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April 29, 2008 at 6:44 AM | Posted in Cupcake Question of the Day, cupcakes | 26 Comments

What time of the day do you like to eat a cupcake?

I usually crave a cupcake mid afternoon but there are really no rules for me. I’ve been known to eat a cupcake for breakfast or midnight snack too. ;)



  1. I must say it’s normally an hour before bedtime, you just need a little cake pick me up to get your through the night :)

  2. I can eat a cupcake any time of the day!

  3. STEPH, I hear ya. 4th meal is very important ;)

    APRIL, amen sister! LOL

  4. I will eat a cupcake whenever one is offered to me. :)

  5. MARY, LOL. a cupcake girl after my own heart. Love it.

  6. I’ll eat cupcakes any time of day, except for breakfast (I’m not a breakfast eater). I have to agree with Steph above, I usually have a cupcake late at night a good hour or two before bed time.

  7. TANYA, no breakfast? I am not a breakfast eater either but I am trying to be better since its the most important meal of the day right? ;) But I admit that eating a cupcake for breakfast probably doesn’t do the body good. haha.

  8. Wake and (cup)cake is the best, IMO

  9. RACHEYPOO, bahahaha. love it love it love it.

  10. Cold cupcakes (usually leftovers) for breakfast and warm cupcakes seem to really hit the spot after dinner at the magical time of day I like to call *primetime TV*

  11. TW, Hell yeah! cold cupcakes… LOL @ primetime TV.

  12. my favorite is breakfast with a nice hot Latte. But truth be told… You will never see me turn down a cupcake ;-)

  13. LUKI, ooohh latte. Its true. Rarely would I turned down a cupcake anytime of the day.

  14. Hmmmmm this is a very interesting question, one that i don’t think I have the answer to. I mean, i LOVE cupcakes and I’ve made my fair share of them. But because I’m the one who usually makes them, it so happens that I don’t want to eat it! This puts me in a certain dilemma. And since no one else bakes around here nor do they sell cupcakes anywhere (at least anywhere good), then I never really get to any! But, if I were to pick a time of day.. I’d say early evening for that last something sweet.

  15. BOMBSHELL, I am pretty similar. I rarely buy cupcakes so the ones I eat are the ones I bake. Since I love to bake more than eat, I don’t usually eat more than 1 of the batch. Sometimes I get a hankering for 1,2,3,10 if they are REALLY good though. ;)

  16. Cupcakes! Whenever, I make them one right after I put the frosting on!

  17. JEN, haha. oh definitely. I am not a “wait til they cool” kind of person.

  18. Anytime anywhere… better with friends but sneaking that one extra cupcake when noone is looking is also sinfully sweet! :)

    But I only bake things when I have the ability to give them away to friends/family/coworkers. I like to fatten everyone else up and it keeps them out of my house and as a result off my butt and thighs!

  19. NIKITA, I do the same… or at least try to… bake when I know I can pawn them off on someone else. I haven’t heard a complaint yet though ;)

  20. I haven’t either! The cake I brought to work this morning was no exception! LOL

  21. Breakfast is my favorite time.

  22. CAKESPY, tis the most important meal of the day. ;)

  23. Breakfast is definitely my favorite time for a cupcake…. start the day off right, you know? :)

  24. KAREN, most def. makes sense to me. haha.

  25. Anytime! Especially in winter! I could have it all day :)

  26. BB, Before I get confused… is this a new BB or BB=Amanda? cute avatar!! winter? guessing b/c its more fun to bake when its cold with the warm oven?

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