Where’s Waldo’s Cupcake?

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Every summer I wait, giddy as a school girl, for the fair to come to town.

Whenever I think of the fair I get a mental picture of a colorful scene from a Where’s Waldo book. I know. I am weird. Do you guys remember those books? I was obsessed with finding Waldo every time we took my little brother to his doctor’s appointments. Our family doctor always had every Where’s Waldo book in the waiting room.

::reminiscing about that tall guy in the candy cane striped shirt, matching ski hat and blue pants::

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Can you find Waldo?

Now everyone’s probably heard of the fried snickers, fried twinkles, fried oreos phenomenon (FYI fried snickers are awesome!) that’s been part of fair history for the last couple years but this year I was given an inside scoop that there would be… wait for it…


No joke!

I got proof.

I must have asked every information booth, walked around the fair in circles before I found them. It took me about an hour to find the little Spud Shack that also sold the famous fried cupcakes. (Ok… maybe they are only famous to me. LOL) Did you say Spud Shack? Yes. Spud Shack. Talk about a hodge podge of a menu. They sold mostly fried potatoes with many different fixings but their dessert menu included fried chocolate dogs (Don’t ask me if it was a hot dog covered in chocolate and fried. I really didn’t wanna know!) and fried cupcakes.

What did I think of the fried cupcake? It was gooooooooooood!

It reminded me of a soft churro but not quite as crispy on the outside with frosting and sprinkles. T wasn’t a fan though. I admit after you get over the initial ooze of oil that gushes out when you bite into it, its very yummy! (Can you feel your arteries clogging while reading?)

Hmmm… my MIL has a deep fryer. Maybe I’ll have to try to bake up my own fried cupcake! I bet a fried red velvet would change my husband’s lackluster tune. ;)



  1. OMG sick. LOL We have a Fall Festival in our town every fall and it is nothing but fried food booths. Fried everything. Twinkies, oreos, pickles, cheesecake, snickers, corn on the cob, etc. but I’ve never heard of a fried cupcake. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to stand it though. HA! I can see you adoring it though.

  2. Oh jeez, I think my heart just had a mini heart attack just reading this post!! I’m definetely going to keep my eyes open for them at the Oklahoma State fair in the fall though. lol! P.S you are mighty close to 100,000!!

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  4. I have made fried oreos, and we even fried mini reese’s cups. Loved them both! so, I am fairly certain that I would love the cupcake.

  5. WOW… i think that would hurt my belly… hahahahaha glad you enjoyed it! man they fry everything now don’t they :D

  6. that’s really interesting – fried cupcakes…they’re not big into frying stuff here so i’ve never tried fried oreos, fried snickers and the like…i think i’m being deprived…it sounds pretty amazing!

  7. Three words: deep fried=heaven. My friends always laugh about how obsessed I am with desserts and all things unhealthy.

    I just have to say that I found your blog about 2 weeks ago and I’m addicted. I LOVE that you post recipes and step-by-step tutorials for all of your cupcakes. I have been clicking one at a time through your Cupcake Blogroll and have found some beautiful cupcake creations :), but some of them seem so inaccessible. Your approach to cupcake bloggery is my favourite: so funny and creative! Great workk and happy cupcake baking/decorating/eating/loving! Thanks for adding a little fun to my day.

  8. i found waldo! and waldette?? fried cupcakes… hmmm. i think they’d be pretty good. i had fried twinkies and fried oreos last year and i liked those.

  9. They’ll fry anything nowadays, won’t they. This is why I won’t allow a deep fryer in the apartment–my husband would try frying everything!

  10. That’s madness! They don’t really fry much over here in the uk. When we have festivals it’s all about fresh vegetables, cheeses and chutneys! Oh and scothc eggs…Mmmm.

    Some advice please… tonight I am experimenting with some coconut white chocolate cupcakes for my sister. I have some coconut cream and was wondering if you think I could make ganache with coconut cream instead if double cream?

    Thanks! Kim x

  11. OMG i can imagine how it tastes like already!
    i kinda thought of donuts at first.
    haha and its 100k hits!
    congrats (:

  12. OMG…wow. I’d SO try that! Our festival is in town next week…but no one brings cool stuff like that…the most fried dessert we get at our po-dunk place is a funnel cake (not that I won’t eat one). Fried cupcakes? That’s ah-mazing!!

  13. Those sound yummy. I am a huge fan of fried oreos. We don’t have many fairs/carnivals around here. I am not a big fan of those anyway. But these cupcakes sound lovely. Love cupcakes and fried foods. I have a question are the cupcakes fried with the icing, or is that put on after the frying?

  14. MRSABYBABY, Apparently I need to come visit you during the Fall Festival! haha.

    NINA, oohhh yeah. If you see them in Okie fair you have to try and tell me what you think!

    APRIL, I am fairly certain this is why we’re friends. ;)

    STEPH, I won’t lie. I did have a tummy ache when I got home. But that could have been a combination of all the fried goodness that I ate. Maybe fried cupcakes don’t get along with onion rings. Oops.

    AIRYFAIRY, You are way deprived. Then again this may be why obseity is on the rise in US, no? I try not to eat too many fried foods on a regular basis so I gorge when the fair comes once a year.

    LILTEA, thanks for your sweet compliments! Please drop me a comment anytime!

    KAREN, waldette? I think someone OD on fried cupcakes. LOL.

  15. TANYA, ditto but replace your husband with me. I’d fried anything! Not because I’d eat anything, I think I’d just have too much fun frying stuff.

    KIM, We have vegetables too but they are fried. haha. As for the coconut milk. I think it would be possible. The heavy cream melts the chocolate and makes its a little thick but you don’t have to whip it or anything. Not sure how the coconut flavor would change the taste since I’ve never tried it. Let me know if it works for you, k?

    KHOO, I’d agree. An oily donut. But for some reason churro was my first thought. w00t 100K. I already ended the contest. Gonna spend my weekend reading comments and randomly picking a winner! Stay tuned.

    SUZY, omg. I LOVE funnel cake with whipped cream, strawberries and powdered sugar. The works! Thats good stuff! At least po-dunk fair has that right. It wouldn’t be a fair without funnel cake IMO.

    LAURIE, The “cake” part is fried and the frosting is added after. I can’t explain it but if you can imagine eating a less crispy churro with frosting. Oh yeah… it was goooooood.

  16. Urp…my body just doesn’t process fried stuff like it used to in it’s 20’s…I think I’d be burping it the rest of the day :{
    So you youngsters, enjoy!!

  17. AMBROSIA, haha. My body doesn’t really either. I am just a glutton for punishment. ;)

  18. That sounds amazing!!! Where is this fair? I am on a mission to try these fried goodness!!

  19. YVETTE, Its the OC fair! Do you live in Socal? Click here for website.

  20. Hah! I’ve been thinking about making a fried cupcake for the longest time. I’ve never seen one though. Very cool. Thanks for posting.

  21. Hah! I’ve been thinking about making a fried cupcake for the longest time. I’ve never seen one though. Very cool. Thanks for posting!

  22. STEFANI, oooohhh you must make one! My friend was telling me that the cupcake shouldn’t have soaked up so much of the oil so the oil probably wasn’t hot enough. She could be right. I was assuming that it would be crunchy like a churro or some kind of crusty layer. *shrugs No matter. It was still quite tasty!

  23. Yes I live in Socal.. woohoo!
    I will have to make it down to the OC fair. You have just convinced me!
    And I would love to hear how you make a fried cupcake.. would it be already baked and then fried? weird- but somehow AMAZING!!!!

  24. YVETTE, sweet! You’ll have to go check it out! I assume that its baked like a regular cupcake and then dunked in a fryer. After it cools for a little bit they probably add the frosting so its not too hot that it melts the frosting. Let me know what you think!

  25. We just got a deep fryer a couple of weeks ago. Fried Cupcakes will have to go on my list of things to fry. Yum!

  26. KRISTEN, oohhhh jealous! I don’t have a fryer or I’d wanna try to recreate one too. Let me know how it goes when you try it!

  27. I never heard about fried cupcakes, they’d be yummy!!!

  28. ADY, I was a little skeptical but they were surprisingly very yummy!

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