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I am going on vacay June 22-July 1 and my BIL is getting married July 5th so my blogging may be sporadic for the next 2 weeks…

Any cupcakery/restaurant recs for DC, Philly and/or Boston?

I’ll cupcake with you all when I get back! Check ya lates my homies.



  1. Have a great time!

  2. Hello! My Bf lives in DC now. :( BUT–I have visited her and my favorite place is Cafe Milano. Probably one of the best meals I have EVER had. If you are looking to celebrate and want a good meal–its a great place! And romantic to boot :)

  3. I have recently made friends with Penny at Hello Cupcake!

    She is so wonderful and has exquisite cupcakes! She is in DC in the dupont circle area.

  4. Def check out Yelp for cupccakerie listings…it’s what I use whenever I travel!

    BTW when you get back, check out my blog, I just did a Cupcake competition and I made embossed fondant disks and used your egg carton trick to make them a little rounded…thanks CB!!!

  5. oh and DUH i won! hahaa.

  6. You’ve gotta go to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, and I vote for CakeLove and Sticky Fingers in DC!

  7. Georgetown Cupcakes in DC makes them simple and yummy. Hello Cupcake hasn’t opened yet, but I can’t wait!

  8. When you get back from your fun vacation I have an award for you!

  9. Just gave you an award on my blog. Woo hoo!

  10. I created this award just a few days ago and passed it to 7 people. I have saw it all over the place now WOW and on some amazing blogs, this is the fun of it. I love seeing where this baby goes and who she ends up on.

    I love your site btw..

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