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Even though I love to travel, Dorothy’s words ring true for me – there’s no place like home – most of the time. But there are those rare trips that I find myself believing the opposite of those sentiments. Its been exactly a week since I got home from my recent trip to Chicago. Let’s just say… I am still recovering! Get 15 fabulous girlfriends together and there’s bound to be mayhem! I miss you girls so much! sniff

I started out my trip with a super secret experiment. If you read my blog you know that shipping cupcakes has been a big theme with me. I thought I had found a simple solution but being a science girl I am always looking for ways to test the boundaries of my hypothesis.

HYPOTHESIS: My cupcake shipping solution can withstand the rigors of airplane travel.

Oh you read it right. Jet-setting cupcakes!


My fabu friend, Kat, traveled to Chicago and celebrated her 20-something-going-on-18th birthday while there so I knew that I wanted to bring her some birthday cupcakes as a surprise. I made some chocolate cupcakes and gussy-ed them up with some cream cheese frosting. Granted looking back I should have gone with a stiffer frosting, maybe a buttercream, b/c cream cheese never really freezes as Master Baker, Nikki, tells me. But hindsight is 20/20… oops!

I wasn’t about to go easy on these cupcakes though. I already had 2 carry on bags so guess what? Cupcakes got checked! I didn’t mark it with “fragile” or anything. Just sent them on their way in the good hands of Northwest airlines.

As luck would have it I was in the nearest window seat on the plane to watch the baggage boys load the 757 with all the luggage. Let me just tell you that it would be an understatement if I told you that they chucked my package into the plane. I am almost certain my box reached about 30 mph before it landed. I felt myself cringed watching it fly by in slow motion. “Everything is better in slow motion.” LOL. (A frillion points to anyone who knows who I am quoting!) But I still had high hopes…

Arriving in Chicago

After 5 hours (with a 1 hour layover in Minneapolis) I finally landed in Chicago and raced down to the baggage claim to find my box. I was as giddy as Christmas day but decided that Kat should be the one to open her gift so 2 hours after I landed later…

It wasn’t perfect b/c the cream cheese got soft during travel time and the saran wrap pushed down on it but I honestly think that if I had used a stiffer frosting it would have been perfect! Also the jetsetting cupcakes idea came about 14 hours before I was leaving for the airport so I wasn’t able to freeze the “cupcake” overnight. I think for the next prototype I will have to look for a cup with lid to keep the freshness in but doesn’t touch the cupcake (compared to the saran wrap). My cupcake taste testers tell me that it was yummy – semi-smooshed frosting and all.

SUCCESS! (sorta).

My cupcake adventure doesn’t end there. There was no way I could leave Chicago without trying some of the local cupcake flavors. Stay tuned.



  1. Look at you all worldly with your cupcakes in tow. So glad they traveled in style and made it out alive!

  2. Thanks for testing the cream cheese frosting. I was curious about that one.

  3. um they were a little errrr a lot more smooshed than the ones you sent me

  4. SLUSH, oh you know it baby. I am all kinds of worldly. LOL.

    MARY, its doable. I think that freezing it longer/overnight would have helped b/c I’ve sent them before with minimal smoosh.

    NIKKI, yeah they were but I blame my limited prep time. Just be happy you got the good ones…

  5. I was curious about the cream cheese frosting too – I want to ship mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting to a friend in LA (from WI), and wasn’t sure what changes needed to be made to the setup to make that work. Suggestions?

  6. CAITLIN, did you read/see the original “solution” post I wrote? Those were cream cheese and they held up really well. I think its because I froze them overnight whereas these ones I only have about 10-14 hours so they weren’t stiff enough. If you give enough freeze time they should be great! Let me know if you ship some cupcakes, k? :)

  7. I just had some seriously odd visual imagery…

    Cupcake driving a big rig with the tune “On the Road Again” playing on the stereo…

    Obviously I need to get some sleep. :)

  8. NIKITA, haha. uh… yeah… you need some Zzzzzs. now.

  9. I Looooooooved them! I don’t think they looked bad at all. They were even better because you delivered them in person!

  10. KAT, so glad you liked them! They definitely weren’t terrible but I was a little disappointed on their smoosh factor. Ah well… Live and learn. Happy happy birthday! :)

  11. Just a guess but are you quoting Dave Chappelle?

  12. DONNA, *dingdingding* LMAO

  13. have you seen the cup-a-cake solo cupcake carriers?? WS sells them, they carry one cupcake with frosting pretty much intact, but they don’t allow for larger/wider cupcake liners OR super high frosting (both of which i love)…but it’s good in a 1-2 cupcake pinch…!!!

  14. MARA, I have seen those! I would think they would be great for shipping 1-2 cupcakes too so I was kinda surprised when Cakespy did a recent cupcake shipping experiment and it didn’t fair very well. Go figure! Its a fun read. Definitely go check it out! :)

  15. ooh i didnt see that one…i will def check it out. i actually took one with us to palm springs this week, jostling around in my bag for an 8 hour drive, and it fared very well! i didn’t get photos though.

  16. MARA, how fun! I don’t have a cup-a-cake but I do want one for our next road trip on your rec now!

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