What makes a cupcake?

March 12, 2008 at 12:34 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 10 Comments

You all know I like cupcakes right? Oh who am I kidding?! I LOVE CUPCAKES. I am also ridiculously enthusiastic to say that I have converted a few friends to the cupcake side too.

My friend Nina poses the title of my blog entry as a question on her blog. Go check it out. Do you agree with my comment?



  1. Ummmmm…. You might want to actually comment on my blog if you are going to ask people if you agree with your comment or not. :D

  2. NINA, what the heck! I did leave a comment. stupid WP.

  3. Well, I consider anything I bake in my cupcake pan a cupcake lol However, that brings up a new question. I have a silicone floral cupcake pan from pampered chef, which is more like a mini bundt type pan. There’s certainly no way a liner could be used in them and you wouldn’t want to traditionally frost your pretty flower shapes. But, Pampered Chef still calls it a cupcake pan!
    I was planning on doing my cupcake hero entry in the pan, but I guess I wont if it’s not actualllly a cupake. The pan can be found here: https://www.pamperedchef.com/ordering/prod_details.tpc?prodId=13837&catId=122&parentCatId=122

  4. KRISTINA, Hmmm… I don’t think of the pampered chef pan as a cupcake but you bring up a good point – the silicone cupcake pans. Might have to rethink my definition now. haha.

  5. That would be a mini bundt pan, at least according to Nordic Ware who makes *the* Bundt Pan. Pampered Chef can call it whatever it wants, but it ain’t right.

  6. LT, agreed. ::nodding head up and down fierce-ly::

  7. I guess deep down I knew that lol I just wanted to use my pretty pan *le sigh*

  8. KRISTINA, haha. please feel free to use your pretty pan. My opinion might be different that Mrs. Cupcake Hero. ;)

  9. I think it can be called a cupcake as long as it’s not cooked in a pan that can be called another name. For example if your pan could also be called a mini bundt pan it’s not a cupcake pan. I think with this definition, silicone cupcake cups still count as cupcakes. Even if they’re heart shaped or square like mine are.

  10. MARY, good def! Might have to tweak mine with yours now. hehe.

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