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September 11, 2008 at 4:17 PM | Posted in Cupcake Question of the Day, cupcakes | 17 Comments

Is Sprinkles bullying copycat cupcakeries? (Read more about it here and here.)

A. Yes
B. No
C. It doesn’t matter. Cupcakes are so last year.


I vote Yes.

Sprinkles cupcakes (L) and Famous Cupcakes (R)

Don’t get me wrong. I like Sprinkles. I got a Sprinkles tshirt for my birthday and I get all happy whenever I wear it. (Thanks L!)

But I would have more sympathy if Famous Cupcakes specifically copied the “modern dot” which to me is Sprinkles’ signature. Rather Famous Cupcakes uses different shapes for different occasions. Are you telling me that Sprinkles has copyrights on any small fondant decor centered in the middle of a cupcake? What happened to friendly competition? Coke and Pepsi have practically the same soda formula (Pepsi has citric acid) but they coexist. (I prefer Coke but I have no idea why?)

I think someone is a little sue happy, no?

PS. If anyone answers “C”, your kind is not welcome here. Peace out. LOL



  1. The correct answer is A. They weren’t the first cupcake bakery and they won’t be the last.

  2. I second that comment.

  3. A! Sprinkles is ridiculous trying to bully around other bakeries. Last I heard they tried getting a place called “Sprinkled Pink” to change their name. They seem to think they invented the word “sprinkle” and all of their variations. Oh, and no one else can put a cute little decoration on top of their cupcake. That kind of stuff makes me mad, because it’s only cupcakes!

  4. I vote “YES” too, and cupcakes will never be “so last year”!

  5. A and C :P

    I hate sprinkles though. Their mixes are $14 and taste like ass. They’re only famous because stupid people don’t know any better. They think they’re too cool for school and can dictate what everyone else does. Sorry Sprinkles, you were not the first to put a cutesie something on your cupcakes and you won’t be the last

  6. A

    Besides, their cupcakes aren’t even that great. They are just cute.

  7. I’ve never had a Sprinkles cupcake, but seriously I think that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of. I never realised that a fondant circle could be owned by someone. To be honest I think their do is so last year!

  8. I would have to say YES! it is just a dot people!

  9. I vote A! They hardly invented the idea of putting a decoration on top of a cupcake. IF people were using the same dot idea I could see it, but other shapes? Come on.

  10. People are trademarking dots now? I mean, if someone was using their exact name and logo or a VERY STRIKING copy, then I could see a case… but to own a trademark for a dot? What’s next, you can’t say cupcake either?

    Oy… ridiculous!

  11. um A. In fact, I would like to make a cupcake covered in those dots. Now that would be cute. :)

  12. MARY, bahahaha. Do it. If you get sued I’ll have your back.

  13. Definitely being bullies!! I hate that one of the articles said that Sprinkles has spawned imitators. Do they not realize that other people may happen to have the same passion for something that the owners of Sprinkles also have? An insane obession with making delicious cupcakes! I have the same passion, and I want to own a cupcake-centered bakery one day. But that in no way means I am imitating Sprinkles.

    Right ??

  14. A, for sure. If Famous Cupcakes is guilty of copying Sprinkles, then I am sure I am too as we all are at some point (it’s a circle for Pete’s sake). See my latest post. I used butterscotch, but could they sue me because I used a circle? Seriously. Get some big girl pants and deal with it Sprinkles. I don’t like your cupcakes anyway!

  15. Cupcakes are never “last year”

  16. boo…’sue happy’ is right. give me a break. I think we are all guilty of copying one another (or other people, trends, etc). Sprinkles needs to go back to preschool and learn to share!

  17. I just read this and couldn’t believe – I agree, they’re sue happy!

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