Cupcake Rhinestone Winner(s)!

April 9, 2008 at 7:34 AM | Posted in giveaway | 12 Comments

Time flies when you are having fun! esp when its 40,051x the fun! Crazy huh?

I can’t believe its been almost 3 weeks since my giveaway closed. Ooops! You can blame my husband, for the delay, who has been so busy with his master’s papers and work to host my giveaway video. I guessss he has a good excuse. LOL. But its all good b/c I’ve been wanting to try out how other bloggers’ pick their winners – randomized number picker. So I assigned everyone a number and the randomizer did its thang!



Whichever winner comments first can choose which rhinestone cupcake they want. Please email me your address. If I do not hear from you in 7 days I will pick another winner so don’t delay!

Thanks to everyone that left me comments and entered the contest.

1. nikki57
2. Racheypoo
3. joythebaker
4. April/abbysweets
5. Liz Ramirez
6. slush
7. LT
8. Tempered Woman
9. kiwi
10. bombshellwithin
11. Alanna
12. Nikita
13. Julie
14. Kristina
15. NinaBeth
16. BBKiddo
17. Liz N
18. The Cupcakery
19. amorelli76
20. Ambjer
21. Enza
22. megan
23. shari
24. PrissyCook
25. Julie
26. Suzy Q-zy
27. ourohana
28. SuzyQT
29. zebe912
30. Mandi
31. Sara
32. HealthChick
33. Rachel
34. JenMarie
35. Stephanie
36. Amanda Sewell
37. Maxie

Stay tuned for the next one…



  1. w00t beech I want the first one

  2. NIKKI, dang girl. guessing you mean the one with the cherry? LOL

  3. This contest was rigged. NFT.

  4. RACHEL, don’t be a sore loser. nft.

  5. I agree wth Rachel… nft.

  6. NINA, ditto what i said to rachel.

  7. So unfair you of you girls to claim it’s rigged!
    pssst CB, next one’s my turn right ::wink wink::
    hehehe jk

  8. BB, you know you my girl. ;)

  9. Beech I told you to take a screen shot of that shitz

  10. NIKKI, ::smack forehead:: I know. The time I don’t rig anything I get razzed about it. damn. life is cruel.

  11. hmm, I was a random recount. Where is the screen capture to PROVE this wasn’t rigged? huh? I’m just sayin…

  12. TW, tsk. tsk. temper temper. give me a few hours and I’ll randomly get that screenshot for you.

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