100K Cuppycakes Giveaway!

July 7, 2008 at 12:40 PM | Posted in cupcakes, giveaway | 162 Comments

Wow. Almost 100,000 hits. I think that deserves a giveaway, don’t you?

(Shoutout to Nikki: who gave me the cupcake erasable message plate for my birthday. Isn’t it adorable? I love it!)

Prize package includes: Cupcakes by Elinor Klivan, 24-3.25oz cupcake liners, 24-2oz cupcakes liners, cupcake kitchen art tile and 4 silicon cupcake feet. (Blue cupcake plate not included)

Updated to add: 3 tier decor (sprinkles, dragees, non pareils), decorative ribbon, 12 Wilton pastry bags

Non pareils are the little round sprinkles right? I always forget! Who actually says “non pareils”? I just call them little round sprinkles! HAHA

Here’s how to enter:
Leave a comment. Say anything… anything at all. (How easy is that?) If you want a suggestion… what is your favorite cupcake flavor?

Deadline: when my stat counter gets to 100,000 hits! Could be days, could be weeks, could be months… but I’d guesstimate maybe 1-2 weeks.

Winner will be picked randomly by number generator after the deadline.

Just FYI, if I feel inclined to add more cupcake related stuff to the bounty before the deadline, I will! So look for updates!

Leave a comment. You know you want to.

May the cupcake force be with you…



  1. 1

    Pick me!

  2. 2
    Great website! My favorite flavor of cupcake is Hershey’s deep dark chocolate cake with cream cheese buttercream icing.

  3. 3
    Love it your website…..

  4. 4
    Oh boy, how can you not leave a comment?
    Fav cupcake? I am a sucker for fancy schmancy ones, but my true fav is just a simple vanilla cupcake with a rich chocolate frosting. Yum!

  5. 5
    My favorite’s cinnamon-vanilla cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream frosting. Yum!

  6. 6
    My favorite cupcake is Chocolate Peanut Butter :-)

  7. 7
    Wow! 100K hits? That’s so cool! I love checking your blog to see what new cupcakes you’ve made. I adore a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing… I’m a bit of a chocoholic, but if there were some fudge involved I’d probably knock everyone down trying to get to it! LOL!

  8. 8
    Must. Have. Those. Cupcake. Feet.

  9. 9
    Cupcakes!!! Did someone say CUPCAKES??? I luff cupcakes!! :)

  10. 10
    You are my sugar pie, honey- bunch
    pumpy umpy umpkin
    you’re my sweetie pie
    you’re my cuppycake
    schnookem, schnookems, snort
    the apple of my eye!

  11. 11
    I’d love to be a winner but love, love, love that erasable message plate. where can I buy one?
    Oh yeah my favorite would have to be carrot cupcakes with pineapple and pecans and cream cheese frosting…mmmmmmmmmmm

  12. 12
    Hello. I would love to enter this contest. I love chocolate frosting and anything sweet!

  13. 13
    I absolutely love your website! 100,000 here we come!

  14. 14
    mmmm cupcakes… i hate to admit this but my favorite cupcakes of all time are Funfetti with whipped vanilla icing… i need to find a good cupcake/frosting recipe…

  15. 15
    I can’t choose a favorite cupcake! The last cupcakes I made were vegan cookies and cream, though!

  16. 16
    Umm… anything at all? Yeah, I’m gonna go with the fact that if I ended up with all that super adorable stuff, I’d be making waaaay more cupcakes than I do now. And that’s a good thing, right?

  17. 17
    I love those little feet (and you blogs!) – happy to pay postage to NZ if i am the lucky winner :0)

  18. 18
    devils food cupcakes.. thanks for the giveaway and congrats!!!

  19. 19
    Hi! Just found your sight and love it!! We are going to be making the smore cupcakes with the beach bears for our Vacation Bible School this month. I think the kids will love them!

  20. 20
    Congratulations on nearing 100,000 hits! Favorite cupcake…hmmm too hard to answer.

  21. 21
    Pick me! Pick me!
    I’m so glad you’re back. My favorite flavor is plain old yellow cake with cream cheese frosting. Although I am still thinking on the red white and blue theme. That’s a tricky one.

  22. 22
    I love chocolate!!!!!

  23. 23
    Pick me, I am out of control for cupcakes. Will it help if I tell you how much I love your blog and that I have been out of town for 10 days and have gone threw withdrawls.

  24. 24
    Wooo, 100000 hits! Super impressive! :)

  25. 25
    I love just about any flavor of cupcakes, but tend to prefer the classics – chocolate or vanilla, with lots of vanilla buttermilk frosting!

  26. 26
    I once went to The Cupcake Shoppe in Raleigh, NC and tasted the most delicious strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting!

  27. 27
    I have a cat named Cupcake.

    No I don’t. I lied. I’m sorry.

    I wish I had a cat named Cupcake, but I can’t get anymore cats.

  28. 28
    Are you serious? I can only pick ONE favorite flavor?????? I can’t……I just can’t! I love ’em all!

  29. 29
    I love cupcakes!! :D

  30. 30
    I love your blog, it is so inspiring! :) My favorite cupcakes are lemon cupcakes, I just love the freshness of lemon. Yum!

  31. Well fair is fair right? So, since I got you the cute cupcake plate I should win everything else … oh wait, that was your xmas present and I just finally gave it to you. Um ya oops. Since I have everything but the liners I’m ok with someone else winning. Well I don’t have the silicon feet, but as cute as they are I refuse to ever bake with silicon again

    Good luck everyone!

  32. 31
    if your number generator randomly picks me, you’ll have to send those stuff to the far-far-away islands– new zealand …haha, so good luck for both of us!

  33. 32
    I can’t get enough of those cookie monster cupcakes covered in blue sprinkles with an actual chocolate chip cookie put in the mouth. Wonderful!

  34. 33
    I particularly enjoy cake flavoured cupcakes.

  35. 34
    I love your blog! I’m dying to make the appletini cupcakes!

  36. 35
    My favorite is definitely vanilla cake (white or yellow) with dark chocolate frosting.

  37. 36
    How nice of you to offer the giveaway. Picking a favorite cupcake is really, really hard. But I have to go with either red velvet & cream cheese frosting or yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Mmm.

  38. 37
    Wow this is such a nice giveaway and I would love to have some cupcake making supplies. I love your kirsch section. You and your sweetie are so cute in the pics on Ipage.

  39. 38
    You know you want to give it to me, so just give in and send it my way. You have some of the best looking cupcakes and some really good recipes I am dying to try.

  40. 39
    What a great giveaway! Good luck getting to 100,000!!

  41. 40
    We had cupcakes instead of wedding cake. I heart cuppycakes!

  42. 41
    How exciting!! 100,00!!! I couldn’t be prouder of you my dear. :)

  43. 42
    Keep on truckin’~!~ 100,000 is a great achievement!!

  44. 43
    yummy! i hope i win :). my favorite cupcake flavor? STRAWBERRY. strawberry cupcake with a jam-like strawberry filling and strawberry frosting :).

  45. 44
    I love them all!!!

  46. 45
    Congrats on 100,000!
    My new favorite flavor is the snickerdoodle recipe I got on your site. They’re amazing!

  47. 46
    I love your website! It’s perfect for me! I just love cupcakes! Awesomes job on 100,000 hits! Keep blogging forever & ever!
    ~ CupcakeLuvr

    P.S. You rock!

  48. 47
    I love to win something from you.I love cookies and cream cupcake..i love it

  49. 48
    I <3 cuppycakes!!! I love your site! My fave cuppy? I’m a sucker for funfetti types or artificial strawberry flavor with vanilla frosting! =)

  50. 49
    mmmmm favorite…
    red velvettttttttttt

  51. 50
    Yay! It’s great to see you back in the blogosphere! As for my favorite cupcake flavor, it’s totally a toss up between red velvet and carrot cake (both with cream cheese frosting)

  52. 51
    Hey. PICK ME!!!!
    lol. My favorite cupcake flavor would have to be red velvet with cream chease frosting. YUM!!!!

  53. 52
    What a fabulous give away. I would have to say spice with cream cheese frosting. Oh so yum! My second favorite would be chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

  54. 53
    I absolutely love your blog. I have so many listed under my favorites, but I always come to yours first! Great job on posting fun and exciting new recipes! Thanks so much

  55. 54
    I love blueberry vanilla! Yum!!

  56. 55
    OMG! A cupcake blog! I knew other people shared my obssession. haha. :-)

  57. 56
    Ooh! I like I like!

    Cupcakes make the world go round :) I love reading your blog, my sister told me about it and now I have you added as one of my favorites on my blog at blogspot! Keep those great recipes comin’ girl!

  58. 57
    I love sinking my teeth into one of my Key Lime Pie cupcakes!

    Stuffed with tangy homemade lime curd and topped with fluffy torched meringue…mmm…

    Just hoping this comp is open to us in Australia!

  59. 58
    Mmmm Peanut butter chocolate..

  60. 59
    Rocky road. Omnomnomnomnomnom :P

  61. 60
    This is so nice of you! I love the classic yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting….yum!

  62. 61
    Holy smokes this is a bunch of comments!! I so hope I win!! :)

  63. 62
    Red velvet is my favorite!! Thank you for a great giveaway!!!

  64. 63
    I like to add a can of pineapple chunks to plain old white batter….delicious! Thanks for this great giveaway! And congrats on approaching 100,000 hits!

  65. 64
    i love your blog!

  66. 65
    I have loved your blog since I found it! Congrats on 100,000! Oh, and my ABSOLUTE favorite cupcake is anything with cream cheese frosting!

  67. I have loved your blog since I found it! Congrats on 100,000!

  68. 66
    Congrats I can’t believe it. I remember seeing the first post when all the JKnotties started the blogs. You went from a Microway Chef to a Cupcake Chef way to go Clara!

  69. 67
    Congrats on almost 100,000 hits!! Love your blog, I check it every day ;). A favorite cupcake is hard!! Red Velvet is always great!

  70. 68
    Wow that amount of hits is amazing – but not suprising – I keep coming back for more! Congratulations! Hx

  71. 69
    Congratulations (in anticipation)!

  72. 70
    HA-HA! You have a great sense of humor! Enjoy reading your blog!

  73. 71
    Congrats! I love your blog. I really want to try Boston cream cupcakes

  74. 72
    ok -so i’m the weird one – i love baking and esp. baking cupcakes (the filling, the decorating, the pretties – OH MY!!) but don’t really eat them (or any desserts! Buy my DH and DD would sure get a kick out of me making more with all the fun toys!!! Pick me!!!

  75. 73
    Ooh, just the supplies I’ll need to be the next cupcake hero! How fun!!!

  76. 74
    100,000 hits? That’s unbelievably cool!

    I’m obsessed with carrot cake, because I think that it’s healthy, even though I know it’s not.

  77. 75
    I would love to enter if Canadians may. I love many different kinds of cupcakes, but right now I think my favourite are spice with cream cheese frosting.

  78. 76
    Love your site. So creative!

  79. 77
    congrats on getting so far!! I’m nowhere even CLOSE to that number!! good job girl!!!! woohooo! you deserve a nice big cupcake to celebrate :) yum

  80. 78
    I love CUPCAKES!!!

  81. 79
    congrats on getting close to 100K hits! I love your blog. I guess that if I needed to pick just one favorite would be vanilla with lemon cream cheese frosting! Yum, I really need to make some more of them.

  82. 80
    grats hope to get the gveaway =D

  83. 81
    Cupcakes are GOOOD! Congrations on the 100K hits, you’re big time!

  84. 82
    pick me!

  85. 83
    Hm don’t know if I can pick one favourite cupcake flavour! :P If I had to, maybe coconut?

  86. 84
    My favorite: vanilla cupcakes with lavender!

  87. 85
    I love this site! My favorite is a dark chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream!

  88. 86
    Great site!

  89. 87
    100k? OMG! Congrats!!!

    and as always I’d love to be picked!!! :)

    favorite cuppy?? Your Snickerdoodle ones…yum!

  90. 88
    I never knew these things were called nonpareils (probabely because we call them sugarpearl in Holland…). Other meaning of nonpareil is peerless, which is a bit sad really :p.
    And favorite cupcakes are horrible to pick, they’re all very yummy.

    Congrats in advance on the 100.000!

  91. 89
    I just wanted to say that I love your website! I love anything about cupcakes:)

  92. 90
    I happened to stumble upon your site and I must say….WOW! I love cupcakes, coconut, chocolate, strawberry, you name it I love it!

  93. 91
    CB, you know I love your site and your giveaways!
    I really love the combo of peanut butter and chocolate. I will eventually make the red velvet ones. :)

  94. 92
    oooo fun. I want neat-o stuff. Good luck

  95. 93
    I once made White Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes.

  96. 94
    100,000! awesome.
    tiramisu cupcakes have always been my favourite (:
    im hungry just thinking about them. haha!

  97. 95
    That’s a LOT of visitors! :) Super cute cupcake plate, too!

  98. 96
    My favorite is carrot cake, and my hubby’s favorite is key lime. We would put your cupcake goodies to good use ;)

  99. 97
    Congrats on the hits!! Fav cupcake would be raspberry!

  100. 98
    100,000 hits?! Wow!!! And to think I was thrilled when my mommy blog hit 11K. LOL Congratulations to you!!

  101. 99
    I came across your site while searching for great cupcake ideas, and I’m definitely adding it to my bookmark list. :)

    I also really loved how you made those simple flowers out of the Rose Blossom cutters!! :D

  102. 100
    Mmm…I love cupcakes! I love your website it just got added to my bookmark list. I come across it as I was searching for ideas for my 21st birthday! Which is TOMORROW! (July 10th)

  103. 101
    Happy Birthday, CB!! My fave cupcake is chocolate, the ‘ol standby!! :)

  104. 102
    woohoo! 100k hits…. well, your ideas are pretty amazing!

  105. 103
    Love your blog! I can certainly see how you have 100k hits! Thanks for all the unique ideas!!

  106. 104
    Love your blog. So fun and inspiring.

  107. 105
    I heart cupcakes too!!!

  108. 106
    My favorite cupcake is melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cupcakes. It’s sort of crispy and flaky on top but with one bite, it crumbles tenderly and the inside is so soft it “melts in your mouth,” hence the name. The recipe uses 7 oz. of high quality chocolate and only 3 tablespoons of flour for 2 dozen cupcakes.

  109. 107
    Wow! 100,000!! And to think I was happy to reach 5000! LOL

    Congrats on the big milestone and happy baking!

  110. 108
    I’m post #110. See what I get for having to go out of town on business. And this automatic selection process takes all the fun out of bribing CB! Still love you though! :)

  111. 109
    Love your website! You have so many great ideas on here. Keep the cupcakes coming.

  112. 110
    I love your website! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

  113. 111
    Awesome giveaway! My favorite cupcake flavor is good old chocolate, with chocolate frosting, of course! :)

  114. 112
    I heart I Heart Cuppycakes!

  115. 113
    just made fantastic carrot cupcakes with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting for a 4th of july bake-off … yummy!

  116. 114
    glad you are back from vacay – now I know you are there in case i have cuppy questions.
    Favorite flavor?? um, coconut i guess. I like cocnut everything. it tastes like a vacation. (you know, kissing boys covered in suntain lotion??) wait, we’re both married. kissing days are over. heehee.
    (pick me)

  117. 115
    i’m obsessed with cuppycakes! :] pleeeeease pick me you know you want toooo! ;]]

  118. 116
    me me me! i love your site as much as i love cuppycakes! :D

  119. 117
    Be one with your cupcake!

  120. 118
    Love the site! Hope I win! P.S. My birthday was the 8th and I made my own birthday cupcakes too! Happy late birthday :)

  121. 119
    oooo, hope i still made it in time :)

  122. 120
    I love any and all cupcakes!

  123. 121
    Congrats on reaching 100k! Please pick me to win the prize!

  124. 122
    Holy comments batman!

    Since this post was written on my 1-year anniversary I’ll say happy anniversary to me. :)

    And happy belated birthday to you!

    I’d love to win cupcake goodies.

  125. 123
    Pick me! I love your website! Congrats on 100,000 hits, that’s pretty impressive!

  126. 124
    congrats & cute idea! :) i love all cupcakes, but really i am a vanilla gal ;)

  127. 125
    I just found your blog and I really enjoy it!
    Thank you!!

  128. 126
    i love cupcakes toooo!

  129. 127
    This is the coolest new site I have found in awhile!

  130. 128
    I love cupcakes!!!!

  131. 129
    Congrats on all your hits! Here’s to 100k more!

  132. 130
    I made it!! Whew! Your site crashes my blog at work missy!! It’s either the blog roll or too many pictures! Something!

    I’ve never won a giveaway! I would love to win this one!

  133. 131
    I want to win!!!


  134. 132
    Love all the cupcakes on here, wonderful blog!

  135. 133
    What a great giveaway! I don’t think I can pick one favorite cupcake, but I do really love a good vanilla cupcake.

  136. 134
    My fav cupcake is chocolate/chocolate combos. A close 2nd is Black Bottoms. Yum.

  137. 135
    My favorite cupcake is wedding cake, with cookies and cream in a close second…

  138. 136
    Wow, 100,000 is a lot! Congratulations on the achievement! I’m new to your blog, but I’m really loving it so far!

  139. 137
    New to your site and loving it! Keep up the great creative work!

  140. give aways are soooooo exciting.
    omg 100k! we’re getting closer by the day :D
    oh and i love cookie dough cupcakes!
    though i havent tried making one myself.

  141. 138
    Ooh! Cupcakes! My favorite thing to bake (and then eat)! Mmmmm….

  142. 139
    pick me!!!

  143. 140
    beautiful cuppies!! Thanks for sharing recipes :)

  144. 141
    I love your website..! Thank you so much for making me get off my bum this summer and make cupcakes..you are great motivation!

  145. 142
    WOW! I just came upon your blog…love it!

  146. 143
    UUUHHHHHHH, as my baby says when she is excited. Sounds like a good prize.

  147. 144
    Just found your blog recently. I love cupcakes, too, although I rarely make them. We had them at our wedding recently in lieu of cake. Love your site!

  148. 145
    I love your site!!!! I look at it all the time to see what’s cook’n and for great tips and fun! Thanks…you’re an inspiration ;)

  149. 146
    This blog makes me really really hungry.

  150. 147
    I am a cupcake addict and I adore your blog. I stop by at least once a day to see if you have any new posts.

    Thanks for the wonderful resource!

  151. 148
    Mmm… I love cupcakes, and your blog is wonderful!

  152. 149
    I love seeing someone else who is inventive and enjoys trying new things in the kitchen. You just do it with a lot more frequency than I can. Plus I try to limit my cupcake intake

  153. 150
    I love cupcakes♡ pick me!!!

  154. 151
    100k…awesome, just awesome!

  155. OMG WE’RE ONLY 500 AWAY.
    100K HERE WE COME!

  156. 152
    Clara, I really love your cuppies..
    I am in love with cupcakes after blog walking to some wonderful “kitchen”..

    Really hope that someday I can make my own cupcakes, have it posted in my own site/blog and hit the 100K like yours!

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  157. 153
    cheers to 100k entries .. and a fun contest.

    ps..i love chocolate coconut cupcakes.

  158. (We did it! 100,000 hits! This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for playing!)

  159. day late and a cupcake short. :(

  160. ohhh i love your website! reallie entails fun colors and such wacky comments. Anywya as to my favourite cupcake flavor. Without a doubt, Strawberry cupcakes with white chocolate chunks and white chocolate ganache. hehe…

  161. am I too late! love your site

  162. I hope I’m not too late!
    My favorite is chocolate with whipped mocha icing.

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