How-to: ship a cupcake (teaser)

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If you read my blog it should come as no surprise that I am obsessed with shipping FROSTED cupcakes. I wouldn’t say that I think a naked cupcake isn’t a cupcake but I have to admit that I am a frosting snob. A cupcake just isn’t complete without some sweet frosting topping. Who’s with me?

It seems I am not the only person intrigued with the idea. I’ve recruited engineers, fellow cupcake lovers and cake entrepreneur to try their hand at it. Click here to see the roundup! There were some great ideas but ultimately I wanted a shipping option that doesn’t change the integrity of the cupcake. No toothpicks, no skewers, no glue etc etc…

I racked my brain for weeks but came up empty. Finally when I thought I’d have to shell out whole lot of pennies to learn the secret… SUCCESS!! (Isn’t that how it always seems to happen?)

Shipped from California to Massachusetts

Now this wouldn’t be called a teaser for nothing…

Anyone have a guess?

Clue: I still used my cupcake shipping box with the insert.

(Nikki is sworn to cupcake secrecy, although I worry that she is vulnerable to baked good bribes.)



  1. I think you froze ’em, wrapped ’em, and shipped ’em. (like the tea cake place)

  2. RACHEYPOO, I will give you 4/10 points. I did all the above but I do not have an ice pack or way to keep the cupcakes frozen in transit so I had to do something to keep the cupcakes steady or they could flip and get smooshed.

  3. Freeze them, wrap them and pack them with foam – then ship?

  4. NATALIE, Hmmm… 4/10 points. No foam. See reply to Rachel above for more hints.

  5. Hey! About your cupcakes in Chicago question- I would say everyone MUST stop by The Bleeding Heart Bakery because it’s so awesome and punk rock. Molly’s Cupcakes is super fun, they have a build your own cupcakes complete with a sprinkle station and Milk & Honey makes a meat rootbeer float cupcake.

  6. MEAN! Not “meat.” Ew. That would be gross.

  7. NATALIE!! hey there! I was telling a couple friends about bleeding heart and Molly’s just this afternoon! I think that a cupcake bar is so freaking cute! I think we got a winner! eeewww meat rootbeer! gnarly! haha.

  8. freeze them, wrap them, GLUE them to the bottom of the special box so they stay in their own little slot?!

  9. BETH, I’ll give you 3/10. No glue. But you do have a good thought going… how do I keep them from moving? That is the question. :)

  10. Wrap them, and put an uninflated love sheep around them and inflate it?

  11. LT, uh… 3/10 for creativity? Whats a love sheep? (or do I want to know?) LOL

  12. I see saran wrap. So freeze, wrap, secure in box with dab of chocolate (or fondant, piping gel, gum paste, etc.) & cushion gently with foam peanuts…Hell, why not just fill the whole box up with frosting and then you know the cupcake will end up with some on it by the time it reaches its destination?

  13. ZEBE, Good eye. I’ll give you a 5/10. But I did not use anything that could potentially leave a residue on the cupcake. No foam. Filling the box with frosting did occur to me though but I have a feeling the integrity of the cupcake would be lost. LOL

  14. froze, wrapped, packed, and added a tight layer of saran wrap over top before shipping?

  15. KRISTINA, Did you read the comments above you? haha. I’ll give you 3/10 to keep my point system consistent. ;)

  16. I was hoping it would be like on Jeopardy where you have to state the answer exactly right lol, anyway, I didn’t see another one that said they were wrapped individually and then wrapped over top as a whole so they wouldn’t hit the top of the box, of course they could still hit the top of the wrap hmm. Hubby guesses vacuum sealer.

  17. KRISTINA, haha. jeopardy! What is saran wrap? I totally suck at jeopardy b/c I always forget to pose it in the form of a question. oh oh… Saran wrap over all the cupcakes too. gotcha. Good guess hubs but no cigar. ;)

  18. Did you pack the area around the cupcakes? (Since they were wrapped, they wouldn’t get touched by whatever is outside the wrap.)

    Also, did you use any of the methods previously suggested by friends and/or their relatives?

  19. RACHEYPOO, I didn’t fill the dead space between the cupcakes with anything. hmmm… well sorta. Let’s just clarify that it wasn’t tissue paper, foam, peanuts, love sheep, frosting. As for previously suggested methods… nope. My own genius (i think?) ;)

  20. How many cupcakes did you send in one box?

  21. RACHEYPOO, haha. not sure how that helps but… 4

  22. Everyone has pretty much covered all my guesses…I just have to add that I STILL have not received my cuppy’s for our CH cuppy exchange. *pout*

    Maybe when you send them I’ll get the insider info on how they were packaged….


  23. ALANNA, eep! ::hangs head::

  24. I don’t even want a score here… I just want the answer…stop teasing us!

  25. ANDREA, 0/10 haha. patience grasshopper. I am writing it up today. :)

  26. Not sure HOW you did it, I’m just uber impressed you did!!

  27. SUZY Q-ZY, thanky! I am quite impressed with myself too. How’s that for humble? ;)

  28. omg I can’t believe you’re going to keep torturing people. Lucky for me … I already know the answer :)

  29. Oh and I’ve very vulnerable to bribes … I accept most baked goods and money

  30. ^ I’m

  31. Ruh oh! I feel Nikki cracking under the pressure. I better write my BU up fast. LOL

  32. froze ‘em, wrapped ‘em, taped the wrapping to insert in the box and taped the insert to the box as well and shipped ‘em?

  33. BB, w00t! its beebs! where you been stranger? work? work schmurk! LOL. no tape. I’ll give you 4/10.

  34. come on!! you gotta tell us!! my cupcake-addicted friends can’t wait much longer! :D

  35. Did you get the basket shrink wrap from the craft store and “seal” each cupcakes individually before mailing them?

  36. This idea came to me verrrry early this morning when I was trying to fall back asleep (why I’m thinking about this post in the wee hours of the morn, I have no clue lol) anyway here it is:
    Did you set an upside down PNC over the top of the cupcake and tape it?

  37. NIKITA, haha. As soon as I finish this batch of cupcakes I’ll get “write” on it!

    CUPCAKERY, 4/10. good thought but a little too high tech for me. My way is a little more ghetto.

    KRISTINA, I am laughing that you thought about it before going to bed. Honestly I get my best ideas before I go to sleep. You are on the right track! And actually that was an idea that I tried too! 7/10!

  38. PVC pipe? Meat cupcakes? I wish I was creative enough to come up with something no one else has said, (except the meat cupcakes) but I AM hoping that you tell us soon so I can mail off a brand new cupcake to my friend in the next state over.

  39. MARY, no pvc pipe. meat cupcake? is it literally a cupcake made of beef? or something else ::winkwink:: I am working on the write up… promise it will be up later today.

  40. You wrapped them then you taped another PNC to the top and then packaged them so that they fit perfectly into the box? If the lip of the PNCs match up and are secured together and they are tight in a box it won’t matter if the cupckae flips over or is hanging upside down?

  41. TW, very well thought out! 7/10. but I did not use tape. I did try something similar and the PNCs didn’t hold together very well to ship. I might have to revisit that idea though. Thanks for playing!

  42. wait, this stuff is 2 years old, where’s the answer?????

  43. I found it! It’s right here…

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