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Its almost been 2 weeks since I came home from the Windy City and let me just tell you that I am still craving those Chicago cupcakes…

It was by chance that my fellow cupcake taste-tester, Nikki, and I came upon the first cupcakery on North State street inside the Macy’s department store. (Actually I better just admit right now that Nikki was the one that saw it. She might hurt me if not given her full finder’s credit. LOL) We were running down State street to catch up with some other friends that had gotten a head start on their shopping spree when we spied the cute little shop and decided it was worth the further lateness to try a cupcake. Obviously we know where our priorities are right? ::wink::

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this small bakery since its size was even more dwarfed by the huge department store that surrounded it. If I remember correctly, when Nikki first pointed it out to me from across the street I didn’t even know where she was pointing. But I am not one to turn down a cupcake so we jay-walked across the street (I am such a rebel!) and took a chance.

It wasn’t specifically a cupcakery. There were cookies, macarons, cupcakes, brownies galore. I was giddy picking out a black and white cupcake and a couple macrarons to taste test. Can you believe I’ve never had a macaron before? Nikki and I ate the macarons so fast we forgot to take a picture. But I am a macaron believer now. YUM! As for the cupcake…

Review: ohmygod. Best cupcake I’ve ever eaten. Moist with a great balance of “cake” and “frosting”. Both me and Nikki agree we wanted to go back for another one.

Sarah’s Candies
111 N. State, St Level
Chicago, IL 60602
T: 312.781.3004
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm
Sun 11am-6pm

One more review after the break…

The next day I was determined to visit a cupcakery that a fellow cupcake-er, Natalie, had recommended. Since she’s a native Chicago-ian I knew she wouldn’t lead me astray so I was excited to give her rec a taste test.

This cupcakery was a little ways from our downtown hotel so walking was out of the question. Me and 6 other fellow cupcake taste-testers piled into one cab and brave the Chicago cab system. When I mentioned to all my friends that I’d never taken a cab before they gasped and had me pose with our cab for this historic moment. haha.

The store was uber adorable from the outside but it doesn’t compare to the cuteness inside. My friend, April, noticed the swings first. Oh yes! You read me correct. Swings! They had cute little chain linked swings instead of bar stools in one section of the counter. Makes you feel even more nostalgic for your childhood. I have to say that there were definitely swing hogs among our group *ahem* April, Alanna, Jamie *ahem* so I barely got to sit in one. LOL

I have a feeling some of the regular customers behind us in line didn’t appreciate that we took a long time staring at the menu before we all decided what we wanted. But there was so much goodness to choose from that I knew I had to be strategic about it.

Red velvet, vanilla-vanilla, vanilla-chocolate w/ caramel, vanilla-chocolate, PB & chocolate

After we got our cupcakes it was off to the sprinkle bar to adorn our cupcakes.

Isn’t the sprinkle bar so cute?

Gotta love being able to interact with your cupcake. Some of us were dainty, only picking one complementary color to sprinkle lightly on the top of our cupcake while others… well…

We all have a delicious time. My friend, Sarah, proudly showed me her chocolate battle scars to prove her full cupcake enjoyment.

Before we left we bought a couple more cupcakes for the girls that couldn’t make it to Molly’s because they opted to check out Wrigley Field. (whats up with that? You can’t compare baseball to cupcakes! sheesh… ) But I have to say that Molly’s boxes are not conducive to traveling for too long. The sticker was cute but there’s no insert to keep the cupcakes steady so by the time we got back to the hotel there was alot of smoosh going on inside the box. Ooops! Oh well… you snooze and choose Wrigley, YOU LOSE!

Review: I heard nothing but raves about the chocolate & PB, vanilla-vanilla and vanilla-chocolate but I remember one taste-tester telling me that the red velvet cream cheese frosting was a little too cheesy for her tastes. Overall fun experience with friends! What more could you ask for?

Molly’s Cupcakes
2536 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614



  1. Well obviously you can’t compare baseball with cupcakes… Go Cubbies! Thanks for the reviews. Hopefully I’ll remember to bring them with me next time I get to Chi-town.

  2. MARY, not quite the choice I was trying to get you to see. LOL. The choice is always… cupcakes.cupcakes.cupcakes. duh?!? I’ll just blame your moment of insanity on your pain meds. ;)

  3. looks like you guys had a blast! Your friends are some crazy beeches! Who would rather look at a baseball field than eat delicious cupcakes? lol

  4. KRISTINA, thats what I said! hehe

  5. I do believe that your hubby’s chi-town present came from Wrigley field! :) I’m sure he will think my priorities are in order!

  6. BETH, ooohhh yeah. true. ok you’re excused. LOL. ps. he does love that tshirt :)

  7. oops, I meant breeches not beeches lol I feel like a meany now

  8. KRISTINA, LMAO! its ok. I am sure it was meant in a loving way like when I call them beeches ;)

  9. Hey, I didn’t get to sit in the swings at ALL! My chocolate peanut butter cuppy was YUMMY, but I never got to try the choc strawberry one. By the time I got it home and went to eat it, the strawberry had gotten moldy :-( And you are right about the boxes. They were not cupcake friendly at all! Ours are much better.

  10. ZEBE, ah bummer! I sat it in for a split second with that picture of Nikki and then if memory serves me correct, April kicked me out! ;)

  11. Hey I did NOT lose. I still got to sample cupcake deliciousness a la Nikki, AND got to see the awesomeness of Wrigley field/WrigleyVille.

  12. ANDREA, your cupcake wasn’t smooshy? I am really surprised esp with the way Nikki manhandled carried your box. LOL.

  13. First of all, very cute review. Second of all, if you beeches wanted a swing, come kick my scrawny arse out of one. LOL I would have shared! You were all too busy perfecting your cuppy decor while I was enjoying a swing. Priorities beeches, priorities.
    Sarah seriously looks scary in that grill pic. LOL And I still think Nikki’s cuppy looked…uh…well, let’s just say maybe she has never heard “less is more”. HA!

  14. APRIL, LMAO. well you looked very comfy in your swing and you’re right. I was focused on “documenting” my experience so its all good ;) Isn’t Sarah’s grill picture fabulous!! I LOVE IT. Nikki is never “less is more”. You know this… haha.

  15. […] was by chance that my fellow cupcake taste-tester, Nikki, and I came upon the first cupcakery on North State street inside the Macy’s department store. (Actually I better just admit right now that Nikki was the one that saw it. … […]

  16. so tell me…what did you think of your first macaron??? were you smitten??? i noticed that there is a macaron food event for May so maybe now after having taken a bite you might try and make some of the little delights…

  17. whoa way behind in my GR (and someone didn’t let me know she posted a BU tisk tisk)

    How farking hawt is my sprinkle-fied cuppy :P

  18. Ok now that I’ve read all the comments.

    Less is not more … more is more .. and how many times am i going to have that many sprinkle options calling my name?

    ON – yes I did get ON her cuppy and while the other ones were super smooshed I realized that if I let it do it’s initial smoosh I could “manhandle” (thanks for throwing me under the bus CB) the cuppy all I wanted and it was going to stay right where it was. It’s call frosting glue and I used it. ON had enough frosting left on top AND she had some for dipping later :P

  19. AIRYFAIRY, omg. the macaron is so yummy. I had a raspberry jam and vanilla bean one. I should have bought more! Thanks for the link! I’ve have to check it out!

    NIKKI, oops! I thought I’d given you the 411 on my chicago recap BU. Glad you found it via your GR anyways. Your sprinkle puke cupcake is definitely HAWT stuff. LOL. Frosting glue. Just genius. Pure genius. ;)

  20. We’ve been perusing your web site and are totally inspired by your many cupcake experiments! Next time you are in Chicago, you may want to check out Swirlz. Very yummy flavors AND an ingenious frosting method that keeps you from making too much of a mess.

    Keep up the great work on your blog. By the way, we’ve also made our own vanilla extract!

  21. JENNIFER, hi fellow TWDer! Thanks so much for all your sweet compliments! I’ll definitely keep Swirlz on my list of cupcakeries to visit on my next trip to Chicago on your rec. I would love to hear more about their ingenius frosting method. Do you have the inside scoop? ;) Don’t you love homemade vanilla extract? I am totally in love ♥

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