Calling all chocoholics!!

May 9, 2008 at 1:50 PM | Posted in random | 36 Comments

What goes good with chocolate? (I am totally brain fart-ing right now)

Hit me up with any and all combos you can think of. The quirky-er the better! Do not ask me why… just comment. THANK YOU!

Red light. Yellow light. GREEN LIGHT!



  1. I love some bitter to offset the sweetness, like coffee. Or fruit and chocolate is always good, and penutbutter, oh and marshmellow. Damn it, now I need chocolate!

  2. raspberry, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, vanilla, orange, coffee, caramel, any type of nut, mint… those all mainstream though.

  3. French fries, milk…….urg…..the brain fart countinues….

  4. At DH’s work Christmas party they had a Chocolate Fountain and the things I liked to dip best were: strawberries, bananas, pound cake, angel food cake, those little wafer sandwich cookies(you know the ones that have diamonds imprinted on the wafers and come in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla), pretzels, pineapple(which I thought would be terrible but was delish!)

    Also nilla wafers, oreos, ice cream, peanut butter, nuts, marshmallows, caramels.

  5. Silly girl. Everything goes with chocolate.

  6. I’m not helping you! I have my own idea for CH!!

  7. Cheating! Then again, some of my potential combos for CH came from my sister… :-P

  8. BB, ooooohhh bitter+sweet is a good one!

    PATSYK, ohohoh orange! Mmmm… caramel. I lurve caramel. Thats always perfection in my book!

    *STOP*, french fries really? Not shizzing me?

    KRISTEN, oohhh pineapple could have some good results!

    MARY, not helpful. sheesh. HAHA.

    RP, damn you. nft

    CAITLIN, its not cheating!! I just need a wee bit of inspiration. dang. Cut a cupcake-er some slack. LOL

  9. Lemon. TRUST me. It rules!

  10. CYNDI, lemon? interesting. Strangely I do trust you. Might have to fiddle around with that!

  11. ….punk….

  12. SLUSH, what what? I think its pretty ingenius of me to use all my resources! haha. I am in it to win it! ;)

  13. Mint or coffee!

  14. KHOO, oh yeah!! I lurve york peppermint patties!

  15. Ooh let’s see…graham crackers, cream cheese, cinnamon, apple, whipped cream, a bad day at work lol.

  16. ANDREA, bad day at work. HAHA! I hear ya girl. I hear ya…

  17. toffee, raspberries, marshmellow, oreo cookies, pineapple, preztels, strawberries, popcorn, and my favorite peanut butter!

  18. JEN, popcorn? interesting! Might have to fool around with that one! :)

  19. I have a friend that loves chocolate and cheese. And I’m not talking cream cheese. Sharp cheddar, fancy pants gourmet cheese. Stuff like that. She also likes chocolate frosting and doritos. To each his own I guess.

  20. KAMAILE, chocolate and cheddar? oh wow. Strangely I could see that… sweet and savory you know? Thanks for commenting! :)

  21. I’ve heard of everything paired with chocolate, but if this is for Cupcake Hero, I’m not telling my chocolate pairing! :) Here are some other pairings I like with chocolate though: pretzels, cherries, hazelnut, caramel, coffee…alright, the list can go on and on and on. Cheese is a really interesting idea though–I’ve heard of that!

  22. TANYA, uh… Cupcake Hero? What’s that? I have no idea what you are talking about. ;)

  23. Pears. Yum.

  24. Hmmm… some off-kilter suggestions:

    1. Dried chili pepper
    3. Cashew Butter
    4. Plantains

    Can’t wait to see what this is all about… :-)

  25. LT, ooohhh pears. I lurve pears. Fabu idea chica. thanky!

    JULIA, plantains? thats similar to bananas right? Hmmm… ::wheels turning::. ps. Checked out your blog! Very cute :)

  26. I’m late but you know I will say wine. Duh. :)

  27. Chillies – Ancho / Chipotle. Like Mole but in cake form. (I did chipotle last week, went really well!)
    Mint (Maybe too classic)
    Bacon. (So delicious)

    These are all on my list of To Dos for this year :) I’ve left off the two I’m doing for CH though!

  28. MRSABYBABY, gasp wine? but you don’t like wine? LMAO

    BRINA, bacon? That’s definitely quirky but I am told it does taste good. LOL @ CH comment. fine be that way…

  29. Oh! Wasabi! Chocolate Wasabi was one of my favourites!

    I really recommend the Vosges Bacon Bars – I was skeptical of ChocoBacon, but they changed my outlook /nod.

  30. BRINA, ooohhh wasabi. I could totally dig that but my wussy husband wouldn’t! LOL. I’ll have to see about finding some vosges bacon bars! Thanks for all the recs ;)


    end of story.

    Well, not really. But, seriously, why did you bother to ask when one combo is WAY obvious!?

  32. BOMBSHELL, oh no doubt thats the BEST.COMBO.EVER but I am looking for a new undiscovered taste ;)

  33. Beautiful cupcakes. I love your Mother’s Day message too. I’ve yet to find any gal that has a perfect relationship with her mother, myself included, but oh…I can’t even fathom what it’d be like to lose her. Now that I’m older, it seems I appreciate her a lot more than I used to :).

  34. SOPHIE, thankyou! I definitely think mothers and daughters have their stressful times but I still consider myself lucky to have a mom like you said. Up and downs aside… she’s still my mom.

  35. I like vanilla with Chocolate. :O)

    Bananas are great in chocolate…

    But i would have to say that strawberry and raspberry are my fav’s with chocolate!

  36. ANGELIQUE, I am so with you girl. I love strawberry/raspberry with chocolate. YUM!

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