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Sometimes inspiration isn’t subtle.

Sometimes it hits you smack in the face.

Last week I went shopping at one of my favorite stores, Old Navy, at my local mall. I strolled down the aisles, craning my neck every which way to check out all the different shoes, purses, swimsuits, belts, PJs, tank tops etc when I came across this graphic tee:

(photo credit: OkRockSteady)

… and all the sudden my brain started storming my next cupcake. I decided to bake up a play on words from a “better than sex” cake recipe for my Hankie Pankie cupcakes. I found a semi-homemade version online but I definitely have plans to make it scratch next time. (Please, don’t disown me cake mix haters!) I just know they’ll be a hit at T’s department meeting tomorrow. I just wish I could be there to see his face when he has to say the words “hankie pankie” to his coworkers! LOL

PS. You know I totally bought the tshirt!

(Recipe adapted from allrecipes.com | photos from me!)

Makes 24 cupcakes


1 (18.25 ounce) package devil’s food cake mix
1/2 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
6 ounces caramel ice cream topping
3 (1.4 ounce) bars chocolate covered toffee, chopped (I used Heath toffee bits)
1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed (I made homemade, recipe below)


Bake cake according to package directions for 24 cupcakes. Cool on wire rack for 5 minutes.

Make slits across the top of the cake, making sure not to go through to the bottom.

[NOTES: I used a skewer and poked holes through the top of each cupcake.]

In a saucepan over low heat, combine sweetened condensed milk and caramel topping, stirring until smooth and blended. Slowly spoon the warm topping mixture over the top of each cupcake, letting it sink into the slits; then sprinkle the crushed chocolate toffee bars liberally across the entire cake while still warm.

[NOTES: I combined the condensed milk and caramel topping in a small bowl and nuked it in the microwave for about 30 secs instead. Saucepan is probably better but I got lazy. haha]

Let cake cool completely, then top with whipped topping. Decorate the top of the cake with swirls of caramel topping.


Husband rating: A+
He’s not really a caramel person but he raved between bites.

Wifey rating: A+
Its not called better than sex cake for nothing. Enough said. LOL

Updated 8/27:
Other rating: A+
T’s CWs loved the cupcake. He said it was really funny b/c one of his department heads was talking to them and took a bite of the cupcake in the middle of his speech and all the sudden exclaimed “Oh My God! What’s in this cupcake? The ooozy stuff. Its good!”

Whipped Cream recipe after cut.

Homemade Whipped Cream


3 cups whipping cream
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 tbsp granulated sugar


In mixer with whisk attachment, whip the cream, vanilla extract and sugar on high speed until thick.



  1. Yummmm. Today must be the day for recipes that call for lonely ingredients in my pantry. I can’t wait to try this and use up my stash of chocolate covered toffee bits. Lovely photos – thanks for the prep ones too. So looking forward to making these.

  2. I wish I had some reason to make cupcakes! These look so delicious that I know that I would eat every last one of them if I didn’t have somewhere else to take them. I really wish I could lick my screen and taste them.

  3. So.. What would it be?
    Better than sex cupcakes or sex? Hahaha!
    Kidding. Anyway Clara!
    I really wanna start my own blog soon.
    But i’m stuck about what blog name! ):
    I’ll try to get it by this week.
    Then you guys can see my amateur cupcakes.

  4. That shirt is great…too funny! Even with box mix your cuppies look fabulous. So yummy looking.

  5. LISA, Don’t you love that? I admit I am a lazy baker and if I have all the ingredients at home thats a win-win baking situation!

    MARY, Why do you think I waited to make them for T’s meeting? HAHA.

    KHOO, toughie question! I’d probably go cupcakes. HAHA.

    PATTY, That shirt cracks me up too. I don’t knock cake mix. I prefer scratch but cake mix will always have a place in my heart.

  6. They look amazing! I am so digging the shirt. I may have to go into ON and look for one. Too freaking cute.

  7. LURVE the t-shirt and the cuppys!!

  8. SLUSH, Isn’t the shirt freaking adorable? I knew when I saw it I had to have it. They had a frillion XS, 3 XLs and 1L at my ON. Seriously who wears XS??

    KRMWV, Thanky! Now I am wishing I had kept one of the cupcakes at home. I am really craving it now! haha.

  9. That cake is awesome! Of course growing up in my uber conservitive culture, we called it BTS cupcakes and SKOR cake. Haha
    And then as we got older, it was the running joke to ask which was better…I’m so immature.

  10. NATALIE, I have no idea what BTS stands for? Skor (score) cake is HILARIOUS! btw maturity is way over-rated. LOL

  11. Those look absolutely great, will have to try them next. BTS would have to stand for “better than sex”???? for those who are conservative I think??? whatever wotks those definetely look better than sex!

    great job!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe’s, love you site.


  12. BARBARA, I am such a dork! ::smacks forehead:: Thanks for clarifying for me. Glad you enjoy my blog. Visit me anytime!

  13. great job on the cupcakes! We always called it Heath Bar cake…but it’s all the same! One of my favorites!!
    I LOVE that t-shirt..I might have to scoot over to Old Navy and get one!!!

  14. SUZY, ah heath bar cake. Thats a good G-rated name. HAHA. Definitely go get your own hankie pankie shirt. I love mine.

  15. CB — you, the queen of acronyms from the nest??

    BTS = better than sex.

    Because, see I was young and I couldn’t say the S word.

    Sigh…my comedy was lost on that one!

    (SKOR was for the candy bars, which also work well in the cake)

  16. NATALIE, I know right!?! It was so obvious that I never saw it coming. HAHA. I got the skor=candy bar reference but I also thought it was meant in a sexual verb “to score” which makes it funnier but if that was not your intention I guess you can see how R-rated my brain works! ;)

  17. oh my gosh! i’ve made BTS cupcakes too! but it was the vanilla kind. from how to eat a cupcake! http://howtoeatacupcake.net/2007/08/better-than-sex-cupcakes-part-deux.html
    anyways, im a newbie and i love your blog. hope we become friends! :]

  18. SUSAN, ooohhh I’ll have to try HTEAC’s version sometime soon. Sounds delish! Thanks for stopping by! Come back anytime :)

  19. These look fantastic. I actually make even make these this weekend. I do have one question though! I assume that the whipped cream topping wouldn’t keep it’s same shape over days (usually whip cream deflates) and if that’s so, then do you think using a buttercream frosting would just be fine instead. What would complement it the best? D:

  20. REBECCA, Good question! I usually freeze my cupcakes post frosting esp with whipped cream to keep their shape. I let them defrost for an hour or so before serving. I am sure a buttercream would work too. I decided to go whipped cream b/c the cake+caramel is very sweet (to me) already. Let me know what you think!

  21. Yum! I just made these this morning for my husband’s co-workers birthday. Thank you for posting this because it was perfect and not to mention very tasty!

  22. Oh, duh! Why didn’t I think about freezing them. I’m for sure going to make this for my new suite mates though. I’ll leave a comment later about how they turned out~


  24. MELISSA, So glad you, your hubs and CWs liked it! Its a pretty fabulous cupcake. I love chocolate and caramel.

    REBECCA, Yup freeze them. I learned that from other cupcakers. It actually keeps it moist. Let it thaw before serving and its fabulous!

    ALANNA, my sentiments exactly! haha

  25. OMG, those look SO good!

    Hey, I gotta get one of those shirts!!!! ROFL!! Too freaking funny!!!

  26. ASHLEY, Don’t you love the tshirt? It cracks me up!

  27. these cupcakes sound (and look!) absolutely delicious. yummy!

  28. MEGAN, thank you! I think this cupcake is definitely on my list of favorites.

  29. Came here from Adoptic- oh my word do those cupcakes look GOOD! Where do you get the cupcake cups? They look much more sturdy than regular cupcake paper liners.

  30. ELIZABETH, Adoptic. Very cool! They are called party nut cups or souffle cups depending on where you buy them. I buy mine at Smart&Final, $5/250. I like that they are more rigid than regular cupcakes liners so I can bake more than 12 at a time since I do not need a cupcake/muffin pan to hold them in place. HTH!

  31. I have made this in cake form. However I didnn’t use the cool whip but am trying that tonight for my 17 yr old daughters b-day with her freinds.
    I also use the heath chips from the store already crumbled, but I don’t use the chocolate covered ones, I use the plain ones. I also use these for a carmel pie I make.
    These things are the best you will ever have, if they taste anything like the cake!!!!! :)

  32. SHAY, Awesome review! So glad you enjoyed the recipe. Happy birthday to your daughter! :)

  33. […] came across a very delicious looking recipe from I heart cuppycakes and thought they sounded just a little too yum to pass […]

  34. I just made these for my mums bday! So yummy!!

  35. ENCHANTRESS, Glad you and your mum enjoyed the cupcakes! Thanks for letting me know :)

  36. Wow, just heard about better than sex cake and my first thought was CUPCAKES! and I found this on your website. I think this might be my new favourite! Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. JENNY, aawww thanks for the sweet compliments!

  38. hey! I’m going to make these for my going away party on wednesday. I had a similar concern about the whipped cream deflating. I was just wondering how long you freeze them for and how long do they take to defrost? I was planning on making them wednesday morning and the party starts at 10pm.

    btw your blog is awesome!

  39. LL, I’d say you can freeze them for a couple hours or even overnight. Depending on how long you freeze them will determine how long to defrost. Maybe a 1 hour+ to defrost at room temperature. Happy going away party!

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