PacMan Birthday Cupcakes

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…And finally the cupcakes you’ve been waiting for! (Right Khoo? haha)

My friends IRL know that I am obsessed with cupcakes! They also know if they invite me over for any occasion I come baring cupcakes gifts! (hmmm… you think thats why I get invited to things?) But I was still surprised when my good friend A asked me if I’d be interested in baking some cupcakes for her son’s 5th birthday. Interested? Of course! I knew right away what cupcakes I would make for him.

Little Jake is just like his daddy and loves old school video games so I knew they would both get a kick out of cupcakes that I’ve had on my must-try list ever since I saw them – PacMan Cupcakes! I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for the party but made 9 special PacMan cupcakes for the birthday boy.

This wraps up my baking whirlwind last weekend but I’ll be back in the kitchen next week for another round of Cupcake Hero, new event ice cream+cupcakes and an order of red velvet cupcakes. T will be so happy. ;)

Without further ado…

::drum roll::

(Inspiration from hello_naomi | photos from me!)


chocolate cupcakes
vanilla buttercream frosting
fondant – yellow, blue, black, pink, green, white
vanilla extract
various round cutters
black food safe marker


To make fondant decor—
1. PacMan (yellow fondant) – Roll out fondant to 1/8 inch. I used a round piping tip for the circle size that I needed. To create his mouth I used a knife and cut out a triangle. For his eye, used a black food safe marker.

Click image to enlarge

2. Ghosts (blue, green, pink, white fondant) – Roll out fondant to 1/8 inch. I drew a “ghost” freehand on a piece of paper and used that to trace out the pattern in fondant. (To make it easier you could probably use an oval cutter, cut in half or more depending on the size you want and then make the triangle cuts to the bottom). For the eyes I used a round piping tip to cut a circle shape out of white fondant and “glued” it with a paintbrush (or fingertip) to the ghost body with vanilla extract. I finished with a black food safe marker for the eyeball. (Feel free to use whatever color fondant you want for your ghosts.)

3. “Maze” and “5” (royal blue fondant) – Roll out fondant to 1/8 inch. I used a knife and cut them out freehand.

Click image to enlarge

4. Energy dots (yellow fondant) – Roll out fondant to 1/8 inch. I used a round piping tip to cut out the size I wanted. Next time I might substitute these with yellow dragees.

Click image to enlarge

5. Background (black fondant) – Roll out fondant to 1/8 inch. I used a 2-1/2 inch diameter cookie cutter b/c that fit the shape of my cupcake the best.

Notes: I made all my fondant a couple days before assembling cupcakes so they could set.

To assemble cupcakes—
Frost all cupcakes to the top edge of the liner and level with offset spatula. Arrange the “scene” the way you want and then “glue” each part to the black background with a paintbrush (or fingertip) and vanilla extract. Place the background fondant on each cupcake.

Click image to enlarge


Husband rating: A+
He was WAY impressed with the PacMan scene and kept saying it over and over again. Great for my ego boost!

Wifey rating: A/A+
I am very critical of my own work but I think I did a pretty good job for my first time working freehand with fondant. I am sure with more practice (alot more practice!) they’ll be as awesome has hello_naomi. I think if I were to redo it I wouldn’t split the “5” and just put it on the middle cupcake but I was hoping that splitting it would make it look part of the maze. *shrugs

Other rating: A+
Jacob, friends, and all parents were totally blown away and all the kids asked their parents if they could hire the cupcake lady to make PacMan cupcakes for their birthdays too! What a great compliment!



  1. I am totally blown away. You are so freaking talented.

  2. never cease.

  3. I want to live near you so that I can make excuses for you to come over and bring cupcakes. For serious.

  4. I’m still a fan of doing things like this out of frosting rather than fondant (for taste and challenge) , but this is an awesome execution of creativity. I would have given myself a headache trying to figure out how to piece together the “puzzle” of the maze.

  5. You did such a great job with them! They look absolutely perfect! I can’t wait to see your ice cream cupcakes!!

  6. You have GOT to be kidding me!! These are seriously amazing! :) Tommy would love these – he and Will play PacMan all of the time. I have to show him immediately!

  7. MARY, aaawww reallly? Thanksomuch! I compared them to hello_naomi’s and was like “dang her’s are WAY better”. I wanna be her when I grow up. haha.

    ANDREA, you know this.

    CAITLIN, what you waiting for? MOVE! I need more cupcake friends IRL…

    ZEBE, I am not a fan of fondant taste much but I work better in fondant than buttercream. I just don’t have your buttercream skillz. ;)

    STEFANI, I am excited for the ice cream+cupcake event! Plan to work on it this weekend. w00t!

    APRIL, Same with Jeff and Jacob. It must be a daddy-son thing huh? Actually Jeff was more excited than Jacob. Jacob just wanted the “sprinkle” aka dragee. LOL. Let me know what Tommy thinks!

  8. Can you make me pac man cupcakes toooooooo?

  9. NIKKI, move to CA and I willlllllllll…

  10. holy crap, those are freaking AWESOME

  11. JENI, haha. thank you! I think thats exactly what Jacob’s dad said when he saw them. ;)

  12. WOW! these are fantastic…love, love, love them! what a fabulous idea :)

  13. wow, these look SO good! seriously, i would never believe this is your first time working freehand with fondant!

  14. AIRYFAIRY, ty! I wish I could take the credit but hello_naomi is the genius. Check out the link to her flickr to see her other creations. They are SO fabulous! I have the mario brothers and robots on my must-try list!

    ELLY, hi hi! thank you! trust me it took a frillion tries to get it the way I want. I wish I was talented enough to make it perfect the first time. haha.

  15. Wow, they look fantastic!

  16. JUDE, thank you! Its definitely time consuming but well worth it after you hear all the exclamation from a 5 year old birthday boy (and his dad) :)

  17. yes dear.. FINALLY!
    haha well done! ;)

  18. KHOO, haha. so glad you are happy again my friend. :)

  19. Very cool!! Gosh is there anything that can’t be done with cupcakes, what a rad idea! (it is okay to bust out the “rad” when we’re talking about pac man)

    Anyhow, hope you got my email about the frosting, let me know if not.

    Now I have a few questions for you, do you spray your PNC’s with anything before adding the batter! Also Do you use a scoop to put it in? If so what size? Thanks so much!

  20. ANDREA, Hi! yes I did get your email! I replied back but it kept coming back delivery error. Not sure why? I love your pictures and instructions and will definitely try it next time I do multicolor frosting. Do you mind if I post it on my blog? As for PNCs… I do not spray them with anything and never had problems taking them out. I use an ice cream scoop, about 2-1/4 diameter but I don’t fill it all the way. I estimate about 1/2 of the scoop for the 3.25oz PNC/souffle cup. HTH!

  21. These are the coolest birthday cupcakes I have ever seen and I am totally digging your skills! Awesome job!

  22. JANNA, thank you! I think Mara mentioned you had a to-die for RV recipe? Email me!

  23. Red Velvet? I made them and they were good but vampy as all get out. Are you sure she was talking about moi?

  24. JANNA, Hmmm… maybe it was something else. Now I can’t remember! When I remember what it was I’ll hit you up. I have a terrible memory! ps. I love the word vampy. Don’t ask me why! LOL

  25. Thanks for the cuppy tips :) Feel free to use the icing tutorial, those kinds of tips are supposed to be shared!

  26. Where’s your hero? I have been waiting patiently.
    If you could see my face you would know I am pouting right now.

  27. JANNA, uh… uh… Working on it? I haven’t won CH yet (personally think there’s a miscount in past voting) so I need to up my cupcake quotient on this one!

  28. Oh, I get butterflies when my popular culture affinities meet baked goods. Good lord those are awesome.

  29. RAINBOWBROWN, Yeah I thought it was very cool the first time I saw them. Pop culture meets baked good is a great thing! ;)

  30. This is completely adorable! What a creative idea for a b-day “cake” – I love it!

  31. JD, Thanks! I think the birthday boy’s dad liked it more than the birthday boy though. HAHA!

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