Draping fondant the Wilton way

March 16, 2008 at 5:33 PM | Posted in wilton | 33 Comments

Today was 2nd class of my Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste (unofficial) course 4. Admittedly I do not like the taste of fondant but I LOVE to decorate with it. Its just so versatile and (in my opinion) allows me to be more creative.

This time I was smart enough to bring my camera to class but sadly my teacher’s purse was stolen over the weekend along with her cell phone and my previous cake final picture. I am bummed for her b/c stolen purses are always a big PITA. It’s honestly not about the money for me. Take the cash just leave me my driver’s license, cell phone and credit/debit cards. The hassle of canceling credit cards and going to the DMV for a new license far outweighs any amt of cash that I would lose (esp since I rarely have more than $20 in my purse at one time). It should already tell you something that I’ve been married for 7 months but still have not changed my name. ::hangs head:: I am a bad wifey but I dread going to the SS office and the DMV. ugh.

Oops! Talk about side tracked. Ok back to the point of this BU… haha.

Today I learned how to drape fondant on my “midterm” cake.

(Please excuse my ghetto faux cake board under the cake. I accidently left the “real” one at home.)

It was very time consuming to roll out 4 pieces of fondant, pizza wheel cut each one and drape on the cake but worth the affect. I love the way it looks!

Of course the draping wasn’t enough! I had to add little white fondant flowers to each draping too. Aren’t they stinkin’ cute?

TIP: Maybe it would be better to put the flowers on the fondant piece first before draping so that the flowers will naturally fall with the way you layer. JMO

Click image to enlarge

I ran out of time so I only completed the flowers on one drape in class but I finished the rest at home. Personally I think the flower in the middle is kinda cheesy but thats what the book design was. *shrug

I still have issues with putting the initial (pink) fondant layer over the cake. I just can’t get it as smooth as the book pictures for the life of me! Overall I had fun with this one and definitely could see myself using this technique again. Maybe my FSIL’s bridal shower? Hmmm… the possibilities…

Hope my fellow cake class-ers (Nina, Andrea, Natalie) are having just as much fun! Looking forward to more of your BUs!

PS. Nikki, the pinkness is dedicated to you.


  1. Wow-wee! Looking good, CB!!

  2. Wow- That looks amazing!!

  3. Wow. Your cake looks great. One of the things I hope to learn more about someday is cake decorating. I can do some basic stuff, but I’ve never tried anything with fondant.

  4. Your draping looks amazing CB! It doesn’t even look like fondant. I looks more like a silk scarf. I know I say it alot by you are amazing!

  5. That looks great!!! I wouldn’t even know where to begin with fondant…in fact I’m not that great with REGULAR frosting/icing!

  6. Very purdy. I wub that you made it pink for me (or at least that you’re telling me it was for me :P)!

  7. So pretty!! I don’t think I learn about fondant until the intermediate class, I hope I can continue to that one.

  8. Wow, sensei…that is truly a work of art! You’re a profesh (that’s a new word I just made up in the fashion of christian…feel free to use it). Fondant just looks so flawless, I cannot wait until course 3 and eventually 4 to learn about it!

  9. Well that’s really pretty. I agree with you about the flower on top, but I’m not sure what else would go there.

  10. Looks so awesome! I am uber impressed!

  11. RACHEYPOO, thankypoo. :)

    KAT, aawww thank you! though I have to say that seeing cakes on my blog probably isn’t helping my diet efforts huh?

    DI, definitely check out the Wilton class. I am having a great time learning.

    KRMWV, aw shucks. stop stop you’re making me blush! (but really keep talking. LOL)

    SUZY Q-ZY, personally I think fondant is easier than frosting!

    NIKKI, pink is always for you! ;)

    NINA, I hope you can too! I like working with frosting techniques but I really dig fondant.

    ANDREA, oh profesh is definitely going in the CB vocab now. LOL. So glad you plan to continue! Can’t wait to see your next cake!

    MARY, I was thinking maybe something more 3d b/c the draping is so dramatic you know?

    BB, thanky! side note: I totally thought about you the other day b/c I saw a lightning bolt decal on a car on the freeway and said to myself “I know what that is! BB would be so proud!” haha

  12. oooh pretty! The draping is beautiful! I’m still trying to decide whether or not to start playing with fondant. I know I’m not going to eat it lol and I’m not sure if I can handle throwing it away

  13. KRISTINA, I admit it was a little heart breaking to throw my bow tie cake in the trash… sniff.

  14. This makes me want to go out and teach myself how to use fondant – so very classy looking! Although I have to admit to Nikki… I’d probably make it in blue or green :)

  15. CAITLIN, just between you and me, I am more of a blue girl myself. ;)

  16. Very pretty, excusing the fact that it is fondant. I’d still rather play in buttercream any day. To me, that is much harder to master. Have you tried the marshmallow fondant yet?

  17. ZEBE, agreed. Buttercream definitely takes alot of practice. I wouldn’t say that fondant is easy though. Haven’t tried the marshmallow fondant yet but will have to out of necessity and frugality soon when my 5lb block of Wilton fondant runs out…

  18. ^^It suprises me that buttercream is harder to master.^^ When I worked in a bakery, people would pay 3x the price for a fondant cake rather than a buttercream one. But I’ve never worked with fondant and I find buttercream pretty easy. I guess it depends on what you learn first or prefer.

  19. RACHEYPOO, very true. Definitely depends on the person. I think the price of fondant doesn’t necessarily reflect the difficulty level (this is just my amateur opinion of course) but the desired affect of the smooth surface that fondant can give you. If the demand is high, ppl will pay more. Personally I think me and you should start a bakery together. You do the buttercream and I’ll do the fondant. deal? ;)

  20. This is my first time to your site, and I love it! You have simply amazing decorating skills! now, I admit that I bake horribly.. from previous attempts, but now I am inspired to try, and when spring break comes, I will definitely try. The pinkness of your cake is absolutely adorable!

    May I link your blog on mine? (:

  21. Can I just do the eating? That’s more my forte.

  22. beautiful!! fondant can be so tricky– this really looks lovely!

  23. I dream of being as amazing as you. Dream it!!

  24. RACHEYPOO, haha. You get the leftovers and I’ll take the cupcake cash. good deal!

    STEPH, thanky! curious? Is your avatar a cat or a bunny?

    NATALIE, haha. Just you wait. You’ll be just as good if not better. Trust me!

  25. very impressive!

  26. man, that looks good. i wanna learn how to work with fondant! do they teach you how to make your own?

  27. BETH, thankyou chica!

    MICHELLE, Wilton doesn’t teach you how to make it. I just bought their pre-packaged but many friends have urged me to try to make the marshmallow fondant recipe. HTH!

  28. BETTY, sorry I missed your comment. It was lost in comment moderation land and I just found it. Thanks for your sweet compliments. I hope you give cake decorating a try! It takes practice but definitely something that anyone can achieve. Link away. I love linkage! ;)

  29. the cake looks absolutely fabulous, like you’ve just draped a soft scarf over it! i must admit that i don’t particularly like fondant either but it sure is great for creating pretty decorations. lover-ly job!

  30. FAIRY, thanky! Love the analogy… soft scarf. I compare fondant to a slighty sweet play doh texture and thats narsty BUT I will try to make some marshmallow fondant one day and see if maybe I change my mind.

  31. The draping is beautiful! I would greatly appreciate any tips you can pass on regarding your technique for getting such even folds and then the draping scarf effect in the fondant. Also, how thin did you roll out the fondant? I’m practicing to make my sister-in-law’s wedding cake.

  32. REBECCA V, thanks so much for your sweet compliments. I think I rolled it out about 1/4″ thick, maybe less. As for draping and folding, what is your email and I’ll send you more information? I think its awesome that you are making your SIL’s cake! I am sure she will love it!

  33. I’m so excited by your speedy response!
    My email address: jrvarda1@hotmail.com

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