Dear Subscriber 1.0

October 9, 2008 at 10:05 AM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 64 Comments

Dear Subscriber 1.0,

I just wanted to interrupt my regularly scheduled blogging to tell you personally that I really appreciate you subscribing (and hopefully reading) my blog via your google reader. Its you, my 1 subscriber, my 1 reader, my 1 fan, that makes blogging so enjoyable for me.

So THANK YOU from the bottom of my little ‘ol blogger heart. ♥♥♥

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IHC BlogMasta CB

PS. Could my one subscriber leave me a comment so I can give them an extra entry in the 1,2,3 giveaway? Just my way of saying Thanks! ;)

PPS. Also wanted to share a crunkcake clink with Natalie, who showed me how to look up my subscribers via GR. I heart google reader. Show details. Hide details. Show details. Hide details. I could do that all day…

PPPS. What do you wanna see for my next cupcake? Halloween or pink sprinkles?



  1. Hahahah
    I am a subscriber, but I am probably not ‘the’ one. I have found that reader only counts those who subscribe through reader itself.


  2. I’ve been a subscriber for a while too, now! you’re little counter thingy must be off! (just looked it up and on MY reader it says you have 385 subscribers!)

  3. I’m a subscriber too! And, though I love halloween, I think I love pink sprinkles more :D

  4. Um, of course, both halloween and pink sprinkles! :)

    My GR shows 385 subscribers for your blog. Oh, this blogger stuff (summary, brief, subscribers) makes me all confused. I don’t get all the stats.

  5. yeah, I’m a subscriber too!! Halloween!!

  6. Also, when I look at the details of my google reader for your page, I see 385 subscribers! :D

  7. Hey, your counter is way off, I’m a subscriber too! U think you should combine Halloween and pink sprinkles!

  8. hmm, my first comment didn’t go through :(

  9. Subscriber AND follower!

  10. With 385 subscribers, I think I would be nervous if you reader is telling you you only have one! I am one of the 385, but I don’t think I’m the top of that list! LOL!

  11. Hello, I am “the one”. Thanks to you for make this sweeeeet thing and for discover to me the world of cupcakes. I’m from Spain and I didn’t know anything about cupcakes before I read your blog. Since that day (months ago) I’m suscribed to your blog to learn more about this.
    I wish you keep writing sweetest recipes.

  12. Add me to the subscriber list – I have been for ages!

  13. Listen all you posers who want to pretend to be my beech’s one subscriber. Step off because you know it’s me. I was her first subscriber therefore I get the #1 position.

  14. PS- I want to see Halloween – something Scary!!!

  15. I think your counter must be off. Mine shows that you have 385 loyal fans and subscribers!

  16. Haha! I also show 385 subscribers, but man did I feel special when I saw that post in my reader! I was like, she’s talking just to me! I’m amazing!

  17. hehe. i don’t know where that number came from, there are obvy a ton of us ;) i use feedburner and it has way better feed stats!

  18. I have you in my GR. Am I the One? Probably not…

    BTW, Thanks so much for telling me about the hide/show details. I had NO idea.

  19. I subscribe through google reader too! I blog and love cupcakes and one of my readers pointed me to your blog.

    I think your reader is off. You’re way more popular than it is telling you.

  20. I’ve been a subscriber through Google Reader for ages!

  21. i’m a subscriber through google reader… i <3 cuppycakes, too! :)

  22. Congrats on winning cupcake hero! YAY! You totally deserve it!

  23. You also have 29 subscribers over on Bloglines (the rss reader i use) as well.

    Next cupcake: Pink sprinkles

  24. Loyal Google Reader Subscriber!

  25. Umm… yeah, it’s lying to you. I’m doing the GR thing too :)

  26. I am the subscriber. (How’s that for arogance?)
    I think you should do Halloween because I’m sure you’ll come up with something great!
    Congrats on winning the Cupcake Hero too!
    And my classmates loved those apple cupcakes!
    whew! :)

  27. haha how funny..I’m a subscriber and your blog is obviously popular! I’m also through Google Reader you could try to sign up with feedburner. I’m pretty sure they tell you how many subscribers you have with all the feed things. :)

  28. Aww, and for a moment I thought I was the only one! Too bad. At least you know that loads of people subscribe to your blog!

  29. I subscribe! But according to my Reader it says you have 385 subscribers.

    I also thought it was me and said, “that can’t be true!”

  30. FOODLIBRARIAN, I didn’t know all that GR could do either. I am probably still learning but its fun along the way.

    NATASHA, ah bummer your first comment didn’t go through! Take 2?

    SOMEONE, Your comment seriously make me LOL and dribble water down my chin. Hilarious emphasizing the “one”. So glad you enjoy my blog!

    NIKKI57, Yeah if I had to guess you probably were the first subscriber seeing as you help me set up my blog. HAHA

    LALAROO, You are so cute. I was totally talking to you. You ARE amazing!

    KIM, Oh thats crazy! I just signed up for feedburner to get an email subscribe thingy for my blog. I haven’t had a chance to see all the other features yet. I’ll definitely check out the stats part!

    SPARKLIESUNSHINE, I checked your blog for more cupcakes (I am an addict you know?) and I LOVE your bunnies! I have 2 bunnies too. Check out my food blog to see pics of them. They are the best pets ever…

    JANNA, About flipping time! HAHA. I kid. I was really excited to see it this morning. Its good to be a winner. ;)

    SUSAN, Awesome about bloglines. Thanks for letting me know!

    MARY, I like how you said “The Subscriber”. LOL. Thanks about CH. I am stoked! So glad your classmates liked the cupcakes!

    SABRIENA, I just signed up with feedburner! Whoa. I hear twilight music. Do you? I also checked our your blog. I added your frosted one to my GR. Love all your cupcakes. Might have to steal a couple to make myself. French toast cupcake. YUM!

    To all comments: Ok um… wow. I wasn’t expecting this kind of comment response! 385 subscribers! w00t! I LOVE IT! Appreciate everyone double checking those stats for me. I wasn’t sure it was one but I figured one is better than 0 right? But I might have to be an Indian giver on that extra giveway entry thing now. HAHA

  31. Hello! I subscribe to your blog through GR…ooh am I “the one”?


  32. I was reading through my google reader today & came across the post ‘Dear Subscriber 1.0’.

    Is that me?? That is so weird. I thought for sure there would be more people using Google Reader to subscribe. Well here you are, just wanted to let you know you found me :)

  33. I am a subscriber, but clearly not the only one!

  34. yay for subscribing! no clue if im *the one* though. heh :)

  35. Your reader is def off because you have waaaay more than one subscriber. I am a subscriber and I saw that many other people were into your blog, too. But enter me anyway. ;)

  36. I’m a subscriber through GR, but I see that I’m not the only one. Goodluck finding your #1. ;)

  37. Haha I read this (on my Google Reader, of course) and was like “OMG she’s talking about me!” But after reading everyone’s comments, I guess not :)

  38. Thanks for the shoutout!

    I know you have more than one!! I don’t know why yours does that to you!

    It also helps if you go to the add subscription spot — and “search” for your blog. Type in I heart Cuppycakes or something. It will show your blog and the amount of people who subscribe.

  39. Awwww….I thought it could be me, and then I saw all of the other comments! Shucks!

  40. another subscriber here!
    I wish I was the “one”… but it looks like there are MANY other “ones” as well

  41. NANCY, LOL @ your #1. Its like I am looking for my soulmate on a blog dating show or something. Where are you #1? I’ve been waiting my whole life for you… HAHA.

    NATALIE, Oh thats very cool! I learn so many GR tricks from you.

  42. LOL – I’m another subscriber through Google Reader, too! And LOL about Lauren N’s comment a couple above me – I thought I was THE one, too and then saw all these other comments! Google Reader wants to make us all feel special, perhaps?

  43. Added – I’m seeing this for “details” on your blog…Google is lyin’ to you! :)

    Subscribers: 385

  44. yup, google is definitely lying. I subscribe, too…. have been for a while. Love your blog.

  45. im a google subscriber! :) im not sure if im the ONE though….hmmm. i love your blog.

  46. Halloween!


  47. i’m subscribed through Reader. I love your blog:)

  48. I am ready to admit that I am a subscriber as well, and have been for some time. Love your blog!! And I would love to see what you have in mind for Halloween.

  49. I subrcribe through google reader! You must have more than one. The counter LIES!

  50. Am I “the one?” No, I doubt it, although I do subscribe to your feed through Google. My reader shows you as having 385 readers (wow!).

  51. I subscribe through google reader too – sounds like you have a lot of subscribers, not just one!!

  52. there’s no way that’s accurate. I found your blog through google reader recommendations and you already had a bunch of subscribers.

  53. I just subscribed 3 days ago, so I think I might be “the one.”


  54. I think I AM “The One.”

    In fact, I know it.


  55. I subscribed to your blog too so I think you have a lot of “1” subscribers…too funny. =) But I’m a fan of your blog, so keep up the good work!

  56. ok i just feel so stupid and left a comment saying that i was the google reader… and it totally made my day! now..i came to read these posts and made me sad because apparently i’m not the one :(

  57. CLARA, I feel like I am writing to myself so that kinda freaks me out! HAHA. You’re named like my name! ~Homer Simpson

    VALARIE, Thats very cool about finding me via GR recs!

    ALANNA, oh you know its true! (Just don’t tell Nikki. She’ll hurt me.)

    TIFFANY, aawww don’t feel stupid. Apparently GR tricked us both. I appreciate the enthusiasm on my giveaway post! It made my day :)

  58. I am a subscriber and I think I AM the one! (not really…I just wanted to be special!!)

    You must have more than one RSS feed. That happens from time to time. (I had 4 on my blog once! Whoops!!)

  59. It could be me, or not. I’m new and just subscribed yesterday. I don’t have a blog yet. I’m just having a great time in my discovery phase! I LOVE these food blogs!! (p.s. I read my first food blog Oct 1st and now am subscribed to over 100 sites).

  60. MARYB, I was the exact same way when I got into the blog reading biz. Now after 10 months I have over 300 blogs in my GR! Its an addiction I tell ya!

  61. I read your post and I’m sitting there thinking that surely I’m not the only subscriber in Google Reader! According to Google Reader it says that you have 388 subscribers! But hey, I read your blog religiously so I’d like to think I’m ‘THE ONE’ :-D

  62. I also confess to subscribing to my own blog in Google Reader and seeing how many people subscribe, I only have 8, but seeing as you thought you had one subscriber and you really have nearly 400 then maybe I have like 2000 readers lol, *pinches myself* no I didn’t think so either…

  63. Ok.. so I felt really special I thought I was THE ONE. now after checking my GR reader I see you have 388 subscribers. But I’ll ignore the other 387 and pretend I AM THE ONE!!!!!

  64. I love your blog! I’m your #1

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