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April 21, 2008 at 8:10 AM | Posted in blogger mail, cupcakes | 5 Comments

Wanna know a secret? I watch America’s Next Top Model when no one is looking. I wouldn’t say I am addicted but its a guilty pleasure from time to time. I think Bill Mahr said it best when he described the show:

“A bunch of 9s being judged by a 10…”

Ah… gotta love reality TV right? The reason I mention ANTM is b/c there are always little tag lines in every reality show and one of them on ANTM is “Tyyyyyyyra mail” whenever they get a message from Tyra Banks. So in my head thats how I am saying the title of my entry… Blogggggggger mail! LOL. Its not to be confused with “Blogging by mail” that you’ve probably seen on many of your favorite blogs over the last few months. I missed the boat on that sign up but I am fortunate enough to have readers that indulge me by sending me stuff from time to time. Ah its nice to be loved ;)

One of IHC’s favorite cupcake-ers, Kristina, is also the talented arteest behind Artsy Precious. I am honored that she was able to create a piece of artwork that describes me so well. I think she’s in the process of putting together an etsy store but in the mean time definitely check out her blog for more art inspiration. She’s in my GR already!

A bunny cupcake! Love it love it love it!

And to make my day even brighter she sent me chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

The lindt creme brulee chocolate is calling my name. I am thinking my next cupcake has to be chocolate inspired. Mmmm…

Thanks Kristina! You are too sweet for words. And I am not just saying that because you sent me chocolate. (ok maybe a little. LOL)



  1. Awww so cute! I love it.

  2. I love the picture. It’s soo… soo… CB! :) I can’t wait for my picture!

  3. I’m so glad you like it! I like the colors in the picture so much more in person! Let me know how you like the chocolate. I know you’re not a fan of raisins in dessert, but the fruit and nut bar is my favorite, so I had to send it :)

  4. how delicious!!! she created me something too. i can’t wait to receive it !:)

  5. bunny cupcake?! Love it!! :)

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