the leftover batter. Maybe its the same for me. The wasted batter… it drives me nuts!

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  4. I can’t stand Ina Garten and her creepy husband. Sorry, I can’t watch her show at all!

  5. The wasting just makes it worse. haha!

  6. RACHEYPOO, haha. I know you aren’t an Ina fan. I blame you for my lack of Ina luster lately. I’ve been noticing her talk about “Jeffrey” more b/c of you! dammit! LOL

  7. Whew, glad we can still be friends. xoxo!

  8. I think we all should host a cooking show together. That would be interesting. I wonder if anyone would understand it through all of the inside jokes?

  9. ZEBE, I’d be a little scurred of a cooking show ala jknotties! LOL

  10. Screw it being 2 more cuppys. It’s delicious batter to lick up. That’s half the fun of baking.

  11. NIKKI, ok I could get behind batter as a finger food but it goes in the sink and becomes un-edible. Not cool…

  12. OMG Ina’s Jeffrey references are off the chart! And her laugh freaks me out a little. I like her show though. She has great ideas and is a high class dame. I do notice the scraping of the bowl. Sandra Lee always gets all that goodness up in those cuppy liners!

  13. I mean I know! Wasteful! Even if there isn’t enough for another cupcake, or enough to top off the existing ones…you are wasting a good finger full of nummy batter! Yes…I admit it, I’m a leftover batter fan!

  14. OMG! CB, the whole wasteful batter thing drives me up a wall! I often end up with weird numbers in cupcakes because I usually fill each cup on the generous side of half up.. and then proceed to scrape until the bowl is so clean.

    No batter left behind! (Sounds like an interesting name for another blong, actually)

  15. ANDREA, I dig her show. But I have to admit the Jeffrey references are a little annoying after Rachel mentioned them to me. I am a hopeless romantic too. Damn RP! Sandra Lee is ok for me. I watch if there’s nothing else on.

    SUZY Q-ZY, Welcome to the LBA (leftover batter anonymous)! We offer a 12 step program and at the end you will be cured of your nasty finger licking habit. LOL.

    BOMBSHELL, I am such a genius. but another blog? I would have to kiss sleeping goodbye and I am not ready to make that leap yet. haha.

  16. I really just hate wasted food in general! A.) Because I hate being wasteful, I have tons and tons of paper bags, plastic bags, cartons, boxes, ect. taking up a large corner of my kitchen waiting to be crafted into something awesome… and B.) Because leftover food on plates in the sink really really grosses me out, especially when the hubby forgets to put the food encrusted plate on the garbage disposal side! Ick!
    As far as batter goes, I always end up with a weird number of cupcakes because I can’t stand to leave any batter in the bowl. There are always at least one or two tiny and especially cute cuppys in the batch.

  17. KRISTINA, I totally make little mini cupcakes with leftover batter! I think its a waste thing for me too.

  18. not a huge Ina fan, but I’m ok with her. Love Sandra Lee though…maybe it’s b/c she ALWAYS makes a cocktail! *glug glug*

  19. SUZY QZY, haha. my hubs doesn’t remember their names so he calls Giada “italian cleavage” and Sanda “alky”. Love me a cocktail in the afternoon…

  20. I agree 100% ususally after I have scrapped the bowl …. I stick my head in and lick!!!!

  21. LUKI, bahaha. oh that is tres sexy! Long live the bowl lickers!

  22. I usually like Ina, but I’ve noticed she does waste all that batter. I would think that she would know that batter is meant to be eaten. Either raw or cooked. Not wasted.
    I spend most of my time wondering how the Booby Italian (Giada) manages to stay so skinny and yet she makes some pretty fattening foods. I have come to the conclusion that the “little bite” she has after making something might be considered her lunch and she might not eat for the rest of the day.

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