Alert: Cupcake Spoiler

October 24, 2008 at 9:54 PM | Posted in cupcakes, teaser | 19 Comments

Just a little sneak peak into my current cupcake project.

Ok 2 pictures. That’s all you get.

Don’t hate me b/c I’m evil. Muhahahaha



  1. Hmph. Okay, I’ll slightly dislike you because you’re evil instead, mkay? PS – I wish I had the patience to do something like that. Yikes.

  2. So, you know bats are my 2nd favorite animal lol (I’m guessing it’s a left-over from my high school goth days lol)

  3. Can’t wait!

  4. CAITLIN, HAHA ok. Slightly dislike I can take. I am not a patient person but after you do one and it actually looks like bat it makes you wanna do more. I totally think you could do it!

    KRISTINA, I never had a goth stage but I am totally into vampires right now b/c of Twilight! Team Edward baby. w00t!

    CHERIE, Just a little longer. Probably Tuesday…

  5. Those bats look great. Can’t wait to see the final product.

  6. JEN, Thanks! Hopefully the final product will turn out as well IRL as in my head. HAHA

  7. I say blood sucking cupcakes-those that you die for! I’m sure you’ve made those type of cupcakes before!

  8. BARBARA, HAHA. Love that line. Might have to steal now…

  9. those chocolate bats look banging. i can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  10. Ugh you’re so talented! And I happen to like you better because you’re evil. SO there. :)

  11. JOANNA, Thanks! I hope I don’t let you down…

    MARY, LOL @ liking evil me better. Well you know what they say right? Women don’t get famous by following the rules. ;)

  12. I bet these are for TWD this week. Your cupcakes are going to kick butt, I just know it! I wish I were just a tad more creative! Looking forward to seeing them.

  13. PAMELA, Shhhhhh…. HAHA. I’ve been doodling ideas for my Halloween cupcakes for days. I hope they come out the way I picture in my head. I can’t wait to see yours too!

  14. You’re so creative!

    Oh and there’s a little something for you on my blog:


  15. MISSMARIE, Something for me? wheeeee…. ::off to read your blog::

  16. Those bats look awesome, in their own haunting sort of way. :)

    They’d look really good sticking out of a bowl of vanilla ice cream or cheesecake or something (although I’m sure that’s not what they’re going to be used for).

  17. JULIE, LOL @ haunting part. ooohhh totally in ice cream. I’ll have to remember that and save any extras…

  18. Sweet! Just in time for Halloween.

  19. STEPHANIE, exactly ;)

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