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Its probably not a secret that I bake alot of cupcakes (honest its true!) and my taste testers range from family to friends to T’s coworkers. I rarely eat more than one of any cupcake I bake but I know its good when I find myself eating 2 or 3 of them. When I bake I always love playing with flavor combination but eventually I find myself coming back to the classics – chocolate, vanilla and red velvet – when I am asked which cupcake flavor I would choose.

Since this past TWD challenge of gooey-licious chocolate cupcakes, I have fallen in love with chocolate again. I wouldn’t say I am a choco-holic but to make sure I didn’t eat them all T brought some to work. His coworkers raved about them. One CW raved so much she asked T if I took cupcake orders for their upcoming departmental meeting. Since he’s my #1 fan, he knows how to sell me and now I have a cupcake order due next week!

M gave me full creative reign. But that can be good and bad… I think I’d rather have a little direction than no direction at all so I know I am on the right track with my customer’s tastes and expectations. Since I didn’t get much more than “we trust you” I am steering towards less is more cupcake concept – minimal cupcake decor, simple flavors and easy eat-ability b/c thats what *I* would want in a cupcake esp considering the professional environment.

I narrowed down the choices. But I need some IHC reader help… What is your flavor?

Leave me a comment.

Vanilla +vanilla buttercream frosting ||||/ ||
Vanilla +chocolate frosting ||||/ |
Chocolate +peanut butter frosting ||||/
Chocolate +chocolate frosting ||||/
Red velvet +cream cheese frosting ||||/

(T gives his 1 vote to red velvet. No surprise.)



  1. Hmm, my thought wasn’t listed…. I was thinking Vanilla Cuppys with Chocolate icing, but since that isn’t an option…. I’ll choose… Vanilla/Vanilla.

  2. NINA, ::smacks forehead:: thats a good one too. I’ll add your vote to that one. thanks!

  3. definitely the peanut butter ones!

  4. GRETCHEN, thanky! 1 vote for PB. T was torn between the PB and red velvet so he’ll be happy. haha

  5. can you do half/half?

  6. RACHEL, sure! Which 2 are you craving?

  7. I am thinking half red velvet, and half chocolate with PB! Yum!

  8. APRIL, T is nodding his head enthusiastically right now. haha.

  9. vanilla with chocolate then you satisfy everyone … PB can be a prob if peeps have allergies

  10. I’m a vanilla girl!!! vanilla with vanilla

  11. NIKKI, true true. you’re so smartypants.

    BETH, w00t. vote added!

  12. Chocolate and peanut butter! That is my favorite!!!!!

  13. JEN, is it your favorite? I can’t tell.HAHA! but I promise you that I won’t eat any of them (well…maybe 1 wittle bite?) but I’ll do a frillion minutes on the elliptical to make up for it, k?

  14. chocolate chocolate. I 2nd the peanut allergy deal. There are tons of people with nut allergies. Id check on that!

  15. SLUSH, true dat! I’ll have to ask T if it would be easy to find out. Thanks for your vote!

  16. Red Velvet…but I have a “thing” for cream cheese icing. IT is just so good!

  17. JANNA, You and my hubs both. Vote added!

  18. I would do as RP suggested and go with half and half – vanilla/vanilla and chocolate/chocolate.

  19. btw, good to have you back, homeslice. you scared me there for a hot minute.

  20. I love vanilla vanilla but when any of the above is offered to me I eat it :)

  21. Oh, I can’t choose between Vanilla +vanilla buttercream frosting and Chocolate +chocolate frosting! I love both! ^^

    Lovely Greetings, Azrael!

    P.S.: I got my Winnie Puuh silikon pan. Hope you were lucky, too.

  22. ANDREA, let’s not get cupcake greedy now! haha. You’re so funny. I was only gone for technically less than a day. Just wait til I go on vacay and I’ll be gone for 10 days. What will you do then? ;)

    BB, a purist of the purest kind. Vote added!

    AZRAEL, why do you think I had to ask for help? I like them all! Awesome about your pan. Winnie the Pooh is so adorable. You’ll have to post a picture of your cake when you make it! I wish I could read German but I do enjoy looking at your pictures in your blog nonetheless! :)

  23. Vanilla + chocolate


    Chocolate + Chocolate

  24. CHELLE, See its hard right? At first I was all about chocolate/chocolate then I started thinking vanilla. Thanks for your votes! :)

  25. Everybody likes vanilla and chocolate, so if I were doing it I’d do half vanilla+vanilla and half vanilla+chocolate. My personal favorite is red velvet, though!

  26. KRISTINA, so… which one should I put your vote to? haha.

  27. Half vanilla + chocolate, half red velvet. That way you cover the traditional Betty Crocker nostalgia thing and the people who want to feel more sophisticated. If you do it that way, my bet is that more guys go for the vanilla and chocolate, and more chicks go for the red velvet.

  28. LT, wow. love the reasoning. That would be a fun experiment. I wonder if you’re right! Note to self: Tell T to keep a cupcake tally! ;)

  29. The reasoning for those who didn’t hear the conversation is simple. Men on average tend to go more for the nostalgic than the new, women tend to be the opposite in public. Men are, again on average less likely to shy away from openly enjoying something associated with childhood in public while women are on average more pleased with being associated with something more “fashionable”. Yes, it’s cupcake theory.

  30. LT, love it! Cupcake theory. Hmmm… ::writing post-it::

  31. Chocolate peanut butter is unique, but I would then worry about a nut allergy no one told me about. So my second choice would be choc cake with vanilla frosting, but you don’t have that as a choice.

    But I agree that the orders with no direction and a “be creative” directive are the worst. I had one that was “red & purple, she’s turning 10.” I didn’t know the poor girl, so I was just guessing. Knowing if she liked bugs or horses or dancing or princesses, or something would have been much more fun!

  32. ZEBE, exactly. I guess I need direction before I can get creative. ps. red and purple rock. (wedding colors)

  33. I vote Red Velvet!!

  34. I vote chocolate chocolate. But probably they’ll like anything.

  35. NICOLE, You and T would be best friends. haha

    MARY, choco-holic huh? :)

  36. I love vanilla with chocolate frosting! =9

  37. Vanila with vanilla frosting yo. :)

  38. I’m awful and narrowing down choices lol umm, I vote for half vanilla with vanilla frosting and half vanilla with chocolate frosting. That way you only have to make one kind of batter. That’s the best narrowing I can do hehe

  39. JEN, definitely a goodie! ps I checked out your website! So adorable…
    MRSABYBABY, yo fo sho.
    KRISTINA, good deal! I love cupcake shortcuts!

  40. I vote for chocolate with peanut butter!

  41. CARA, Yum! thanks for your vote :)

  42. Chocolate with peanut butter frosting – I absolutely love the combo, especially in Reese’s

  43. Vanilla and vanilla! Thats my vote!

  44. CAITLIN, you said the magic word that makes hubs happy – reese! Thats T’s favorite candy.

    MEGAN, Thanks! vote added. :)

  45. Not sure if this is too late but for a general ‘people pleaser’…I say a Buttermilk Vanilla Vanilla.

    I eat a lot of cuppies out and about and when I run into people and ask them what they love, 90% of them say Vanilla !!

    I had a PB Choco cupcake this wkd and while it was fab, it was SO RICH I couldn’t finish it. I can always finish a good vanilla. :)

  46. MARA, definitely agree that vanilla-vanilla is a classic people pleaser. I am the same way about choco-pb – love it but a little too rich for my blood ;)

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