My cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard

October 18, 2008 at 8:33 AM | Posted in collage, cupcakes | 5 Comments

Today is Chocolate Cupcake Day (is that awesome or what?) so to celebrate, I did a search on my blog for “chocolate cupcakes” and made myself a little chocolate cupcake collage for your viewing pleasure.

(1) Classic Chocolate Buttercream
(2) “Hot” Chocolate Cupcakes
(3) Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Cupcakes
(4) Hankie Pankie Cupcakes
(5) Red Wino and Chocolate Cupcakes
(6) Happy Retirement Cupcakes
(7) Gimme S’mores Cupcakes
(8) Veggie Garden Cupcakes
(9) Choco-Caramel4 Fudge Ice Cream Cupcakes
(10) Avogadro’s Chocolate Cupcakes
(11) Pac Man Cupcakes
(12) Cadbury Marshmallow Creme “Egg” Cupcakes
(13) Mother’s Day Cupcakes
(14) Chocolate Avocado-Jalapeno Ice Cream Cupcake

Click image to enlarge

I think my favorite is probably the Pac Man one. I will never forget the birthday boy’s face of delight when he saw them. Makes all the hours of preparing them worth it. Which one is your favorite?

Also wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout for a couple awards. I am so sorry its taken me a while to say THANK YOU for all the generosity but please know that I add all bloggys to my list as soon as I get them. Sometimes it takes me a few days (weeks, months) to acknowledge how much I am honored and appreciate all your blog love.

From AbbySweets

From Slice of Sueshe

From miss.cupcake.face

Happy Chocolate Cupcake Day everyone!



  1. I’m making chocolate cupcakes today for my mini-throwdown. I need to go buy cocoa powder first… Love your pics and the collage.

  2. Wow! So many cupcakes! These are all so creative and fun. You rock!

  3. JEN, ooohhh a mini-throwdown! I love it! Can’t wait to read.

    FOODLIBRARIAN, I didn’t realize how many chocolate cupcakes I’ve baked until I put it together my collage. Crazy huh? Maybe I am the crazy one ;)

  4. All those cupcakes look so yummy! Love the post title too!

  5. KTOTHER, Thank you! Its amazing how many chocolate cupcakes I’ve made until I see them all together in one place. Glad you liked my post title. It cracked me up when I thought of it so I figured other ppl would get a kick out of it too!

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