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Starting a new segment on IHC. I get alot of emails with questions, sweet compliments etc etc from readers and lurkers. Thought it might be helpful to post some of them for your reading pleasure. Also would love to read any comment suggestions so I can learn something new too!

Hello iheartcuppycakes!

i’ve been lurking around your blog for a few weeks now in amazement. your love of the sacred cup is obvious. i’m not “new” to baking, but have bumped up my production of baked goods recently. what i have to ask you, dear expert, is this: how do you get your cupcakes to come out with a flat top? mine, no matter how much or how little i fill the cups, come out domed. any suggestions for me? we live near the coast and could that make a difference?

Thanks for reading,

Hi Johanna!

Thanks for your sweet compliments!

Hmmm good question. I tend to underfill my cups and I think thats why mine don’t dome. I live near the beach too so I am not sure if would have anything to do with that. Are all your cupcakes coming out domed or just some? Maybe your leavening (baking powder, soda) isn’t getting distributed well? Is your oven temp accurate? I didn’t realize that my oven wasn’t calibrated right until I got an oven thermometer so I always have to pump my oven up higher than most recipes.

Let me know if any of those helped. :)

Cupcakes and Love,
Clara Cuppycakes


Do any IHC readers/lurkers have another suggestion(s) for Johanna?

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  1. Hi!
    I recently discovered your blog and wanted to comment on the question based on the baking courses I have taken. From what I know my advice would be to ensure your ingredients are all room temperature. This is most critical for the eggs. I tend to put mine in warm water to get them to room temperature quickly.

    This is based on making cakes, but I would assume it applies here as well.

  2. STEPHAN, Great suggestion! I do the “soak egg in warm water” trick too. I am much too impatient and spontaneous to wait til they get to room temperature on their own.

  3. Domed cakes can also be the result of over mixing the batter. Other than that, all of the other suggestions are spot on.

  4. TANYA, good call on the overmixing.

  5. i am an egg soaker as well. also i can do butter for 10 seconds (no more!) in the micro to help it soften more quickly, but any more than that and i don’t get the emulsion, i think too long in the micro changes the chemistry slightly.

    random note is that i LOVE domed tops and i only ever get them on chocolate. i think they are fun even though i know most cupcakers don’t like them. i wish i knew the secret. i think it’s how the cake is made (aka different from creaming butter and sugar method).

  6. I’ve got no suggestions and am therefore fairly useless here, but I just wanted to say that I like the new ask IHC bit.

  7. MARA, I am a butter nuker too!

    MARY, you’re never useless! :)

  8. hee! today i got some domed tops on red velvet…i love it.

  9. MARA, domes. w00t!

  10. I also microwave butter at times, I find that turning the power down to half and putting it in for 20-30 seconds does great a job of softening butter.

  11. everything i bake is still coming out domed. i’ll have to double check on the calibration of my oven though. it most likely has to do with over mixing because my KA stand mixer has that issue of leaving dry ingredients on the bottom and i have to stop and scrape down the bowl. i read your beater blade post and have dropped a major hint to hubby about getting me the pink one! i’ve been away from the computer as my laptop was out of commission but i’m back to lurking again…

  12. JOHANNA, ooohhh beater blade! I love mine. When you get one (I have complete faith in your husband nagging abilities ;) ) you’ll have to let me know what you think! Come out of lurkdom anytime! :)

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