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Hopefully my previous teaser pictures peaked your curiosity about my next cupcake project and didn’t make you wanna wring my neck! (or maybe both? LOL)

Obviously from the subject line, I made these cupcakes for my FSIL’s bridal shower this past Saturday. Her wedding colors are red, black and white. The bridesmaids are wearing red dresses and black heels. So I ran with that idea while creating her red velvet cupcakes w/ vanilla bean cream cheese frosting cupcakes. The cupcakes are red, the frosting is white and the vanilla bean specks added a little touch of black. Am I a genius or what? (Nikki, consider this a rhetorical question which does not require an answer…)

You can find the red velvet w/ vanilla bean cream cheese frosting recipe here.

Of course I couldn’t just leave it at that right? She *is* marrying my husband’s brother so I guesssss she deserves something a tad more special. After mulling over my creative juices, I got the brilliant (or insane?) idea of personalizing half of the cupcakes with a chocolate mongram.

Click image to enlarge

Hopefully you can read that it says “AW” with a couple of silver dragee accents (Shout out to my girl, Dawn, who sent me the dragees!) and… NO it does not stand for “attention whore” since I know some ppl (*cough* Nina *cough* ) will assume that. HAHA!

A = groom’s first initial
W = bride’s first initial

Now I know a couple readers are probably wondering why I didn’t do just “W” or spell out her name since its just *her* day to shine but my BIL and FSIL have a running inside joke with their initials and the namesake rootbeer so I thought it would be fun to include “A” in the day too if only just on the cupcakes.

Click image to enlarge

I think personalizing is a very elegant way to dress up cupcakes and bring it from kiddy to klassy! Its not too hard either!

1. Print out a template with the font and size that you want from a computer
2. Tape the template down to a baking sheet
3. Cover and tape wax paper over the template
4. Melt some chocolate and fill pastry bag
5. Use a Wilton 3 piping tip to trace the lettering
* You might have change piping tip depending on font and size of the lettering
6. Put in freezer to set.
* If you making these a few days early, freeze for 10 minutes to set then cover with saran wrap (to avoid any condensation) and store in freezer or frig until ready to use. (I made mine 2 days before and it worked great!)
7. Peel back wax paper slowly to release chocolate and decorate cupcake!

Easy peasy! Even April could do it so you know its gotta be easy! (Me teasing! I keed b/c I wub!)

Any questions, please feel free to ask!


Husband rating: (No boys allowed)

Wifey rating: A+
This is my go-to red velvet recipe (right now). I loved how the chocolate letters turned out. I’ll definitely have to do this again for my next special occasion.

Other rating: A+
Everyone raved about the cupcakes – the flavor and the design. Alot of guests suggested that W do them for her wedding favors. How flattering! There were no leftovers.



  1. Ohh I’m glad she decided not to go with red, white and blue :)

    The cuppys are adorable as always

  2. ps notice how I was nice and didn’t answer your rhetorical question even though I want to so badly

  3. NIKKI, yeah she changed her mind MANY times on colors and finally settled on black instead of blue when both moms wanted to wear black for the wedding. Personally black isn’t my fav for weddings (reminds me of a funeral) but I don’t mind b/c black shoes are uber easy for me to wear again instead of some hideous dyed monstrosity. ;) and yes I appreciate your discretion with your lack of answering my rhetorical question but it does make me a little worried too. LOL

  4. Hey … my BMs wore black at my wedding and they looked fine. Actually I would have preferred pink but one of them would have killed me if I did that to her.

    Keep up the insults and your rhetorical question will be answered :P

  5. NIKKI, your BMs wore black? I so do not remember that! I always thought they wore pink! haha

  6. I LOVE your newest cupcakes! You are a genius! But then again, You knew that!

    Hey! I gave you the “You Make My Day Award!” because you always make me chuckle whenever I read your posts and comments! You can view it here:

  7. DONNA, haha. thanky! I knew I could count on you to confirm my genius-ness. Aawww thanks for the award. I added it to my side menubar b/c I am a AW like that. LOL. You really did make my day!

  8. SUCH A GOOD IDEA! I love the dragee detail too- so fancy. Every bride needs bling.

    I will have to try this out and see how good my piping skills really are.

  9. JANNA, Most def. Brides and bling are a must! haha. Definitely give it a try! I would love to see what you come up with, k? :)

  10. These are gorgeous!!! Maybe you should come up when it’s time for Erin’s shower and help a sister out. Maybe? ::puppy dog face::
    BTW – thanks for pointing out that even I could do these. HA! I mean…I just have no patience. Artistic ability, yes, patience ZILCH. :)

  11. APRIL, fly a sister to your hood and I’ll totally bake them for Erin’s shower! HAHA! You are oodles of creative and I am sure you could do it. Do I have to remind you about professional microwaving skills? If I can do it, anyone can do it! :)

  12. beautiful lettering!! I was actually part of a red white and blue military wedding on July 3rd… hahahahaha oh yeah baby!!! you can say it was a BIT patriotic :)

  13. These look beautiful and delicious! I’m def. going to have to order some vanilla beans off ebay! There’s soo much I want to do with them.

  14. beautiful!

  15. STEPH, Nothing wrong with patriotic! Heck I am a July 4th baby myself so I am all about red, white and blue. haha. But there’s theme and there’s ticketytack and my FSIL was headed in that direction so I am glad she went with red, white and black instead! LOL

    KRISTINA, You should! I heart my vanilla beans!

    KELLI, thanky! ps. Nice to meet you! :)

  16. Even though I did get acknowledgement for the dragees…I have to vote “insane” on this one. Tedious much!? Geesh. My chocolate likes to crack when I do projects like this, so I tend to avoid them. I’m amazed your letters didn’t melt at all during transport, too.

    I admit I had to double check the meaning of “AW” on the deco…I wondered if you were giving a knottie nod at the shower! But, since it was A&W instead, I think you should have done “root beer float” cupcakes for their A&W deco to go on. With a good recipe, that could be yummy! It’d be a trick though.

  17. ZEBE, yeah I think I went a little insane too BUT sometimes a little insanity never hurt anyone right?! ;) As for the chocolate melting potentiality, they were always in the frig/freezer until transport time and while driving I cranked my AC up to “freezing my hiney off” so they wouldn’t melt. Amazingly they did fine sitting out for hours at the shower though. Go figure! GMTA about the cupcakes. I was thinking root beer cupcakes but ironically W doesn’t like root beer so I axed that idea since she *is* the guest of honor and that would kinda suck if she didn’t like the cupcake flavor. haha.

  18. What cute and special cupcakes! I am sure they were appreciated!!

  19. Wow these are beautiful cupcakes! And those dresses are really cute for bridesmaid dresses. I made mine wear pale yellow with spaghetti straps. That’s what happens when you’re last to get married. Oh yeah.

  20. GRETCHEN, thank you! She better appreciate! haha.

    MARY, I like the dress too! Even though it took trying on 20 different bridesmaid dresses to find “it”! You can see from the picture we all have different body types but I think we found one that looks good on all of us. w00t! ps. I am sure your girlies look fabu in their yellow strappy dresses :)

  21. Only 20 dresses?? I did most of the trying for my wedding since my girls were spread over the globe. I seriously tried on close to 100 before we ended up with one we’d tried for my sister’s wedding & she sent me a pic of as a joke. Good thing they still made it 3 years later!

    I will admit that being a decorator (of small or large cake scale) takes a bit of insanity almost always.

  22. ZEBE, Seriously 100? We tried on 20 dresses within a span of 2 hours and I was exhausted and cranky already. I can’t imagine more than that. You are a better sister than me.

  23. I’ve been wanting to try the chocolate transfer thing for awhile — ever since I discovered Wilton melts!! You inspire me!

  24. Wow these are GORGEOUS! I wish this cupcake thing was in full swing when we were getting married. Could you imagine our favors? These would have matched my monogram theme perfectly!

  25. So cute!! I think I’m going to “steal” your chocolate idea for a cake I’m making for Thursday….

  26. NATALIE, you should try! I wouldn’t say its hard, just takes a little patience but I have no doubts you can do it!

    ANDREA, ok seriously right?! All my friends and family think its ironic that I’ve always been a little into cupcakes but I am WAY into it “after” the wedding. I totally would have done monogram cupcakes for favors/wedding cake. ::smacks forehead::

    NINA, steal away! Just BU about it so I can see!

  27. Did you use a certain kind of chocolate? Milk? Bittersweet? Semi sweet?

    I guess it really depends on the cuppies, but some chocolates are more user friendly than others, no?

  28. JANNA, good question! I used milk chocolate chips, nuked them in the microwave safe bowl and piped. I am not a fan of bittersweet chocolate unless I mix it with semi-sweet but I decided to keep this one easy and go all milk chocolate. HTH!

  29. OMG…I just noticed I won like on April 9th…so sad! I had my baby on April 3rd and I’m just now getting back to being online. *sobs*

  30. SUZYQ-ZY, omg! congratulations!! girl right? pics? details! Glad to have you back in the blogosphere again. Email me and let’s chat!

  31. Very, very cute!!!

  32. APRIL, well hello stranger! How you been?

  33. i love them!!! super creative and cute. i am going to do the template idea next time for sure. last time i did chocolate hearts it was crazy time.

    how is the RV recipe?? i am considering making one i found online tonite that is supposedly ‘old school’ original from like 1930’s.

  34. MARA, I definitely need a template. I am just not creative enough to draw it myself. I really like this red velvet recipe, more than any other I’ve tried. If you try your old school recipe definitely let me know!

  35. What font did you use? What size was it?

    Thinking of doing this for a prewedding party this weekend.

    They LOOK beautiful

  36. I have NOT been able to figure out how to frost my cuppys like you do. What tip do you use to frost yours, and what motion do you use to get that super cute little swirly peak at the top? Mine always look like poop. :(

  37. TAMMY, font was “freebooter script” (You can download for free from and I think I used size 95 or 100. Hope that helps!

  38. ALANNA, hi there stranger!! I tend to use the 1M (for the star swirl) or the 2A (for the round swirl). What I usually do is make a circular motion as I squeeze the piping bag to frost and when I reach the top I stop squeezing and pull away to make the tip of the frosting. Your SO do not look like poop! Practice makes perfect. I need to get better with a spatula myself ;)

  39. 1M and 2A – got it! Thanks, love! :)

  40. what an awesome idea to personalise!! they look lovely!!

  41. ARUNDATI, thank you for the compliments!

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