Kids say the darndest things!

March 29, 2008 at 9:20 AM | Posted in 500CC | 8 Comments

Sometimes I think that children are more insightful than adults or at the very least… more vocal. haha

My good friend, Laurie, watched my recent 500 Cupcake Challenge video with her 5 year old son Liam and emailed me his indignant questions.

(photo credit: Quirky Cupcake)

“Why doesnt he show his head? I want to see his head. Why, why don’t they show their heads?”

I couldn’t even reply right away. I had fallen off my chair… cackling.

Anyone else ever wonder?

To answer Liam’s question.

There are 5 reasons for the headless madness. (According to Nikki, five is the magic reason number.)

1. The first video we made he really needed to shave but claimed laziness so I videotaped him from the neck down and we just kept the theme going for consistency.
2. To fit T’s head, torso and the KA mixer randomizer in the video you’d get a bigger view of my unkempt kitchen and other parts of my messy apt. Aint happening. I guess I could clean but its easier to go headless.
3. T is shy. Being a teacher you wouldn’t think so but its true.
4. Its hard for me to keep the camera straight and talk (its like rubbing your belly and tapping your head at the same time!) so I balance my elbow with the kitchen counter and thats the height you get.
5. He doesn’t want his buddies to find the video on youtube, recognize him and call him whipped (again).

There you have it.

Thank you for your question, Liam. :)



  1. It is it is! Liam is so adorable!!

  2. LOL, so cute! Ben would be on his knees making sure his head made it in the picture. He’s a total showoff. And I totally understand the dirty house thing, I’m always turning the cameral at funny angles when I photograph food to avoid any mess getting in the shot!

  3. Hes a little punk.

    Oh and Im with ya. Our house looks like romperroom most days. Thats why I always take all pictures in the same spot on my counter. Good sunlight and I only have to clear out a 2×2 space. ;)

  4. That’s adorable! And I hear you on the photo reasons. I think all those make perfect sense!

  5. That kid is too freaking cute!

  6. NIKKI, it is what? Complete sentences please.

    KRISTINA, I do that too! Try to clear off a space so that it minizes any apt background mess. haha.

    SLUSH, 2×2 space! haha. At least you have sunlight. I live in a cave.

    RACHEL, thanky. If we’re being honest, I bet its more #5 than any other reason. haha.

    BB, isn’t he freaking adorable? I love that expression – with the eyebrow lift. so hilarious!

  7. Hilarious–and his expression is just priceless. Priceless!

  8. CAKESPY, ditto. love it.

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