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I like perks. Do you like perks? Take for example your job. Do you have job perks? Maybe your job pays for your cell phone or gives you a parking space that is closer than the handicap space or let’s you drive the company Mercedes to impress clients?

Well my job doesn’t give me cool perks but my blog does. This is why I love my blog so.

Every now and then I am contacted by publishers, gadget inventors, authors, public relations (how do you make that a noun?), bakers etc asking me if I’ll promote their [insert product here] and to be honest, most of the time I reply with “Thanks for letting me know!” to be polite. No sense in being rude right? But that’s why you rarely find products on here unless I am truly interested. So when I received an email from Hachette Book Group about Elisa Strauss’ new book, I was downright giddy! (I tried to remain cool via my email though but I think I failed. HAHA)

This is how much I love my readers. As I said before. I like perks and I assume you like perks (esp if its free, right?). So I am spreading the perk love!

Confetti Cakes for Kids is written by Elisa Strauss, founder of Confetti Cakes in New York City. She has created confections as elaborate as a platter of sushi, a wine bottle in a crate and a designer handbag. Now she focuses her talents on her younger fans with this enchanting collection of cakes, cookies and cupcakes for kids.

Elisa, you had me at cupcakes!

I am really excited about this book b/c its right up my alley. I am a BIG kid at heart and one of my favorite cupcake books, Hello Cupcake!, focuses on simple techniques to create a professionally decorated cupcake. I have high hopes that this book will be the same. It’s not available for purchase until November but I am giving 3… Count it… 1-2-3 readers a chance to get it early! All I ask in return is a little review on your blog when you get the book. Nothing fancy. Just a few words. No blog? No problem. Just email me and I’ll post it on my review for you. Don’t make me hunt you down. I know where you live. LOL

Winners will be chosen by a neutral 3rd party so all bribes and IOUs to me won’t do any good (Actually I’ll still take bribes. Unmarked bills are the standard protocol, Thankssss.) but you can’t win unless you play so leave a comment today! <— Do I have mad poetic skills or what?

Tell me what is more important to you- how a cupcake looks or how it tastes?

(1) Only one comment per person, please.
(2) Sorry, only those who live within the U.S. and Canada are eligible.
(3) Please make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

Friday, October 10 @ 12 midnight EST

May the frosting force be with you…



  1. Taste!

  2. Well, I have to say that for as much as I like eating pretty things, TASTE is sooo much more important!

  3. This looks like SUCH a fun book! As far as the question … I love a really cute cupcake, but it MUST taste good!

  4. I would have to say looks are more important because a good looking cupcake can double as decoration for parties and gifts. Sometimes a cupcake looks too pretty to eat anyways!

  5. Tastes!

  6. Taste, by far!

  7. You know where I stand here, taste is waaaay more important to me than looks. But considering that I have 3 kids, and am in charge of 2 upcoming bake sales, I can use all the inspiration I can get. Adorable cupcakes come in handy when trying to get people to anty up at bake sales. ;)

  8. things never look as good as I’d like. taste is #1 for sure!

  9. I think they are both important. For example if you have a delicious tasting cupcake, but it looks crappy (that’s right, I said crappy) then good luck getting people to eat it. On the other hand if you have a beautiful cupcake, but it tastes like pooopy sawdust then what’s the point? You’ll just piss people off for getting their hopes up with a poopy sawdust tasting cupcake.

    Sorry, we’re studying Freud this week.

  10. I think look is more important :) I would rather have a suuupercute cupcake that taste so-so than a fugly cupake that tastes good. They’re prettier to look at and the risk of me eating 16 decreases drasticly ;)

  11. well, for me it is the way it looks!I like a cute cupcake because that is what makes me want to eat it!

  12. oooh, I like cupcakes!

    I think that while both are important, in my book taste is more important than looks, but it’s so much nicer when you can have both!

  13. The way it looks will get me to jump in and want to taste it… if it’s pretty, or just so darn cute I can’t resist it I’ll be ready to dig in… just hope that the taste matches it’s looks!

  14. While I love cute cupcakes, taste is what REALLY matters!

  15. I think it’s a toss up. On one hand a cupcake that is cute but tastes like butt is no good. On the other hand you could have the most delicious cupcake in the world that would never be tasted if it looked like a bird regurgitated it. I think it’s all about the balance with taste being most important

  16. Taste is way more important!! There’s nothing worse than a cupcake that looks good & tastes awful. But I do love a pretty cupcake that also tastes good.. those always get extra points. ;)

  17. Taste is more important, BUT I do like food to look appealing. Iam an arty person, so the aesthetics of things are important to me.

  18. I think taste is WAY more important! But I also think that the looks play a major role too :-)

  19. Taste is more important to me!

    I love a pretty cupcake but it has to be delicious too.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Gosh, I think looks are important, but if it doesn’t taste good, who cares if it’s pretty! So, taste is #1 for me!

  21. I would LOVE for my cupcakes to look great, but really….who wants a pretty dessert that tastes yucky? In a perfect world I would like both. But I don’t want to see anyone spit out my food! :)
    That book looks sooo cute! I would have to test out some recipes on my co-workers.

  22. I think taste is more important but if it’s a really cute cupcake it may taste better just because it looks so cute.

  23. Okay, taste is important, but “you eat first with your eyes”, right? So, I vote for looks!


  24. Taste most definitely!

  25. How cupcakes look is important, but bottom line it has to taste GOOD!

  26. If I’m paying for the cupcake, I’d pick it because the way it looks (providing I like that flavor). But taste is very important whether it looks good or not. If I made the cupcake myself, who cares what it looks like if it tastes delicious, right?

  27. The most important is taste. It’s true, you buy them based on looks. But if they taste bad you won’t buy them again. If you make them, its all about the taste because that is what people will remember, how they tasted.

  28. Looks and taste are important, but taste is more important in this case.

  29. TASTE!

    some of the best cupcakes are the silly sweet homemade ones- with frosting on uneven and sprinkles haphazzardly on top. Maybe a bald (frosting) spot.

    Cause life isn’t always pretty either, it can be sloppy and still sweet. Its the substance, “the ingredients” that makes it good.

  30. I think that beautiful, adorable cupcakes are wonderful, but if they taste mediocre, they just don’t cut it. If I have to choose one or the other, I’ll choose taste over looks any day!

  31. You taste with your eye’s, then your mouth.
    I hope I win. I love decorating cakes!!!

  32. Even though I love to decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes I would say TASTE is most important.

  33. Do we really have to pick? If it is for a party I say looks, just for a treat I say taste. But I think the best have both.

  34. taste for sure.
    the book cover looks awesome! what a fun looking cake.
    thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing.

  35. The taste is always th most important. The ones from the grocery store growing up were cute, but tasted so bad that to this day I can’t stand the look of grocery store cakes.

  36. Hahahah DUDE!! I’m about to do this giveaway as well!!!!!!! You wanna let people know that if they don’t win here, they have a 2nd chance over on my blog??? ;)

  37. of course taste is important, but the cuteness of a cupcake is what counts for me!

  38. Ooh how exciting, 3 of my favorite things in one shot, a contest, a cookbook and cupcakes :)

    How does the old saying go “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig” Something to that effect, anyhow the look might be what gets you on the hook, but if it doesn’t taste good, no thank you!! I do love a pretty little cuppy, but taste all the way!

  39. Taste!!!! Because my stomach don’t have no eyes :)

  40. Def taste! Looking pretty is a perk =)

  41. I actually think texture is a pretty huge component. I hate dry cake. But after that, taste. Pretty cupcakes that don’t taste good are just such a let down. And a cupcake can be very plain and simple but still taste very yummy.

    PS I have no work perks, seeing as I don’t have an employer, so I need this book instead ;-) I’ll assume you know how to find me!

  42. There’s nothing worse than biting into an amazing looking cupcake, only to be disappointed by the taste.

  43. Taste is way more important to me. I’ve had some cupcakes that were decorated very nicely, but didn’t taste so hot. So disappointing.

  44. taste for sure! but i love me a cute cuppie too!!

  45. amateur baker here, i would totally have to say that taste is quite important to me. i went to a cupcakery a few weeks ago, looking and craving for some delicious rvc <3… i saw how lovely and yummy it looked on the cupcake stand and just had to have it! i was sooooooo disappointed that i spent 3$ on cupcake that was really dry and tasteless.. boo… so although looks the looks of the cupcakes maybe appealing to look at, but who wants to eat something that looks good but doesn’t taste good?

    p.s. can’t wait to try your caramel apple cupcake recipe!!! i’m gunna make them for halloween! =D

  46. Taste…for sure!

  47. to me, taste is more important. I have three kids and they don’t really care how it looks like. it would be such a waste to have a really nice looking cupcake but a bad taste to it.

  48. of course taste, but doesn’t everyone eat with their eyes first? i’d be more tempted to pick up a cupcake that was pretty looking than one that looked like it was made with canned frosting…..

  49. When we’re talking it’s not right in front of me and I’m looking at it on paper or online, then LOOKS obviously. But if it is a cupcake in my hand that I can eat, I don’t care if it looks like a rainbow threw up on it, as long as it tastes delicious. :)

  50. Taste, definitely! A cupcake can look gorgeous, but if it tastes like crap, it can ruin the whole experience. Everytime I bake or cook and the end result is less than spectacular, but it tastes great, I still count it as a success.

  51. It depends! If we’re talking about looking at websites like tastespotting, then looks for sure! But if I’m going to be serving the cupcakes at a party, or if I’m eating them myself, then taste wins out.

    Mmm, cupcakes.

  52. Both are important, but the taste definitely has to back up the look of the cupcake.

    Hope I win!

  53. I think that taste is the most important. (Cup)cake decorating is art…but it is EDIBLE art. No matter how equisite or gorgeous a cupcake may be, if it doesn’t taste good then it doesn’t serve its purpose.

  54. Interesting question and I’m surprised by my own answer: the look of the cupcake.

    That’s what draws me in and makes me want to munch it. Even if it doesn’t taste that good, the true cupcake experience for me is the icing, the decoration, the presentation that all create that “must have it” emotion that leads to a high only a cupcake can create!

    Now gimme dat book! Hahaha

  55. Too bad bribes are out, but if all I can do is leave a comment, that’s what I’ll do. Oh, and I love cupcakes and want that book!!!!

  56. my baby’s 1st birthday is in November… this is just what I need! Pretty is always great… but the taste, now that’s the REALLY important part. Yum for cupcakes!

  57. Taste for sure!

  58. Taste matters. But so does appearance. I hate stuff like “litter box cake” because it looks like you are eating cat poop even though it tastes AMAZING! I know it’s funny, but I like my food to at least look appetizing sometimes…ya know?

  59. Appearance then taste. If your cupcake looks good then you want to MAKE sure that it taste good. Your eyes see it first.

  60. Taste, definitly! Even though appearance is important, why would you want to eat a very cute but very dry and tasteless cupcake? Ya, i’ll go with taste because my decorating skills are not very good so I usually win people with taste lol!

  61. Taste hands down

  62. It’s all about the taste, if it looks good to boot it’s a bonus! My Aunt Carol bakes and decorates amazing cakes, it always impresses me how GOOD they taste and how beautiful she can make them too. So much better then a bakery :)

  63. This book looks so cool. I think that taste is the most important! If an ugly cupcake tastes out of this world who cares what it looks like!

  64. I think taste is probably the most important. However, if it doesn’t look good then I probably will be a bit reluctant to try it.

  65. TASTE for sure!!!

  66. Well, I could never pass up a good looking cupcake but it all comes down to the taste in the end doesn’t it?

  67. Taste is more important. I’ve enjoyed some ugly cupcakes in my time. But if they are too ugly to even taste, well, that’s a problem. What a terrific giveaway–that book looks like it’ll be hours and hours of fun!

  68. Taste and by the way I am totally addicted to your site!!!!!

  69. Can’t it be both? I won’t eat a cupcake that looks disgusting– I can tell you that much. lol

  70. Honestly I think it should be both… but if I had to choose I would choose taste!!

  71. taste taste taste all the way

  72. If there is a cupcake with a good taste
    Then there is no cupcake to waste.

    oh gosh, I am such a nerd.

  73. I know that lots of ppl arent gonna agree with me but i like the look….

  74. hmmm id rather have a good tasting cuppycake than a non good tasting one that looks good. who wouldnt?

  75. The taste and thats what I focus on most when I make cupcakes but I should work on the look because mine is far from good. :(

  76. im moreof an artist than a baker and i definitely appreciate the look of a beautiful cupcake (like your caramel apple onewhich looked amazing *wink wink8)

  77. def the taste

  78. That looks like a fabulous book!

    I think taste is more important, but I’ll be honest, if a cupcake looks horrible, I’m going to go for one that looks pretty first, unless I have a recommendation to try it even though it is ugly. I don’t know why but I think a lot of people associate ugly food=bad taste, when in reality most of the time it is the furthest thing from the truth.

  79. Man, I have to say taste but is there anything better than taking in a fun looking cake or cupcake? I don’t think so!

  80. The way it looks draws me in, but the way it tastes is definitely most important!!!

  81. Both are important, but I would have to go with looks! If the cupcake looks bad would you really want to eat it? I wouldn’t!

  82. Well I think its a toss up, first it has to look good, cause if it looks good everyone wants to taste!! But if it don’t taste good then everyone is spitting it out in their napkins… So they to look good for everyone to eat, and taste good not to be wasted… lol – So I guess my answer is looks, cause at least then, everyone tried them!

  83. I think taste is more important…but will I taste a cupcake the looks scary? A balance between the two is best.

  84. It can be butt-ugly as long as it tastes good! I won’t remember how it looks when I’m done, but I’ll definitely savor the flavor — good or bad.

  85. I have to say the worst thing is to bite into a cupcake that looks totally delicious and it tastes awful. So I have to go with taste first but looks come in a close second.

  86. the only bummer about living in NZ is that I cant participate in all the blog give aways :0(

    Looks like a great book though and i look forward to the reviews

  87. Taste! What’s the point of having a cupcake you can only look at? ;)

  88. no doubt about it…. taste!

  89. ok, i’ll be the one that goes there…. LOOKS! i’m a designer and if something looks awesome, I will love it regardless of taste. (plus the taste can always be fixed later on)

  90. Taste is waaay important! Think of a Sprinkles red velvet cupcake — it’s not all decked out, it’s simple. But man does it taste good. People like them because they taste good…they kept coming back and the design became cute.

  91. I definitely think looks! Although I LOVE some good tasting cupcakes, presentation can make things taste a whole lot better.
    I’m not saying things have to be decked out – there is beauty in simplicity too. It just needs to be appealing! Have you ever heard the saying “You taste with your eyes first”? It’s like kissing, kisses are so much more fun when they’re coming from a hottie!

  92. Holy great giveaway!! Looks like such a fun (and potentially yummy!) book!
    I can’t wait until Maddie-Grace gets a little bit bigger and she and I can start making all sorts of fun stuff like this!

  93. Taste is most important, but if it’s cute I can get past the bad taste too ;)

  94. I would have to say that taste and appearance tie in my book. I don’t want to eat a gross looking cupcake and I don’t want a beautiful cupcake to taste digusting!

  95. The cupcake HAS to taste good, because if it doesn’t at first bite, then you are done, no matter how good it looks.

  96. I’m the googlereader subscriber!!! I love having the google reader!! It totally made my day to read that. and knowing its probally me because i read it on google Reader!!

  97. K, This is my offical entry, the last comment wasn’t supposed to be there. The taste is just as important as it looks! If the cuppycake looked sad and dull i sure wouldn’t want to eat it. I’m all up for cute cupcakes and yummy frosting!

  98. I try not to judge cupcakes.

    My review for your website is at http://mrsmouthy.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!C48DB47FC79C0C2C!945.entry. But no one else seems to be leaving their post link so I’m pretty sure I’m breaking some code!

  99. I love you website!!! And so do my coworkers! I’ve been super inspired by lots of your posts!!! I love the step by step pics! Thanks!!!

  100. Of course I go for looks first, but the taste of the cupcake is very important.

  101. My mom always makes the birthday cakes for my daughters. My oldest is 5 so it’s about time I start doing it myself and this book would rule!!

    P.S. Your Cop Cakes look AMAZING!!

  102. Great Book!

    It could look like crud, it has to taste good, that is for sure.

  103. How a cupcake looks certainly makes a first impression. Most of the time, I go for looks when trying out a new cupcake. BUT, it’s the TASTE that makes a lasting impression. Can’t we have both? Anyway, if I have to make a choice, it has to be TASTE that makes a lasting impression.

  104. I think looks make the inital impression, you get all giddy like a child when you see an amazing presentation. People will be remember how it tastes but they will always remember how it looks. Its such a toss up!

  105. I guess I would say taste is better for me. Technically, it’s the cake:frosting ratio, and how moist the cake part is. :)

  106. It would depend on what the cupcake is for. If it is just to satisfy a craving, then the look is not as important as the taste. But, if it is for an event then it must also look attractive as well.

  107. Taste- if it looks purdy and taste like crap whats the point.

  108. I think both are equally important. If it looks like crap I’m not going to eat it even if it tastes amazing. But if it tastes like crap, then I’m still not going to eat it, even if it looks amazing.

    I hope I win!!!

  109. What is it that the chefs on Food Network say all the time… um, something to the effect of “you eat with your eyes first.” I love it when my food looks pretty.

  110. As pretty as a cupcake can be if it doesn’t taste good there’s no use! So, taste is more important to me!

  111. TASTE…DEFINITELY TASTE. It may look kinda funky but if it taste good, heck that’s the important part.

  112. I absolutely LOVE a cute cupcake, decorated all pretty and fun, but there’s nothing worse than biting into that cute and fun cupcake, only to find that it’s dry and bland! So…I’m going with taste. Definitely. :)

  113. Um, HELLO?!?!?! TASTE!!!! One of the BEST cupcakes I have EVER had was made by a little lady at our church whose hands shake a bit. The frosting job was not pretty, but boy was it DELECTABLE!!!! I am STILL working on her (every Sunday) for the recipe.

    Looks are very important if you are selling and making money off your baking, but TASTE is what will keep them coming back for more (and begging for your recipe)! :o)

  114. How they taste~ but i love pretty ones!

    thanks for the giveaway!



  115. A cupcake must taste good but it has to be pretty enough to be selected. I vote looks!


  116. A cupcake’s appearance might influence my decision to purchase it but it all comes down to taste, baby!

    Love your recipes, btw. Can we say YUM-O?

  117. The taste is much more important to me than anything else, but I have to admit that if its appearance is interesting, that’s probably what will draw me to it in the first place!

  118. Definitely how the cupcake tastes! Yes, the prettiness is what draws you in, but some of the best cupcakes I have ever had were very “homey” looking with the frosting slathered carefully on top rather than being piped.

  119. for me its about how it looks, because if it looks nasty no one will eat it anyway, but if it looks good and tasts nasty, hopefully they will keep that to themselves. hehe What a WONDERFUL giveway. Glad I came by

  120. It is all about taste. Obviously, the look will intrique, but the taste will always bring you back.

  121. (This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for stopping by!)

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