Bandwidth Exceeded!

June 18, 2008 at 4:59 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 17 Comments

Well apparently free99 photobucket can no longer provide me with the necessary bandwidth for my little ol blog. Bare with me while I find a new image host.

::thinking to self::

1. Should I upgrade my photobucket account? Its $3.99/month or $25/year
2. Find a new “free” host that has more bandwidth? (Any recs?)
3. Other?

UPDATE: We’re back baby!! Thanks to an anonymous donor (You rock J-DOG!) my pictures are back, at least for the next 3 months, while I continue my search for The Next Image Hosting Star. Hmm… should I contact food network and pitch that idea? HAHA!



  1. So sad! PS – your darned CA strawberries are still mocking me in my grocery store. Stoppit! Stoppit NOW!

  2. CAITLIN, HAHA! You need to move. Seriously. Just move. ;)

  3. No no no, if you’re going to be buying a membership, get one to a worthwhile image sharing site. Flickr is amazing, plus they don’t reduce the quality of your images which is often a problem I have with my photobucket. Plus it will help drive up traffic to your blog if people find your images through flickr :)

  4. S.LOVE, ah flickr! thanks for the rec! PS. did you get my cupcakes? Love to hear a review :)

  5. I’m lazy so I’d probably just pay for the $25. But I have Flickr prof solely because I’m an sbc customer…and got it for free. So yeah…still lazy. I’d probably just pay $25. :D

  6. MARA, yeah… I am pretty lazy. Thinking about uploading all those pictures again makes me cringe. What to do? What to do? sigh…

  7. I feel really terrible about not getting back to you on those, but I almost didn’t want to tell you what happened.

    They arrived all melted and the two that weren’t in foil where upside down, but I tried them anyways because I was so curious. It was a really bad Idea because I got sick from the cream cheese frosting because I’m such a moron for not realizing that that duh, cheese plus heat equals something you shouldn’t eat.

  8. S.LOVE, ah geez. I wonder what happened! How the heck did it end up upside down?? Hmmm… looks like I shouldn’t do cupcake shipping for cream cheese in the summer huh? So sorry you got sick! Let me make it up to you… YGM.

  9. I prefer the picasa web album through google. Lots of space and easy to use. You get 1gb of space to start.

  10. I use Flickr Pro. I think it’s like $25/year. It’s great because you can get feedback on your photos. And it’s fantastic for keeping your pictures organized. I also have a free photobucket account and I’d say Flickr is 1,000x better.

  11. HOWTOEAT, feedback? like comments? Looks like flickr is a clear favorite among my bloggy peeps! I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks for the rec! :)

  12. Hello, again!
    Just wanted to make sure it was all right that I added you onto my blog list.

  13. INGRID, aawww you’re too sweet. Link away! :)

  14. I <3 Picasa.

  15. ALANNA, another vote for picasa! Thanks chica :)

  16. I second the flickr pro account. I absolutely love the organizational control, plus unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth can’t be beat. Even though other sites are awesome, Flickr definitely has the biggest community. There are tons of groups dedicated to cupcakes :P

  17. JESS, I am still trying to figure out how to reorganize all my pictures so I appreciate the great flickr pro review! Thanks!

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