Martha. Martha. Martha

September 23, 2008 at 10:26 AM | Posted in non-cupcake, random | 9 Comments

(^ Say it like Jan Brady does. Thats how I say it in my head. LOL)

No, I am not talking about Martha/Marcia Brady. I am talking about THE Martha.

(image credit: The Martha Blog – it changes colors! I am easily amused today.)

Last week she had a whole show dedicated to blogging.

(I was invited to be in the audience but NYC is an expensive plane ticket away. I was so bummed but I stayed at home in my PJs watching my tv, hanging onto every word.)

See people? This is why she’s successful. She knows that blogging isn’t just a passing fancy. Bloggers today have some incredible power and she wants in! She’s embracing her inner blogger. Expanding her domestic empire. I don’t blame her. If I could make Perez Hilton money blogging, I’d jump at the chance! Wouldn’t you?

Why am I talking about Martha? Well… She wants to get to know more bloggers like you and me so go leave her a comment on her blog and link back to her blog on your blog. (You can see my comment about 50 comments down.) Who knows? You may end up in Martha’s Circle like Perez Hilton, Smitten Kitchen, Cute Overload, Matt Bites etc etc.

I imagine thats like being Oprah approved.

PS- Thanks to all for helping me choose between sprinkles and santa. I have a cupcake order due this Friday but after that I plan to have some fun with green sprinkles. Stay tuned.



  1. Thanks for the tip – I just entered. Good luck to you!


  2. Hey CB!

    I haven’t been on the bloggosphere lately…but now I’ve been updating on my house I’ve been snooping around this blog…I have to say I’m SO VERY impressed with what you’ve got going on here! I love it! And I’m so proud of you! (And a tad jealous that my blog is not as cool looking as this…)

    Anyway, just wanted to throw you some kudos!! Plus your cupcakes/baking is super impressive! Makes me want to take cake decor class. If you have any extras you ever want to send off, feel free!! ;) (I know I’ll be trying out some of your recipes on my business class cohort now that I have the counter space to use my KA mixer…)

    ♥ Jamie

  3. MARSHA, GL to you too!

    JDOG!, what’s up girl?? I’ve been keeping up on your blog about your new house! Talk about jealousy. I am UBER jealous! but so happy for you! Feel free to try any and all recipes and let me know what you think! If cupcakes were easier to ship you know I’d be sending some your way for a happy housewarming. KIT xoxo

  4. Thanks for the tip–I do love the Martha!

  5. CAKESPY, haha. She’s not just Martha. She’s THE martha! ;)

  6. Crap! I requested tickets to go to that taping!

  7. HTEAC, …and?? Don’t tell me you forgot? Oh man. That sucks.

  8. You were totally the first blogger that I thought about when I saw that day’s show! I wish you could have gone so that I could have seethed with jealous rage. (Btw, I just noticed you replied in the cupcake ban asking about my blog address – it’s (and btw, further down on the page will be come cupcakes from Hannah’s bday, that I’m sure you’ve seen 100x, but that I absolutely adore.)

  9. LEAH83, aaawww you’re too sweet. Whoa! Check out those rainbow cupcakes. Those are awesome. I have those on my must-bake list too. I bet Hannah loved them. Thanks for sharing. :)

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