I found my #1

October 10, 2008 at 8:15 AM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 17 Comments

But it wasn’t as earth shattering as I imagined it would be. I compare it to wishing for your knight in shining armor on a white horse but kissing a frog instead. A little bit of a let down. A slimey fly breath one. FYI bad breath totally kills the mood. Take note princes.

Did you know that your blog could have multiple feeds? I DIDN’T?!! Google reader needs a manual for us lame princesses that don’t know the rules of the kingdom. I wish I could say that I figured it out on my own but I pass my crown to Nikki who was front of the line when they were handing out common sense. (Apparently I slept in.) She figured out that I had a different feed in my GR for my cupcake blog than my readers did. I guess Nikki wasn’t the only one that understood this multiple feed phenom b/c commenter Lori suggested it as well. Please tell me I am not the only one that didn’t know about that multiple feed thing? Please…

I still don’t get it, CB. Explain?

Well… Most readers use my full wordpress URL in their reader right?


But I guess the day I decided to add my own blog to my reader (I like seeing what my feed readers see b/c I am a dork like that) I added my shortened URL.


So… Who was The One? My #1 was me.

::smacks brain upside the head::

Hello Brain… Its me, CB. Anyone up there?

Thank you to all 50+ commenters. I feel like a total dork for causing such confusion but… You love me. You really love me. And it’s nice to be loved. *muah*

Stay tuned for Halloween cupcakes soon. Very very soon.

Don’t quote me but maybe an event too?



  1. I had no idea. Thanks for clearing that up. Don’t worry, I have my feed in my GR too. I’ve been building up posts and publishing them a few weeks ahead of time so sometimes I get a nice little surprise when I open my GR :)

  2. That is too funny! I’m glad you figured it out! But now I’m curious. I wonder if my blog has some “other” url. I’m not on WordPress, I’m on Blogger, so maybe not. Hmmm…. OH! And I subscribe to my own blog so I can see what they see, too! LOL! I totally understand!

  3. hehe so do I get extra entries beechykins?

  4. JEN, Oh you’re a planner. I do post-publishing too but nothing weeks in advance. Usually a day in advance if that. My blog writing comes on the spur of the moment type schedule.

    JINGLE, Glad you understand my reader dorky-ness. It honestly helps me catch mistakes too. That’s how I justify. HAHA

    NIKKI, Oh yes! I forgot to mention that I’ll be giving you and Lori an extra entry. Thanks for figuring out my confusion.

  5. I am cracking up right now. :) Anyway, I don’t understand any of this lingo as you know but I still think it’s funny. LOL

  6. APRIL, I guessss in hindsight its funny but I still feel like a complete dork. hehe.

  7. Thanks for a good laugh to start the day. :)

  8. ::chuckles::

    That is pretty comical CB! Anywhoo, I don’t actually “subscribe” to your blog, I do however click your link from my fave’s list. I like to see bloggers unique-looking blogs rather than a standardized feed…so add me to your list of followers! ;)

  9. KAMAILE, No problem. I don’t mind ppl laughing at my expense as long as it makes them happy ;)

    BELLA, Yeah I am a riot. You’ll have to get on the GR train soon. Makes keeping track of my fav blogs so much easier. Every time you update I get a little alert. I never wanna miss your new house updates. I am quite jealous of that spa.

  10. We all have our moments. :)

    I’m a subscriber! I’m trying to update more often too, so who knows, maybe I’ll get a few subscribers myself.

  11. JULIE, Please do! Its awesome to keep track of my favorite peeps via blogs. :)

  12. Um if you slept late when they were handing out common sense, I skipped class. I had no idea that different feeds to the same blog would count different.
    Thanks for the informative post! :)

  13. MARY, LOLOLOL. I didn’t know either! I guess I didn’t read the GR manual very closely huh? ;)

  14. This doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but I wanted to tell you that I made the Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes you had on here a little bit ago and they were sooo good! I was blown away by how much they tasted like Pumpkin Pie! Thanks for sharing!

  15. MARYANN, So glad you liked them! I was surprised myself. I am not usually a pumpkin pie fan but I really liked these cupcakes too!

  16. That is so cute! And it totally brings home the statement, “Lookin’ out for #1!”

  17. MRSMOUTHY, HAHA so true!

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