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June 4, 2008 at 8:52 AM | Posted in Cupcake Question of the Day, cupcakes | 27 Comments

What is the record for most cupcakes baked for display?

A. 50,000
B. 52,000
C. 54,000
D. 55,000
E. none of the above I use to hate this answer on multiple choice tests!

[click for answer]

Side note: This is what my google search turned up but if you find that someone has baked more leave a comment with the proof!



  1. That’s awesome! Insane, but awesome.

    Hey, I have a quick question for you.
    I need a BIG round tip and I was wondering if you knew which Wilton was the largest. I have the 1A and another, but they are not quite big enough.

    Help! Oh master of cuppycakes.

  2. JANNA Master? me? uh not so much… but I dig the prefix nonetheless. HAHA. I use the 2A round tip (its smaller than the 1A) but I also have my ginormous round that came from my local cake supply store thats a Magic Tip 7PT b/c I can’t seem to find a 1A. What diameter is your 1A? I wonder if its the same as my 7PT. Do you have a cake supply store near you? I don’t bother with Michael’s as much anymore. The cake supply store is my heaven!

  3. wow.

  4. MARY, crazy, no?

  5. I’m glad they at least gave them all away for people to eat. I thought that by “display” they were sitting in a window going stale. That would have made me mad!

    PS tip 1-A is the largest round tip that Wilton currently has. You have to use it with a large coupler though. It won’t fit on a normal one. For future reference, you can find Wilton tip info here:

  6. ZEBE, thanks for the link!

  7. wow… my didn’t my college do that… yum! you ladies always make me crave cupcakes… mmmmm want to go bake some more chocolate ones now….

  8. STEPHCHOWS, almost makes me wanna bake cupcakes for my alma mater now… almost. LOL

  9. I guess 54,000 cupcakes

    and i know i’m right too because I cheated :P

  10. NIKKI, well at least I can’t call you a liar. HAHA!

  11. That is a buuuuunch of cupcakes! I would’ve liked to be in the crowd. :)

  12. NINA, I know, right!? I would have reached for the center cupcake! LOL

  13. i go to UMD and volunteered to set up cupcakes that night. the smell of melting frosting was overwhelmingly disguisting, but by the time we finished (4 am!!!!!) they let us have the extra cupcakes to take back :)

  14. CONNIE, wow. 4am! crazy. Thanks for sharing! :)

  15. I wish I had big tips.

  16. RACHEL, nasty girl. You know that I know that you know what you’re really talking about…

  17. I’m not nasty. I just need bigger tips. For real.

  18. every time i see a huge tip i just buy it. i think i have most of them now. i have a magic 8st from korea or something that is like the world’s biggest star tip. 1m looks like a baby next to it. it makes the best swirls BUT it uses like 500 gallons of frosting too. small price to pay.

  19. MARA, You use the 8ST for your swirls? ooohhh I saw one at my cake supply store and was thinking about buying it but didn’t. Maybe I’ll have to go back and snag it on your rec!

  20. It’s like a beautiful ocean of cupcakes…swimming was prohibited probably though….

  21. SUZY, um yeah… I think swimming was not allowed. ;)

  22. i think it’s the 8ST…all i know it’s it’s massive. i also found the super huge dollop which takes REALLY stiff frosting or else it will just fall through. but people love those magic swirls.

  23. MARA, I admit it. I am a swirl addict. Definitely gonna look for that tip next time I get out to the cake shop. Thanks!

  24. ME TOO CB…

    I think I am swirl impaired though because it seems like my swirls always look different than other people’s. I think I need to relax my hand or something…mine are very upright.

    Do you start on the inside of the cupcake then swirl out or the other way around.

  25. MARA, What are you talking about?? Your swirls are perfect! I’ve seen your blog! Can’t lie to me! haha. I never really thought about it but I start from the outside and work my way in. Maybe I’ll try it the other way to compare results next time just for kicks. :) How do you do it?

  26. i do outside in…but then i noticed that other swirls look different than mine. a few bloggers have said they do inside out. so, i tried that recently and it did not look the same.

    i am still experimenting. not that i have had complaints…but i’m a pretty anal decorator!!! :)

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