Cupcake confession

April 29, 2008 at 9:40 PM | Posted in confession, cupcakes | 26 Comments

Can I brag a little bit before I admit something?

I think I am pretty darn good with my piping skills. To say that I love my 1M piping tip would be an understatement. It creates that beautiful star tip swirl that always makes me giddy but forgive me cupcake gods for I have sinned…

Confession: I really suck at frosting with a spatula.

You have no idea how many times I’ve watched the above Magnolia Bakery youtube video. Seriously. I’ve tried to imitate the motion so many times! But I just don’t have the “flick of the wrist” talent that gives you that nice swirl on top. poo.

::handing over my cupcake credentials::



  1. If it’s cupcake confession time, here’s mine – I can’t spread, pipe, or swirl frosting on a cupcake to save my life, so my favorite way is to put a little bit of frosting on, take a bite, put more frosting on… Because cupcakes are a vehicle for frosting in my book :)

  2. CAITLIN, haha. fabulous. “vehicle for cupcakes” has just become my new motto. ;)

  3. It’s my opinion that when using a spatula (well I’m not fancy, I just use a butter knife) to spread frosting I just slap it on. Piping is for making it beautiful. Slapping it on is to make it look homemade.

  4. MARY, homemade isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I do like the pretty swirls I can get from piping. Curious…? Do you think that Magnolia’s looks homemade?

  5. Whoa, dude! How’d he do that? Those are mad skills! I am pretty good at piping too and I also suck, royally, with the spatula. Boo…

  6. JANNA, ty! I was feeling all incompetent watching that video. Maybe I need a bigger spatula?

  7. I haven’t seen the video but I always feel like my piping skills are kinda…sucky. Practice makes perfect????

  8. MARA, practice definitely makes perfect. I keep trying with a spatula but I am way better at piping. Go figure. *shrugs

  9. Maybe they have a magic spatula.
    Maybe we should break into Magnolia Bakery and steal it?

  10. JANNA, haha. magic spatula. I can not condone breaking and entering BUT I would not be adverse to getting in on the magic spatula action if you do steal it. ::winkhintwink::

  11. CB-clearly he’s been practicing for a LOOONNNNG time, a professional if you will! Did you make amainzg fondant flowers in your first wilton class?!
    Patience my dear friend. :)

  12. BETH, unfortunately patience is not a virtue I possess. LOL. but thank you for the reminder. ;)

  13. Cupcakes aint my thang, but I tell ya, talk about a time saver with the piping tip! Do you KNOW how long it would take anybody to frost some cupcakes using a spatula. NO thank you.

  14. DOREEN, amen! I know it would take me FOREVER to frost 12-24-48+ cupcakes with a spatula but that magnolia dude didn’t take long at all. I obviously need to practice alot more. ;)

  15. Wow, that is truly something else.

    I *adore* your swirls.

    from Occasional Baker

  16. JULIUS, aawww you’re too sweet. thanks for making me feel better…

  17. that was fast! and im just starting to have some fun making my swirls my fairy tips

  18. GAILEY, fairy tips! Love that. I definitely prefer tips to spatula. Makes me feel all professional… haha

  19. VERY good point re: the spatula vs the piping tip and time saving. The other night I frosted 24 mini cuppies, 6 large cuppies and assembled my layer cake all with a piping back and a big 1m star tip within 10 minutes, and just used the spatula for the top of the cake. Spatula’ing everything would take forever.

  20. oops…that would be ‘piping bag’

  21. MARA, dang girl! busy much? haha.

  22. ha ha i was on a mission!!!!

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  24. This is like 2 years too late but check out this video

    it shows the same swirl but slower and 3 times so you can follow. am gonna watch this video over and over now… it’s such a pretty swirl!!! :D good luck to us spatula-challenged cupcake frosters :D

  25. Oh wow. Thanks for the YouTube video. I’m inspired to get out my spatula and try again. ;)

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