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Hi CB!

I’m impressed with your goodies. I’m a home baker currently in love with cuppycakes too!

I’m just wondering if you DOUBLE everything in this recipe to get 24 or triple the ingredients to get 36 cupcakes. Would the double amount of leavening affect the cupcakes? I would be making these for my mom’s birthday as she and her friends are chocoholics.

I read somewhere that the flour, sugar, cocoa and liquids could be doubled, but leaveners shouldn’t be when making a double recipe. Your thoughts, please?

Thank you!

Hi Abigail!

Always glad to meet another cuppycakes lover :)

Hmmm… interesting question. To be honest I am not sure. I am not a professional baker either but when I double a cupcake recipe I double all the ingredients. If I find that the cupcake tastes kinda chalky or heavy I’d probably reduce the baking soda a little the next time I make it but for the most part I double everything equally.

I did a quick google search and found these helpful links.

eG Forums
Real Baking with Rose –> scroll down midway

Cupcakes and Love,
Clara Cuppycakes


Do any IHC readers/lurkers have another suggestion(s) for Abigail?

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  1. When doubling a recipe, I’ve always adjusted ALL of my ingredients proportionately. It has never been a problem. As I understand it though, when dealing with large scale production, you do need to slightly adjust your measurements, especially if you’re making a large cake. The link from CB from the Cake Bible site is really useful. Rose Levy Berenbaum is my cake hero.

    If you are just doubling a recipe, don’t mess around with measurements. What you want to make real sure of is that you thoroughly mix all of your ingredients, which might be harder to do with larger quantities.

  2. I double everything when I double a recipe. Just like when I 1/2 a recipe, I 1/2 everything. So far so good!

  3. Ditto Suze for doubling everything or halving all ingredients. Seems to work over here as well!

  4. Baking is often about ratios. If you throw off the ratio of leavener to bulk, then it won’t raise correctly. I always double everything so that the ratios stay the same. Otherwise, it would be like making a single batch but cutting the leavener in half…which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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