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This review is long overdue. ::hangs head::

My apologies to Gary Fallowes, the creator of the Beater Blade, who graciously sent me a beater blade to test out in my kitchen. w00t!

Wanna see my Beater Blade in action?

Click image to play video

After one trial run with my Beater Blade, I retired my KitchenAid flat beater.

Even though I still scrape down the bowl (I blame my OCD tendencies) and I notice that little chunks of butter that aren’t quite at room temp (I am notorious for not waiting til its really room temp) get caught within the crevices of the beater blade, I was pleasantly surprised at the Beater Blade’s ability to mix the ingredients at the bottom of the bowl. That is one characteristic of the KA flat beater that use to frustrate me!! I know I am not alone in this either. Am I right? The Beater Blade’s design takes out that last extra scraping-the-bottom-of-the-mixing-bowl step. It saves me time to get the fun stuff – baking, decorating and… EATING!

Although one review I read mentions a squeaking sound when the Beater Blade rotates around the bowl, I think its a small price to pay for no more “batter clumping” esp if *I* never even noticed it until I read about it! Overall I think its a great product and I would recommend it to anyone with a KA mixer. Also available for Cuisinart, Viking and Delonghi mixers too!

Check out for FAQs, recipes, store locator, pricing and ordering information.

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  1. That is pretty freaking awesome! I’m sold.

  2. Hey that’s pretty sweet!

  3. Okay, I must have one of these now. This is what I’ve been waiting for a long time. Thanks for the review and the video. It helps being able to see it in action!

  4. RACHEYPOO, I spent way too much time on that video but if you are sold then it was worth it! haha.

    MARY, sweet indeed.

    TANYA, no problem! I think its worth it esp since you bake so much! I’d be interested in hearing your review after you get it, k?

  5. The music and the commentary was the best part. Fab job, I think you will have a nice long career in product testing. :)

  6. oooh i saw that online recently and thought it was fabulous….but now that my KA is broken, so sad, can’t try it …YET.

  7. That junk getting stuck in the bottom of bowl is one of the big reasons I didn’t get a KA mixer. I always hated that a pricey mixer didn’t actually mix. I don’t really think I need the scraper option with the way the Cuisinart works, but if someone were to buy me one, I would probably use it!

  8. SLUSH, thanks L! Do you think I should start printing up business cards? Mrs. Cuppycakes, cupcake product tester at your service. LOL

    MARA, aawww poor broken KA! I am so spoiled with mine. Hope you get a new one soooooon.

    ZEBE, well it does mix but the flat beater just doesn’t have the depth to reach all the way to the bottom. Now that I have the beater blade, my KA is practically perfect in every way. :)

  9. haha. i just watched your video like 3 times :) awesome! i have the side swipe, it’s been good but one of the thingys broke off of the top the other day :( (serious overuse) so now this one is on my wish list!

  10. KIM, haha. blogger after my own heart. I won’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched that video. Bummer about your sideswipe tabby things. When you get the beater blade, let me know what you think, k?

  11. Actually funny but now that I have been without KA for a while, lil ole hand mixer is filling in quite nicely. Of course I can’t make BREAD or a really good SMBC but that’s okay for now…(for now!)…!

  12. MARA, I weep for your KA-less kitchen! Maybe I should take up a Buy-Mara-A-KA fund huh? Its aint right. LOL

  13. Hey there!
    Wanted to let you in on another kitchen gadget. Ever hear of the SideSwipe? This is something i bought by girlfriend (a huge baker) as a surprise gift. You can get a glimpse of this beauty at Probably the best gift i’ve bought her. She talks briefly about it here

  14. DANIEL, I have heard of the sideswipe. I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a chance to test it out and compare with the beater blade. Wanna buy me one? ;)

  15. thanks for your sharing

  16. Have to agree with on the Beater Blade! It’s awesome. But, I really wanted to write about your tendency to use your butter before it has fully reached room temp. Well, I must be a lot more impatient than you! I nuke mine! 11 sec in my old microwave and 12 in my new one (we moved) will take a stick of butter from fridge to room temp lickety-split.

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