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What is your first memory that involves a cupcake(s)?

If I close my eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is grade school birthday cupcakes. I always loved when it was someone’s birthday in grade school b/c moms would come with cupcakes for the whole class. They were never extravagantly decorated but at 5 years old, all I wanted was any flavor cupcake as long as there was lots of frosting and sprinkles! I guess things haven’t change much for me since that age huh? ;)



  1. I agree… definitely elementary school birthdays. :) So good.

  2. JULIE, OMG! what up chica!?! When are you gonna get your arse into the bloggy game?? You know you want toooooooooo…

  3. You know, now that I think about it I don’t have a lot of cupcake memories from elementary school. In fact I think there might have even been some kind of rule against it. Either that or I just forgot about moms bringing in cupcakes since I never could (I have a summer birthday).

    However, in highschool they’d have birthday cupcakes every month and a bunch of moms would bake tons and you could buy what was left for fifty cents each. I would get like four cupcakes of all varieties and that would be lunch for the day. Pure bliss :)

  4. Great website!!! I love cupcakes also!

  5. S.LOVE, I think thats a new trend with kids now to promote health and stuff so moms aren’t allowed to bring cupcakes to school anymore. Its too bad that kids miss out on that memory. Oooohhh cupcakes for HS lunch. Niiiiiiiiice.
    MICHELLE, aawww thanks. ps. nice to meet you!

  6. It’s so crazy too, because now because of the obesity craze there are tons of kids who are really malnourished, or at the point of being anorexic because they are scared of getting “fat” when as a little kid you should be eating a decent amount so that you’re metabolism doesn’t slow down and become a problem the rest of your life. I mean, a birthday every month or so where a kid gets a cupcake is pretty much nothing when you’re growing up, obesity is a problem that mostly happens at home.

  7. S.LOVE, I definitely agree that healthy eating habits start at home. I can stand on a soapbox since I am not a parent but I do think its worth the time to teach your kids about food: the good, the bad and the ugly. JMO

  8. OMG! CB! I read the question and IMMEDIATELY I thought of the grade school birthday cupcakes. I went to a private school for elementary and the classes were small so the cupcakes would be brought for both classes in the grade. It was so nice and fun. You were the coolest kid if you brought in the best snackage for your birthday.

  9. BOMBSHELL, oh you were totally the cool kid for the day if your mom brought birthday cupcakes. haha. Ah the simple joys of being 5 years old.

  10. I think of those cupcakes in the ice cream cones! I love those.

  11. JEN, Can you believe I’ve never had an ice cream cupcake cone? I must make those soon.

  12. This is tough. We were always into big cakes rather than cupcakes, so that’s what I remember. But I do know that I liked birthday snacks at school. Quite a few schools have “out lawed” birthday snacks altogether because of food allergies. The school won’t be held liable for something that a parent brought in. It makes me sad that kids have to miss that experience & fun, but someone going to the hospital dying of a peanut allergy wouldn’t be so great.

  13. ZEBE, I guesssss I understand about allergies if you put it that way.

  14. Pacman! Are those fondant or gumpaste?? How cute! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  15. CARACAKES, oop wrong post? Too bad WP doesn’t make a “move to” feature. hehe. PacMan is made of fondant. I don’t really get into gumpaste as much as fondant. We’ll see how it turns out :)

  16. aww Mom is a teacher so she always used to make cupcakes for her kids, like 4-5 times a year for holidays. so i remember being all excited when it was time for cupcakes for her kids because that meant i got some too. yellow box cake with milk chocolate frosting. Still my fave.

  17. MARA, aawww thats so cute. I think thats why I love cupcakes – they make me nostalgic for my childhood.

  18. i know huh?! funny but it seems like no matter how fabulous the cupcake i eat, it never is quite as good as those childhood ones.

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