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Are there any Seinfeld fans in da hizzouse?

One of my favorite episodes is The Muffin Tops episode 155 that aired May 8, 1997.

(Dang! I just realized… thats the year I graduated high school! Whoa and now I just totally dated myself but hey you don’t know for sure; maybe I was a child prodigy and graduated at 11? LOL)

SUMMARY: Elaine’s former boss, Mr. Lippman, decides to start a muffin business and Elaine partners up with him. She explains that he should bake the whole muffin but remove the top from the stump and only sell the top b/c the top is the best part. The name of the business is a classic play on words, “Top of the Muffin to You!”. Their business begins to thrive but they are left with massive amounts of muffin stumps so Elaine graciously donates them to the homeless. Only they don’t want them. In fact nobody wants them.

The episode reminds me of my own idiosyncratic cupcake eating habits. I admit, just like Elaine, my favorite part of a cupcake is the frosted top. I rarely eat more than 1-2 of any cupcake I bake and lately its been less b/c I’ve been pulling the frosted top off the stump leaving the stump uneaten. Lucky for me, my husband will eat any part of the cupcake esp if its his favorite, red velvet, as long as there’s some leftover cream cheese frosting to smear on it. So unlike Elaine, I don’t have to deal with a homeless inquisition to get rid of my cupcake stumps. Its win-win! LOL

Question: What would *YOU* do with leftover cupcake stumps?

My topless red velvet cupcake stump



  1. There ain’t no leftover stumps! The cake part is needed to balance out the frosted part, how can you only like the tops? You’re upsetting the delicate cupcake ecosystem hussy.

  2. LT, cupcake ecosystem!! BAHAHAHA! Sorry but I am the cupcake queen in my ecosystem. The tops get eaten and the stumps get carried down the river (ie T eats them) with the other debris. Thats how I roll.

  3. “No Muffins For You!”

  4. I am all about going topless when I eat a cupcake. hehe. If I try to bite it all at once I always end up with frosting on my nose. I do like to finish the stump myself though. Yummy!

  5. GRETCHEN, omg. I spit my water out all over my computer!! Thats definitely a favorite episode too. ::still laughing::

    BB, so when you say “topless” you are talking about the cupcake and not your nudist tendencies right? LOL. Frosting up my nose happens way too often. ;)

  6. I just bought online from Kraft, muffin top papers, so I wont have any stumps. and they are a bit larger around so I get more frsting. Yeah me!

  7. Save the best for last – eat the stump first, then pry off as much cake as you can before you eat the frosting as much by itself as you can. Or just hand over the bowl of frosting, who am I kidding?

  8. KELLI, muffin top papers? I am intrigued! link? more info please!

    CAITLIN, I am so with you. Just cut the middle man and give me frosting! haha.

  9. My aunt and uncle own a bakery. When they trim the ends pa the cakes off they save them. At the end pa the day, they use the icing left unthe icing bags to make little cake sandwiches called cake ends. They go to the homeless sheltre and are a huge hit!

  10. Ugh! Commenting on crackberry results in funky posts. Sorry!

  11. RACHEL, What a cute idea! Cake ends! I could make cupcake frosting stump sammies! So genius! ps. jealous of crackberry.

  12. I just feed them to any of my cake-whore friends. The good thing of being surrounded by college students is their propensity to eat anything. The re-smearing with frosting is totally my little secret. ;)

  13. BOMBSHELL, see…? thats the prob! All my cake-whore friends are on diets. Poor little stumps aren’t welcome anymore. ::sniff::

  14. For me I always have leftover frosting so I eat the top of the cupcake and then smear more on since I’m a big fat cheater :-P No stumps left around these parts!

    Though it depends on the cupcake, sometimes the cake is good enough on it’s own to balance the amount of frosting it’s topped with :) I try to keep it even if I can.

  15. Crumble them with leftover frosting, roll them into balls, dip them in candy coating/chocolate and voila! CAKE BALLS! Or make Bakerella’s famous Cupcake Pops!

  16. S.LOVE, true. there are a few cupcakes that I could eat on it own but thats very rare for me. Love me some frosting all the time! ;)

    JUDEE, What a great idea!! I’ve been wanting to try her cupcake pops for a while. I will definitely have to remember that next time I have leftover stumps!

  17. Cupcakes are the best thing ever. I urge you to read about this trick I just learned — it changed my whole cupcake-eating life.

  18. TRACI, What a fun trick! So you turn your frosting inside out and make your cupcake a sandwich. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Leftovers? Pray tell… what are ‘leftovers’? I’ve never had this as a problem with my cupcakes. :)

  20. CB! Hello! Well maybe chop the stump to pcs n do something like this –

    what say??
    Like your write up , ur experiments wt CC n love the frostings! Hv a CC day!!

  21. A problem I have often with full sized cakes – I trim them so they’re flat for frosting, then have a mass of cake top left over! Easy solved in my house, though; my partner and our three (male) housemates usually chew through the scraps in no time. However, if the boys aren’t biting and there’s no leftover frosting, I suggest crumbling cake leftovers into bite-sized chunks and layering through icing (and even maybe some chocolate (or other appropriately flavoured) sauce – you’ll even be able to re-freeze the ice-cream with cake bits if you still don’t get any takers! Decadent, yes, but we can’t be wasting cake, surely???

  22. NIKITA, LMAO. you are a good little cupcake eater.

    PURNIMA, ooohhh a cupcake trifle! How fun. Thanks for your sweet compliments. Hope you have a cuppycakes day too! :)

    ROSA, I totally understand. The same thing happens to me when I make cakes (its pretty rare) but making it level gives me lots of cake bits. Love all your ideas. I bet my hubs would love the ice cream one!

  23. I like the stumps the best … further proof that we’re a perfect match

  24. NIKKI, dang! I wish I would have known that! I would have ordered another b/w cupcake from Sarah’s and given you the stump b/c the top was SO goooood.

  25. I like to peel the top off and add the stump to the top of the cupcake. That way it seals in the frosting and none goes up my nose. It makes a not-so-messy sandwich (only for desert!)

  26. COUNTRYGIRL, thats always good when you can avoid frosting up the nosage. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  27. you know there are those muffin top pans right, they just are the top of the cupcake!!

    lately i have been eating the CAKE and no frosting, i am kind of frosted out. ship me your stumps.

    actually an idea..bakerella has those cutie little cupcake pop things, where she takes the cake and mashes it up with frosting i think and then dips them into chocolate, make cupcake balls or something mmmmm.

  28. MARA, only muffin top pans? really?? I must be out of the pan loop b/c I don’t think I’ve seen those. Love Bakerella! Definitely need to make cupcake stump pops! Thanks chica!

  29. Haha, I feel the same way about the bottom. My cousin’s wife loves frosting and he loves cake, so she eats two tops and he eats two bottoms. LOL. As for me… with muffins at least, I give the bottom to my baby. For now, he doesn’t know the difference!

  30. countrygirl you rock!!! That is exactly what I was going to write!! It’s how my nana(grandma) taught me to eat cupcakes when I was a kid!!! I’ll all excited now that I’m not the only wacko who does that! :D

  31. ANNE, I guess (cupcake) opposites *do* attract! Thats hilarious about giving the stump to your baby. I am seriously LMAO!

    STEPH, seems like there are many “wackos” that do this! You, Countrygirl and Purnima! I guess I am out of the loop on new age cupcake eatage! haha.

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