Teaser with a twist

September 22, 2008 at 1:36 PM | Posted in cupcakes, teaser | 22 Comments

I have been brainstorming a couple ideas for various cupcake inspired events coming up but I am not sure which one to bake up first.

So… dear readers, help me choose.

Without giving too much away…

#1 hint: green sprinkles

#2 hint: santa

Which hint makes you curious to see more?



  1. SPRINKLES!!! :-D

  2. SANTA!!! :) hee hee

  3. Green Sprinkles!! Because I can guess what Santa is about.

  4. Sprinkles!!

  5. Are we talking sprinkles or jimmies here? Because if it’s green jimmies I’m in and if it’s green sprinkles well … I’m still in

  6. sprinkles :D

  7. Sprinkles, duh.

  8. It looks like sprinkles wins…hands down.

  9. sprinkles, of course!! :)

  10. Sprinkles!

  11. SANTA!!!!

  12. Santa is more exciting, but more obvious. Green sprinkles would be fun, but not much of a tease cuz it would be too hard to guess!

  13. Sprinkles, of course!


  14. Santa for me, although sprinkles work, too. Honestly, just the thought of a cupcake makes me happy! :)

  15. Santa! (:

  16. Sprinkles. It’s too early for Santa. Unless you’re not going to post the cupcake until November or something. :D

  17. SPRINKLES! (of course)


  19. sprinkles :)

  20. Either one is going to be fab, so I am going to say, “Surprise me” for a change! Are you impressed that I am not harrassing you to spill the beans?

  21. SPRINKLES…..

  22. SANTA!

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