Celebrating my Wilton independence

April 13, 2008 at 6:54 PM | Posted in wilton | 32 Comments

Today was my last Wilton class. sniff

Even though Wilton class is done I am hopeful that my teacher will have follow up project classes so that I can continue to learn more. But I think in the mean time, my blog-tastic friend, Natalie, suggested a great option… join my local cake club! How fun is that?!!

I am really proud of myself for going through all 4 courses. For whatever reason, as the courses go by, less and less people stick around. I guess it doesn’t really apply to “my” graduating class since I have been an only student since course 1 but my Wilton teacher tells me that the following course 1 students after me have decreased as their courses progress. Thats too bad. I encourage all my friends that are currently taking the Wilton course to see it through the end. I’ve learned alot about cake decorating and about myself. If you had told me months ago that I’d be able to decorate a cake with fondant, make a buttercream rose, create various flowers out of gumpaste, I would have never believed you. But it goes to show that you never know what hidden talents you have until you try. Thanks Nikki for seeing my hidden potential and steering me towards the Wilton direction. YRMSO. WYNB!

For my final cake there were a couple sample cakes to choose from but in the end I decided to go for a fun whimsical fondant cake that I could potentially make again for Memorial Day (my apt complex always has a potluck pool par-tay every year) or my birthday (July 4th).

Click image to enlarge

Its an 8 inch diameter x 2 inch cake with blue fondant base, white stars and red+white draping. In the book they use a star shaped cake so the next time I make this design I’ll have to try that. Obviously from the pictures my colors are off. I didn’t have enough time to make it a true blue and red like the real American flag. I admit its my least favorite step – making colored fondant – so I cut the coloring step short and was happy with my pastel flag cake instead. The fun part was making the red+white stripe draping. My teacher showed me how to roll logs of each color, stack them next to each other and them roll them out at the same time to create the striping affect. So cool! (I am easily amused.) All in all a fun cake!

In honor of getting my Wilton diploma… Wanna take a trip down memory lane with me?

Course 1 cake – I could not frost a cake worth a nut. See all the crumbs! haha

Course 2 cake – probably my favorite cake. Love all the flowers and basket weave. The color flow birds is an awesome technique!

Course 4 cake – love me some draping! Also my other 2 fondant cakes here and here.

[Remember..? Course 3 cake got dropped. Son of a biscuit!]

So if you think about it… my subject line has 2 meanings – my holiday specific cake and saying goodbye to Wilton. Dang! I am just so clever like that ;)

ah snap.



  1. W00t it looks fab! Great job my little one :P

    PS that code was super easy I didn’t even need my secret decoder cap

  2. Gorgeous dah-ling! I am so proud of you. I swear, you will have your own shop someday. Beautiful cake Clara!

  3. congrats!! love the cake too :)

  4. NIKKI, thanks master baker. Yeah that code was easy peasy but after your cinnamon oil marshy mishap I figured I’d better go easy on ya. ;)

    SLUSH, thanks gorgeous! own a shop? probably not but… I wouldn’t be adverse to doing home orders. Its been fun so far :)

    BETH, thanky! ps. I can’t wait to use your purdy dragees sooon….

  5. Girl, as unpatriotic as I am feeling these days…that cake is AMAZING! You are my cake decorating hero.

  6. ALANNA, where you been beech!! I’ve been missing my Anig #3 BUs lately. aaawww unpatriotic? Glad my cake resurrected some nationalistic emotions. I admit it gave me some pride too. :)

  7. Your cakes are truly lovely. I’m really impressed with Cake #2 much less the fancy patriotic cake! Makes me wish there were Wilton classes by me. I may have to investigate…

  8. MARY, thanks so much for your sweet compliments! I think cake #2 was my favorite too. Definitely check out your local Michaels, Hobby Lobby or AC Moore for Wilton classes. I know you’d be so awesome! Afterall you *are* the fiece cupcake winner right? ;)

  9. Grr… now I don’t wanna wait until my local Hobby Lobby has classes. Why can’t June come quicker?
    PS So jealous, they look awesome

  10. CAITLIN, You gonna take the Wilton course too? w00t! You will totally be awesome. Definitely need June to come much faster…

  11. Awww…Don’t I get at least a teensy bit of credit for helping to inspire your decorating desires!? I really do wish I could have seen you course 3 cake!! You’ll have to do a recreation sometime.

  12. ZEBE, oh of course you do! I really appreciate all your constructive criticism and advice. No doubt! I’ll definitely have to try my hand again my at my tiered cake. I admit its not my favorite though. Tiers are scary!

  13. You have come so far CB! Hopefully I’ll be able to post a post like this in 6 weeks. :)

  14. ah geesh, you did NOT say snap. Way too middle school. ;-)
    I have to say that people really really love the basket cakes with flowers. It was always one of my most popular and I really liked the basket weaving too. I think they just loved all the flowers and additional frosting tho, heh.
    But I am absolutely in LURVE with your whimsical flag cake. I like the fact that the colors are pastel instead- adds to the whimsy. Looks just fantastic hotstuff!!

  15. NINA, aaawww thanks! Isn’t my xmas tree cake so sad looking?! but at the time I was so proud of it! haha

    TW, haha. Just thought I’d bring it out old school. You know you love the “snap”! thanks for compliments on my pastel cake. I agree it is more whimsical in the lighter colors. Appreciate the love Sexybeast. :)

  16. Love your cake!! I aspire to be as good as you!!

  17. CHELLE, aawwww you’re too sweet. did you see my first cake? obviously you got me beat already ;)

  18. B-E-A-UTIFUL!

  19. BB, thanky chica!

  20. OMG! Clara, those cakes are gorgeous! I especially LOVE the fondant cake. That draping is amazing!
    Good Job!


  21. DONNA, aawww thanks so much! My first cake leaves something to be desired but I am way proud of the other ones ;)

  22. I’m in the wilton classes right now and I love them SO MUCH. I Our course one cake was the one with the roses and I just think it’s so cool to know how to do all this. This friday is our second class in course one :)

    Off topic though, I was wondering on average how much does it cost you to ship your cupcakes when you use your fancy cup technique and what type of shipping you use?

  23. SAMANTHA, Awesome to hear about your Wilton class. You’ll definitely have to post your progress in your blog. Its fun to look back. As for shipping… I usually ship 4 cupcakes and if I remember correctly priority shipping to MA was about $8? I plan to ship some cupcake again soon so I can definitely let you know if you want something more accurate. ps. Is your last name really “love”? How sweet is that?! I want my last name to be love – Clara Love. Wouldn’t you say that has an adorable ring to it? ;)

  24. NICELY DONE! You’ll be doing 4 tiered wedding cakes in no time! I still want to take the Wilton courses. Buttercream and I aren’t friends. I couldn’t make a shell border if my life depended on it!

  25. DOREEN, thanky! I suck at tiers! haha. I hope you do take the Wilton course. Trust me. I didn’t think I could do 1/2 the things in the course books but with a great instructor you can! You’ll definitely have to let me know when you start, k? :)

  26. Did you use a flat rate box or just calculated by weight?

    Yes my last name really is Love and I do love it :) Clara love sounds wonderful as well though. My aunt Claire’s last name is Wynters and I think that sounds lovely too.

  27. SAMANTHA, calculated by weight. aaawwww Claire Wynters sounds so whimsical. Like a fairytale character. I’ll have to remember that if I ever write a children’s book. :)

  28. Haha what would I have to do to get you to ship me cupcakes? I’d pay for shipping! and the cupcakes themselves. I just really want to learn how to use your method but I want to see it myself :)

  29. SAMANTHA, aaawww I am flattered. Hit me up with an email and we’ll chitty chat about it.

  30. Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how awesome your blog is. Your Wilton cake decorating experience inspired me to sign up for one in my neighborhood. I start next week. I cant wait.

    Stay Sweet;)

  31. LAURA, aawww I am so excited for you! Wilton is a great class and I know you’ll love it! Definitely let me know how it goes, k? :)

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