So hard to say goodbye

April 1, 2008 at 7:58 AM | Posted in cupcakes | 27 Comments

(oh admit it! I had you going for a little bit… you know I did. LOL)

Dear IHC readers,

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that I will not be updating my cuppycakes blog anymore. For reasons better left unexplained, I will be unable to continue my current cupcake addiction.

Thanks to everyone that has supported me in the last four months. Its been real. sniff

Cupcakes and love,
Clara and Mr. Cuppycakes

April Fools Day is one of those holidays that is a delicate balance between humor and cruelty. I try to stay on the humorous side and I don’t drag the “joke” on too long. But my apologies if my previous entry was cruel ;) It wasn’t meant to be. I’ll make it up to everyone with my next cupcake…  You’re gonna get a kick out of it! stay tuned…

Note to self: Next year remember to make sure your gchat status complements your April foolery. “What cupcakes should I bake next?” probably didn’t help my cupcake goodbye believe-ability, huh? LOL



  1. Well that blows. I hope you get healthy soon!!

  2. :( I hope things start getting better for you!

    I had to quit DB for my diet….it’s sad :(

  3. You are so totally April Fooling. Im calling you out. Liar, Liar, pants on fire…oh yeah.

  4. However, if you are really ill, I will feel like shite. :(

  5. K, bye. :p

  6. I really hope this is some cruel April Fool’s day joke and you aren’t really sick!
    If you are sick, please get well soon!!

  7. You seriously are such a bad April Fools Day joker. I wub you though. :)

  8. Saw that April Fools joke from a mile away!

  9. I sincerely hope this is an April Fools joke!

  10. I’m gonna miss you.. sniff, sniff.

  11. That is so mean if you are fibbing! This better be an April fools day joke!

  12. I smell a rat! Is there some April Foolery going on?!

  13. I believed it for a second, but there is no way you are giving up cupcakes. Nice try!

  14. you’re so transparent it’s actually ridix. don’t toy with me like that, sensei.

  15. What will the cupcake world do without you?

  16. What?! Surely, this is a really CRUEL April’s Fool joke!!

  17. *joins the sobbing masses* No way! I refuse it! I shall be on the board of directors of the “We [heart] CB” fanclub and chit.

  18. Good thing some of the others’ comments tipped me off about April Fools Day! I was really disappointed when I read that you wouldn’t be posting. I know I don’t post comments very much, but I am a loyal reader (for about two months? so far). I really hope you keep it up, I think you’re very inspiring and creative. Thank you!

  19. To think you are giving up on the cuppycakes and haven’t even tried the marshmallow fondant yet….ha.

  20. It’s gotta be April Fools – you’d never leave a comment chain without response for this long if there was any truth in it! ;-)

    ~Rosa (looking forward to many more cupcakes!)

  21. Hmmm.. April Fools?

    I hope so. Otherwise… :(

  22. Ok, let us in on the joke now. You’re making me nervous.

  23. Still waiting for that next post. You know the one, yes, the one that says “April Fools”

  24. I am with Andrea and Megan!! Come on now!!

  25. Besides, it’s cupcake week on “Martha”. You wouldn’t, couldn’t leave us now!

  26. ok I just read I <3 food for thought and am getting really concerned. I’m super proud of you for the weight loss goals and all, but we can make it work girl. Healthy cupcakes!!! You’re seriously making me nervous. The only saving grace for me right now is that Nikki hasn’t commented on this post yet.

  27. I totally believed you… and now I just checked back for a *just in case* look and feel SO DUMB!!! haha it was a good one!!

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