Fire in the hole!

July 9, 2008 at 1:42 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 8 Comments
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Don’t you just love the measuring spoons?? How cute are they?!!

I got a few things from my cupcake wish list that I’ve been drooling over for my birthday! Now what to do with them??

I think I see Creme Brulee Cupcakes in my future…

Any other blowtorch worthy cupcake suggestions?



  1. Oooh…a mini torch! It’s one of my favorite tools.

    I just used my torch today for meringue topping. You can also use it caramelize fruit, like banana slices.

    I should not be trusted with one of those torches, however. I am way too fascinated with fire.

  2. TANYA, I have to admit I am afraid of fire so I am scared to fill the fuel right now. But I LOVE creme brulee and hoping the deliciousness that I could create will outweigh the fear. HAHA. Fun idea about caramelizing fruit!

  3. ooh, ooh, use it to toast some marshmallow for a s’more cupcake. :)

  4. DANA, oh totally! I definitely need to do that!

  5. Hope you had a lovely birthday. Inspired by you, I’m enrolling on a cake decorating course starting in September. I’m so excited! It was your blue and yellow iced cupcakes that inspired me. So thank you! Mwah xxx

  6. KIM, How fun! My wilton classes were awesome and I learned so much. I know you will have a great time! Definitely write about your experience in your blog!

  7. oooooh a torch! i want one too!
    looks kinda scary to use though.
    hahaha. can’t wait till 100k hits (:

  8. KHOO, I admit I was scared to fill the fuel lodge with the butane gas but after a couple times lighting it up… I think I am a pyro now! LOL

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