The T word

August 9, 2008 at 7:16 PM | Posted in cupcakes, teaser | 21 Comments

What does jalapenos, an ice cream scoop, lime and cocoa have in common?

You’ll have to wait and see…

(Hint: Look at my side menu bar for a clue.)

You wanna hurt me right now don’t ya? HAHA



  1. Oh crap. It’s your Cupcake Hero entry isn’t it. You’re about to open a can of whoopass on me aren’t you?

  2. MARY, Whoopass? LOL. I rather say I am inspired by your entry. ;)

  3. Hm. I wonder what you could be up to?

  4. RACHEYPOO, ::looking innocent::

  5. cupcake hero!!! that looks like a really out-of-this-world combo! must be something good. *rubs palms together*

  6. cup. cake. hero.
    be sure i’m hating you more and more for every teaser you post up ):
    hahaha. can’t wait!

  7. SIHAN, haha. Its definitely out of this world but hopefully my taste testers of this world will approve ;)

    KHOO, you totally love me :)

  8. I am pretty sure you are going to blow my entry out of the water. I am ready for it. So bring it.

    P.s. how far in advance can I make fondant flowers? Do I store them in an air tight container once they have dried overnight or no? I need some pointers. I don’t want to make them too early. Help. :)

  9. JANNA, Now don’t give me a big head (yet). I have been outdone by better cupcake-ers than me. I’ll have bragging rights after I win something first. haha. As for your fondant question. You can make your fondant flowers a week in advance. I would let them set overnight and then store them in an airtight container at room temp. I wouldn’t recommend putting them in the frig b/c they could sweat and go soft. You could line the airtight container with parchment or wax paper to keep moisture out. Just my personal fondant experience though. Nothing professionally trained about it. LOL. Hope that helps!

  10. i make my fondant flowers weeks in advance. no one actually eats those gross things anyway right?

    cupcake hero tease…i am still thinking about mine. i am not a jalapeno fan to begin with, much less in sweet form. yak.

  11. MARA, some of my friends love fondant. I am not a huge fan but I’ll eat it in small quantities. To be honest. When I heard jalapeno for CH I was kinda stumped but I think thats why I love participating in foodie events. They inspire me to do things I never would have thought of :)

  12. it’s your Cupcake hero entry! and I think you read my mind! Hrm…now I’ll have to plot another jalapeno angle!

  13. i am still not inspired on jalapeno yet. i have a bunch of cupcake orders in the next few weeks so maybe something will hit me. if not…i might have to *gulp* skip?!?!?!

  14. Whatever it is (I have an inkling?) I am exceedingly…appetized.

  15. SUZY, haha. GMTA huh? Do your idea anyways. Who cares!

    MARA, no biggie if you skip. Less competition for me! LOL. But seriously I hope you get inspired soon. I bet you’ll come up with something cupcake-tastic!

    CAKESPY, I won’t let you down!

  16. OMG!! scratch my chocolate jalapeno idea for cupcake hero LOL..good thing I had a back up plan!!

  17. TINA, Don’t scratch! Just do it! I have yet to win CH so don’t give me too much credit (yet)!

  18. i noticed some people have posted theirs already…people are getting really creative!

  19. MARA, I know! I might have to rethink my strategy now! ::putting my game face on::

  20. share with us already…

  21. DECORATEDCOOKIES, haha. Soon. Very very soon.

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