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October 14, 2008 at 9:28 AM | Posted in Cupcake Question of the Day, cupcakes | 22 Comments

What’s up with all the donuts?

I’ve seen blog after blog of donuts in my google reader. I live within walking distance to a Krispy Kreme. I like donuts as much as the next person but…

Are donuts the new cupcake? Say it aint so!!

Vive la cupcake!

Who’s with me??



  1. Yes they are … out with the cupcakes in with the donuts.

    I totally feel like Homer right now because i think I’ve been saying Mmmmm donuts for the last 30 mins

  2. NIKKI, Whaaaaat?? Blasphemy!! Step away from the naysayer!! ::making a sign of the cross with fingers::

  3. I agree that I’ve seen them in a lot of blogs in my GR recently too. I don’t think they’ll ever be the next cupcake, they’re just not as versatile. But they do seem to be rising in popularity.

    I have to admit I do love donuts and I love living in Boston where there’s a Dunkin on every corner…

    I’ve never made a donut though… Maybe that’ll be a fun project for the weekend…

  4. Donuts aren’t CUTE! Cupcakes aren’t deep fried!


  5. MARSHA, Amen cupcake sista!

    JEN, Thankyouverymuch. I agree. Cupcakes are way more versatile. Oh yeah. Boston definitely loves their Dunkin’ Donuts. I must have seen one a few miles from each other on every corner when I was there last summer.

  6. I’m so with you! Donuts make me think of Supertrooper stoopid cops…cupcakes are everything pretty and beautiful and delicious. AND please…how do you make a donut pretty? Lets see you fondant a donut. Haha!

  7. donuts suck. I don’t like them very much anyway. So they could never replace cupcakes for me. :)

  8. IAMBELLA, TYVM! When I think of donuts, I think lazy. Maybe b/c of the Homer reference. HAHA. But cupcakes are… pretty, tasty, bitesize desserts. True dat. There’s no fondant-ing (verb?) a donut.

    MARY, Tell it sista! I am with ya!

  9. Yeah, I noticed this as well. I’m hoping the next craze isn’t gourmet donut shops. I don’t care for donuts too much, but I do enjoy the Dunkin’ Donuts cake ones. Cupcakes forever!

  10. TANYA, I admit that I do like Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme on occasion but I think the thing I love so much about cupcakes is the versatility in flavors and decorating. Can’t see the same range for donuts. But maybe someone will prove me wrong?

  11. Cupcakes it is!!!!!!!!! plus who wants to fry anything?

  12. BARBARA, Not me! I am bad with hot oil. Yikes!

  13. Fried dough? Save the calories and dangerous hot oil for funnel cakes at the fair. I know how to make a cupcake right here at home, cupcake. Cuppy cakes rule!

  14. LISA, oh heck yeah on the funnel cake. I LOVE funnel cake. Its so good with powdered sugar and strawberry goodness. Oh wait… what were we talking about again? HAHA

  15. Nope, can’t compare! Unless it’s a warm Krispy Kreme donut I’m reaching for the cupcake!


  16. INGRID, ooohhh what about a krispy kreme donut ON a cupcake? NICE!

  17. I luv donuts.

  18. MARA, I thought I knew you man… ::shaking head in disgust::

  19. It is fall, which means apple cider here. With cider, one must have donuts. It is sort of a changing of the seasons thing every fall. Perhaps such things aren’t quite so “ceremonial” in CA where it is warm even in the winter, and you don’t have as many of the apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and changing leaves?

  20. Not to mention, it is hard to make a really good donut at home. I find it a much bigger challenge than creating a great cupcake. Cupcakes are easy.

  21. ZEBE, You could be right about the seasonal thing but I beg to differ on the easy cupcake quote. Cupcakes can be as easy or hard as the baker makes them. There are some cupcakes I’ve seen that I couldn’t duplicate even if I tried! haha.

  22. I suppose if you’re tryin to get fancy, but I feel like I can come up with a very yummy cupcake, that would beat store bought, pretty easily (but I’ve been doing cake stuff for 15 years).

    I have not, yet duplicated a donut to my liking. Of course, now I’m not supposed to eat them, so the experiment has sort of been suspended.

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