100K Cuppycakes Winner!

July 21, 2008 at 7:45 PM | Posted in cupcakes, giveaway | 14 Comments

Can I just start by saying that I am totally overwhelmed by the response?

I thought maybe I’d get like 40-50 comments tops! But I got over 150! HOT DOG! Either you all love my blog or you’re cupcake goodie grubbing hyenas. I’ll believe the former even though its probably the latter. No matter. Being a CW, I’ll take it any way I can get it. LOL

I know you are all dying to see who won but first I wanted to take a little time and answer some questions/comments that you all left. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and appreciate all the wonderful sentiments about IHC.

@CharleyJo – Love that song! Have you seen the youtube video? *giggle*
@Teresa – I asked Nikki where she got the blue erasable message plate and she said she found it at the Macy’s after Christmas sale. She wasn’t sure if it was a regular product but definitely check it out during or after Christmas!
@Kelli – I tried to give you an edge with random.org by telling it that you love my blog and you’ve been having withdrawals being gone 10 days. Unfortunately I am not sure it did much. Darn computers have no feelings.
@RainbowBrown – Its too bad your cat’s name wasn’t Cupcake b/c I bet you would have won. Just saying…
@Shelberry and MelissaF – We had wedding cupcakes too! Everyone loved them b/c they got individual servings. Ironically I wasn’t that into cupcakes until after the wedding. Go figure!
@Jennifer and Judee – Funfetti rocks! Enough said.
@Eddie – Are *YOU* one with your cupcake young jedi? HAHA.
@Natalie – It crashes your comp? BUMMER. Been thinking of moving my blogroll to a tab. Maybe that will help?
@Khoo – You are too cute with your comments!
@Jared – Should I put a warning on my blog? “Do not attempt to read on an empty stomach.” LOL
@Megan and Sihan – bummer you were a cupcake short on entering but I appreciate your comments! Don’t worry! There is sure to be a next time.

Now on to the good stuff!

I use Random.org to choose the winner. I went through all the comments, numbered them, skipping the duplicates to be fair. (Note to WP: Can I get a numbered comment on this layout please!) You can see the generator for this giveaway here and here.

… and the winner is!!

Congratulations Kristen @ I’mRightAboutEverything! Your blog name cracks me up! Apparently random.org agreed with you! So I am sending those cupcake goodies your way as you commanded! Please email me your name and address and I’ll pop those in the mail for you ASAP.

To all the “losers” (I mean that in the nicest way of course.) Never fear. There are other cuppycake giveaways certain to be in IHC’s future! Maybe 150K giveaway?

Thank you to everyone that entered! Cupcakes and Love to all.



  1. so typical of you to hold all of us in suspense!
    like all your teasers :(
    i don’t like your teasers! hahaha!
    was fun taking part :D
    just wondering.. i if i actually won..
    would you send all those allllll the way to me?
    i live in singapore btw. haha!

  2. KHOO, what do you mean? You LOVE my teasers! ;) Well since I didn’t make any stipulations about “only USA shipping” I am sure I would have shipped them but next time I’ll probably have to remember that since shipping international does get expensive. Unless I win the lottery that is! HAHA

  3. Can I be both a cupcake goodie grubbing hyena AND love your blog?

  4. MARY, haha. but of course. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you ;)

  5. I’m supposed to win every time damn you

  6. NIKKI, *ahem* you said you didn’t wanna take part this time. Not my fault clearly.

  7. Well I love reading about all your cupcake adventures!! So much fun :)

    PS I tagged you… sorry ;) you can totally ignore me if you want hehe

  8. STEPH, tag! fun! I’ll get on that ASAP.

  9. sooo basically you’re saying I need to comment another 50k then? Ok..I’ll get right on that! ha!

  10. SUZY, haha. I am gonna hold you to that!

  11. congrats to you on your 100k and the winner! if you haven’t seen the cuteness that is found in this link then HERE, otherwise aren’t they PRECIOUS?


  12. LALALA, omg love them! Thanks for sharing. I might have to pop those babies on ATC. Thanks for the linky!

  13. Congrats to the winner! Great giveaway!

    I have also given you an award for both of your blogs!

  14. APRIL, ooohhh awards! I love awards! Thanks for thinking of me ♥

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