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Have any of you heard of this event?

DMBLGIT is a monthly food photography event that I’ve seen pop up in some of my favorite blogs. It makes me envious every time I seen the winner badge prominently displayed. Other than its a purdy color (I love bright colors!) it means something amazing in the food photography blogosphere. I’ve only submitted once, didn’t win, felt inadequate and vowed to start “staging” my food better so I can be up to snuff with the talented food pornographers out there.

I don’t have a fancy DSLR camera and my photoshop skills are nil but this month, fellow TWD baker, Shari of Whisk: a food blog (She’s totally one of my idols!), is judging. Maybe if I throw some $$$$ her way I’ll get some extra points. (I emailed her my proposition but haven’t gotten a reply yet. LOL)

The deal is you can only submit one picture that was posted in your blog in the month of August. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 of my favorites. Now I need my loyal readers to help me break the tie. Leave a comment and tell me why. (My poetry skills are off the hook today! I wasn’t even trying…)

1. “Hot” Chocolate Cupcakes
Votes: ||||/||||/||||/||||/||||/

2. Hankie Pankie Cupcakes
Votes: ||||/|

So get your vote on… and GO!

Why are you still reading? Don’t you realize how important this is? I need to pick a freaking picture. It’s due September 30th. I am running out of time. You’re not helping by continuing to read. sigh… Well I guess if you’re sticking around…

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Whats updog?
Not much. Just chillaxing…


::holding sides from laughter pains::

That was a good one huh?

Ok now go vote!



  1. Oh, Number ONE all the way!!!

  2. I think the “Hot” Chocolate Cupcake picture looks the best. It looks more professional. Good Luck!

  3. I vote number two – I’m a sucker for dessert sauce drizzles on plates though… And the dessert takes up most of the frame, rather than a mug.

  4. I vote for picture number 1, Hot chocolate Cupcakes. While both are beautiful, the two little sprinkles on the front of the second pic are rather unsettling to me.

  5. I’ve never submitted to that one because I don’t think my pic’s are up to snuff.

    Anyway, while I love both of your cuppycake pictures… I think the hot chocolate one is the best of the 2 – it really tells me what to expect if I were to make that recipe… the flavors of hot chocolate, but in cupcake form. Know what I mean?

  6. Number one. The depth of the photo and the highlight in the background of the left edge of the cup/gradient-ing to darkest in lower corner make it really interesting. Reading the above, I agree about Geri’s comment re: the 2 nuts that stick out of photo 2. that’s where my eye first went, rather than the icing or overall shot.

  7. i vote hot chocolate :) it is really creative and surprising. the composition is good, draws your eye to the cupcake. in the second one, the black triangle in the bottom right is a bit distracting.

  8. I like the Hot Chocolate Cupcakes pic the best (#1). To be honest…the paper on the caramel sauce ruins it for me in the second photo…I like the food to touch other food. The marshmallows and the chocolate dusting under the cup work well, though. I like it. It presents well and makes it look like you really believe in how good that cupcake is. It makes me want to eat it!

  9. I like the Hankie Pankie cupcake picture. Yum!

  10. I vote for the first one. I just love the angle and the dusting of cocoa. Perfect!

  11. Definitely number one! Good luck!

  12. Hankie Pankie cupcake- plus I tried the recipe and OMG it was delicious…..LOL


  13. I vote for the hot chocolate one.

  14. definitely the hot chocolate cupcake!

  15. Num 2, it’s more dynamic, the top one looks like you placed it on the table and then stood at your normal height looking down at it and took the shot. (which isn’t a bad thing but not as interesting or exciting) I think changing your vantage point and cropping in really helps the feel of the shot… I dated a photographer for awhile and helped with set ups of food photo shots… I need to set up a photo area in my new apartment so I can actually use some of my knowledge instead of just quickly taking a shot haha :) Too bad I didn’t have my blog already when I was dating him! I would have so many awesome shots!! hehehe

  16. hot chocolate. :)

  17. I like the hot chocolate one, but I don’t have any real good reason. :)

    And great joke. :D

  18. hot chocolate for sure

  19. Hot Chocolate, it’s a lot more sleek and stylish. The other one is great, but it could be found in any cookbook. The first one shows off more of who you are, somebody who loves cupcakes as more than just a snack.

    (and what knock knock jokes say what instead of who?)

  20. Hot Chocolate

    To follow up on LT here is how a knock knock joke is SUPPOSED to go

    Knock knock

    Who’s there

    (insert name)

    Blank who? <- you totally F’d that one up :P

    (Insert punchline)

  21. Seriouslly, who messes up a knock knock joke? It’s California ain’t it, they teach y’all all screwy over there. They’ve decided the traditional knock knock joke is no longer diverse and tolerant enough to include all types of punchlines and punchline equivalents.

  22. I vote Hot chocolate!

  23. Awwww, you’re so cute. You have taken really good pics, hon. I know ppl who own fancy schmancy cameras and they don’t even know how to use it! ANYWAY, my Wilton Class was a joke: (1) rushed after work (always late) (2) had to buy and bring all supplies . . painful. I ended up spending a lot of money on things I didn’t actually need. Oh well. Live and learn. You rock. Keep the cupcake dream alive. You have my vote.

  24. I like the Hot Chocolate, btw.

  25. Hot chocolate all the way. Good luck!

  26. I choose hot chocolate!
    It’s unique and original. Good luck!

    By the way, I don’t know how to use photoshop either. I edited all my food photos with Picasa from Google.

  27. heee i am the black sheep loving the 2nd one…i choose based on what i’d be more likely to grab and the 2nd.

  28. Fo sho the hot chocolate pic… Why? Because while the other looks super good (and coinsidently, I made those a few weeks ago for DH’s office, so I know they taste awesome) the hot chocolate one has me salvating so much that I want to lick my (germ ridden, toddler fingerprinted, dog saliva filled) laptop screen. And given the high likelihood that I contract some horrible and unnamed disease from that, all I can say is – Frickin’ YUM. :-)

  29. I like the Hankie Pankie cupcake myself…

  30. #1…great lighting and it draws you in and makes me want to take a sip!

  31. i say number one….way more interesting :)

  32. I vote for the first one – the second one is the tiniest bit out of focus, and if photography is important, then the first is superior. Also I like that it’s in a cup. :)

  33. hot chocolate for me! it definitely looks more appealing. The cup just makes it stand out a little bit more!

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