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March 30, 2008 at 3:20 PM | Posted in decor, wilton | 19 Comments

Today was my 3rd class of Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste and I spent 2 hours on my Sunday morning making gumpaste flowers – chrysanthemum, daisy and fantasy flower.

We started with the chrysanthemum first. I think its b/c it took the longest to make. You make a base and add about 5-6 layers to create the ruffled petals made from circle cutters. It didn’t look hard from the book but when I started attempting it, it was probably the hardest flower for me. I love the pink edible glitter that lines the outer edges of each layer. So dainty.

Its propped up on some tissue paper while it dries

Next came the daisy. This was MUCH easier. You basically rolled out gumpaste to about 1/16″ thickness and cut out 2 daisy patterns with a daisy cutter and stagger them on top of each other. I decided to make the traditional yellow center for one and then a pink center for the other one. Too bad I ran out of pink glitter since I went a little crazy on the chrysanthemum so my pink daisy center isn’t as “pink” as it could be. The pink daisy –> Nikki. ILM. IATOY. ((H+L))

Click image to enlarge

The last flower was the fantasy flower. Its a multiple layer flower that you use heart cutters to make. Kind of ingenius b/c you use different size cupcake liners to shape it. Right now its still in the cupcake tin and liner along with tissue paper to mold the petals but check back later for the finished picture. After the gumpaste hardened and the mold is set, it reminds me of a water lily.

Click image to enlarge

I can’t believe I am one class away from completing the Wilton 4 course cake decorating class. My teacher sounded so somber when she greeted me at the beginning of class with that incredible fact. Had it really been 4 months already? wow. I know there is so much more to learn in cake decorating but in the Wilton world I’ve almost at the end.

Stay tuned next week for my last Wilton cake final… sniff.



  1. I LOVE the daisies! :)

  2. Everything looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to start my classes this week!

  3. BETH, thanky! They are quite purdy.

    MICHELLE, you are gonna LOVE cake class. I am sure you will be awesome. Definitely can’t wait to see your BUs about them :)

  4. Aww, I’ll miss the updates!! You’ll just have to keep improving…making more, more, more!! The sky is the limit!

  5. NATALIE, aawww you’re so sweet. I did talk to my teacher today about creating a pseduo-class so I can keep improving even though its not Wilton approved. She said she’d have to talk to Michael’s about it so I am crossing my fingers.

  6. Awww beech I wub you! You’re flowers look super purdy!

  7. Sparkly pink edible glitter sounds FABULOUS! I love the flowers!

  8. NIKKI, thanks for pushing me to take the Wilton class. Its been a great experience. IWYM.
    MARY, thanks love! How’s your knee feeling?

  9. Wow, those look AWESOME! That definitely makes me want to take course 2 (and 3 and 4) as soon as my local hobby lobby offers them.

  10. CAITLIN, are you taking course 1 right now? Definitely keep it up… I think course 4 is my favorite but I like working with fondant vs buttercream.

  11. Wicked talent you got there CB. Cant wait to see whats up for the final!

  12. Your flowers are so amazing! You have learned so much in the Wilton classes… in fact, I think I’m going to make the switch and start the Wilton classes instead of my Vo-Tech classes.

  13. WOW! They look awesome! I’m super bummed bc Course II starts on April 6 (I’ll be in Chicago) so I have to wait a WHOLE month to take it. How will I go a whole month w/o cake decor?

  14. Great looking flowers! I’ve been experimenting with fondant but have not taken the leap into gumpaste. Is it a lot different?

  15. SLUSH, thanky love. If I do say so myself, its pretty darn good. haha

    NINA, fabulous! I think you’ll like the Wilton class esp if you are teacher is awesome like mine. Definitely let me know how it goes, k?

    ANDREA, oh bummer but good reason. I’d rather be boozing with jknotties than making gumpaste flowers anyday. Have fun! Come back with lots of pictures!

    CARACAKES, thanks for your sweet compliments! gumpaste is stickier for me so I have to use cornstarch on my fingers and board to work with it. Personally I prefer fondant.

  16. Come teach me! You are really getting good at that, they look perfect!

  17. LT, thanky! I would love to teach you. Just come on over… ;)

  18. I just saw the final, and it’s impressive!! I have to take a 2-month hiatus from my class, but I plan on practicing and being the readiest cake decorator in the world for June!

  19. NATALIE, which final? the draping cake? That was more like a midterm cake. haha. Bummer about the hiatus but I look forward to more cake BUs in the future!

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