What time is it?

July 24, 2008 at 9:01 AM | Posted in non-cupcake, teaser | 12 Comments


::avoiding sharp objects being thrown at me::

Now I really got you all curious, right?

::evil laugh::

Stay tuned.

CB out.



  1. not sure…but I’m sure they’ll be lovely. :) Very pretty little tags!

  2. clara…i apologize greatly, but i have just tagged you for a new MeMe. Pweez? It’ only because I find you so darn interesting!!

  3. Ha! You think that’s a teaser. Wait till you see what I’ve done with zucchini. Now that’s a teaser. :) I’m sure your husband and wife cupcakes are pretty neat though.

  4. SUZY, thanky! Sometimes I get a creative bug. We’ll see if it come out as good as in my head. haha.

    SUSAN, no problemo! I love memes. I’ll get on that ASAP. Mind if I do it on my other blog? That way I can combine them all into one meme free for all.

    MARY, zucchini huh?? I am VERY intrigued. Details??

  5. Oh come now, do you really think you have me fooled. I know what the date is, and I see the words, so I have a pretty good guess. Now I could be wrong, but it has to start with A…

  6. damn youuuuuuuuuuuu ):
    hurry up already!

  7. ZEBE, no fair! You are privi to info that gives you an unfair advantage! haha.

    KHOO, I knew you’d love it. ;)

  8. Hehe, I agree with Zebe, I bet I have a “pretty good idea” but I look forward to seeing it!

  9. JULIE, zip it!! haha

  10. :D

  11. MARA, at least someone likes my teasers… assuming the smilie face isn’t b/c you plan to kill me in my sleep later.

  12. *folds arms and taps foot*

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