Father’s Day Cupcakes

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My father-in-law collects toy cars as his hobby. Actually collect doesn’t even seem to really describe his toy car obsession! His garage is like a Hot Wheels toy store. I kid you not! Half of the garage is covered in pegboard with hooks so that he can hang his collection on them. If I had to estimate how many cars he has I’d probably say in the 1000s.

I think toy cars are nostalgic for him b/c he use to be involved with drag racing in his youth so seeing these miniature models of cars probably brings him back down memory lane. When I started brainstorming about the decor for his father’s day cupcakes, I always came back to the cars.

As for the cupcake flavor. I still had s’mores on the brain and I thought they would be perfect for T’s dad b/c he use to be involved in the boy scouts (I think he was chairmen of the board of scout parents or something like that) with T when he was younger. What boy scout doesn’t remember camping and smores right?

Happy (belated) Father’s Day! to all the fathers out there.

You are the ones that teach us to ride bikes, pitch us the baseball that inevitably ends up hitting below the belt (ouch!), endure our ballet recitals when you’d rather be watching the basketball finals and always remind me I am never too old to be daddy’s little princess.


s’mores cupcake recipe
marshmallow buttercream recipe
black and white fondant
1/4″x1/4″ square cookie cutter
2-1/4″ diameter round cookie cutter
vanilla extract
hot wheel cars (I bought the cheap $1 ones at Tarjay)


To make cupcakes—
Bake cupcakes and make frosting per recipe, adjusting ingredients for the amount of cupcakes you want to bake.

[NOTES: I made 4 cupcakes for T’s dad.]

To make checkered flag fondant—
Roll out some white and black fondant. Using a square cookie cutter, cut out squares. Then I cut each square into 4 more smaller squares with a sharp knife. If you have a smaller square cookie cutter please feel free to use that one. The 1/4″x1/4″ square cutter is the smallest I have.

Roll out some white fondant roughly in a circle for the background. Using a brush (or finger tip) apply vanilla extract to the black and white squares and “glue” in alternating pattern on the white fondant background.

After assembling the checkered flag pattern, let set overnight. Next, use your circle cutter and cut out circles for each cupcake.

To assemble cupcakes—
Using an offset spatula, frost cupcake. Next put a checkered pattern circle on top of each cupcake. Garnish with Hot Wheels car.

Click image to enlarge

[NOTES: I am a dork and used a slightly smaller circle cutter than the 2-1/4″ diameter that I recommended above so thats why you can see the frosting. UGH! Do I as I say not as I do, k?]


Husband rating: A
He liked the smores cupcakes and thought the car theme decor was so cool.

Wifey rating: A+
Even though I am sure there’s an easier less time consuming way to make the checkered flag pattern, I still think it came out so cute. I am just a little bummed that I picked up the wrong cookie cutter and you can see the frosting underneath. Oh well. Notes for next time…

Other rating: A+
T’s dad LOVED the cupcakes. Even though the cars aren’t worth anything since I took them out of the box, he still thought they were so cute on the cupcake. He was also impressed with how good the smores cupcakes tasted! He raved about them to his fellow car buddy on the phone. w00t! Cupcakes points for the favorite daughter-in-law!



  1. You are so awesome at making cupcakes! I love love love the checkered flag! (And I wouldn’t have noticed you made them so small if you hadn’t pointed it out!)

  2. MARY, aaawww you’re too sweet. I think they would have been better if the frosting was white or the checkered flag covered the blue frosting. haha.

  3. Those are amazing looking cupcakes! What a great idea. That checkered flag looked like a lot of work, but it sounds like it was worth it. And I agree with Mary, I didn’t notice the frosting until you pointed it out. I’m glad I stumbled upon you!

  4. PAMELA, thank you! I think I knew what it was suppose to look like in my head and drawings so I noticed the frosting right away! We are our biggest critics right? Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Oh my lord that looks tedious! I’ve been known to go overboard, (I recreated the Pagoda at the Indy track) but I think you have me beat. I actually like the frosting showing a bit. It looks like one of the spinning pedestals that they put cars on at the International Auto Show in Detroit.

  6. ZEBE, yeah its a little tedious but since it was only 4 cupcakes it was doable. Not sure I could do it for 12-24-48 cupcakes! yikes! Thats very cool about the Detroit Auto Show. Thats what I meant to do. The whole pedestal thing. yeah… HAHA!

  7. You have the patience of a saint. Well done you.

  8. Wow, such a work of pacience! They’re so cute!

  9. SALLY, saint? me? My husband would definitely disagree. HAHA! Thanks for stopping by!

    CLUMBSY, thank you! I think if I had more patience it would have taken me less time but gluing those little square did try my patience a few times and I had to walk away! ;)

  10. Those are completely adorable! Love the cars on the top! Awesome idea!

  11. STEFANI, thanky! I kinda go lazy with using real toy cars. Probably would have been even cooler if I had made the cars from fondant but I am not that good yet! HAHA!

  12. Wow I’m impressed with all the hard work you put into that fondant top. Nice job!

  13. HILLARY, thank you! I know my FIL loved it so its all worth it! :)

  14. Too cute! Perfect for Father’s Day!

  15. MYSWEET, thanks! They were definitely perfect for T’s dad. He’s a car junkie! :)

  16. OMG! The checkered flags! So precious! I think that the peek through of the frosting gives it character! You are woah talented my friend!!!

  17. That checkerboard is AMAZING! What patience you have. That’s outta control. Seriously. So cute!

  18. SUZY, Ah glad you like it! I am such a critic of my own work so that blue frosting really bugs me!!

    JOY, I find this highly ironic b/c I am NOT a patient person! haha. Thanks for the comment love ♥

  19. ok this is totally cool!!! I mean, WOW

  20. NINAKI, aawwww thank you! Love your enthusiasm :)

  21. These look delicious! I love the checkerboard pattern! I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog. :)

  22. SARA, thanks love! ooohhh taggy! I’ll get on that ASAP :)

  23. oooh so cool looking…you do have the patience of a saint. i made my dad the Dorie PB torte again :)

  24. MARA, ooohhh PB torte was/is fabulous! Your daddy is very lucky :)

  25. Those are super cute! I especially love the checkered flag!!! Did you know you don’t have diminish your supply of vanilla extract to adhere fondant? You can just use plain old water. :)

  26. DOREENRE thanks for the water tip! I never thought about it. My Wilton instructor always used vanilla extract so I just used that ;)

  27. wow, the checkerboard fondant topping came out so perfect! i’m in awe.

  28. MICHELLE, thank you! Not sure how much of the pictures you can see right now but I am kinda proud of them. One of my more insane ideas but it all came together in the end ;)

  29. These are amazing! The time you took to make these for your pops. sigh…I hope he appreciates the tedious square punching, checker making, hot wheels applying work that went into these! WOW!

    P.s. my nephews would swoon

  30. JANNA, I know my FIL loved them but I am sure that other cupcake-ers like you probably appreciate the time/work more b/c you know how intricate it is you know? I think I’ll work my way up to make the hot wheel cars from fondant next year. ;)

  31. […] fun cupcake (not as cool, but perhaps more do-able) can be found at I Heart CuppyCakes.  She even shows you a tutorial on how to do a perfectly checkered cupcake.  Find it […]

  32. This is amazing! My husband is a Hot Wheels freak so I’m going to try to make these for his 30th birthday. When you “glued” the checks did you just brush in between or did you cover the entire check?

  33. JEN, I brushed each check and glued it down to the fondant base. Hope that helps!

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