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Its been a little crazy in my kitchen these last few days so I haven’t had a chance to blog since the last cupdate. I figured you all needed a little teaser…

Can you guess what I am baking up next?

PS. Happy 17th Birthday to my little bro! They grow up so fast. sniff



  1. You could be doing so many things! I just used this last night in your red velvet cake recipe though, so maybe that is it?! Probably not though…that is too boring for a “teaser” post! :)

  2. MRSABYBABY, ooohhh you made red velvets? T is so jealous… haha.

  3. I’m thinking coconut chocolate! And I’m thinking I’d eat every one!!!
    I made White Russian cuppies this weekend…I need to get the recipe and the pics up. Yum!

  4. SUZY, coconut? chocolate? a little random… haha. ooohh white russian cupcakes? YUM! Looking forward to BU. :)

  5. did you perhaps make the BEST CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES EVER??? :)


  6. STEPH, HAHA! you know what though? I totally have that post starred to bake someday! Good guess but… guess again!

  7. i. hate. teasers.

  8. KHOO, HAHA! sorry sorry! I am such a bully sometimes…

  9. I updated. :)

  10. Hey there,

    I’m from Cardiff, South Wales UK and I love your blog! I am dying to try some of your recipes, but we don’t use ‘sticks’ of butter here, and I don’t know what the measurement for a ‘cup’ is either. We use grams and ounces in the uk. Any idea how I can convert or what the weights of ‘cups’ and ‘sticks’ are?

    Thanks so much! Kim xx

  11. KIM, thanks for your compliments! I checked on Whats Cooking America? for conversion and it says 1 stick=1/2 cup=4 oz=113.4 grams. Hope that helps!

  12. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! 6 days of teasing is just plain mean. Spill already!
    Oh my…ahem…sorry about that.
    Let’s try that again.
    CB, will you please stop teasing and tell us what the little blue umbrella and the cocoa powder mean? Pretty please?

  13. JANNA, HAHA! patience grasshopper patience…

  14. Thanks so much for the advice. I made some amazing apple custard cinnamon cupcakes on the weekend for Father’s day. You have to try them! x

  15. KIM, So glad your cupcakes came out yummy! Whats your blog? I’d love to see pics!

  16. Oh I haven’t put them up anywhere yet! I have a few pics on facebook of my cakes if you wanna add me? My name is Kimberley Harding. My boyf is a web designer so he’s gonna make me a website soon so I can put all the pics up then. I do take pics of all my cakes, so if you don’t have facebook, let me know and I can send you some! xx

  17. KIM, ooohhhh can’t wait to see the website! Definitely let me know when your URL is up and running, k? :)

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