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October 24, 2008 at 7:06 AM | Posted in Cupcake Question of the Day | 31 Comments

Be honest. Do you sneak batter finger licks when you bake?

I admit it. I do. Actually I used to but now that I am baking like 2-3x a week those batter finger lick calories are adding up and I have my muffin top to prove it. Blah. But then a fellow cupcake-er told me her tip about chewing gum when she bakes. Let’s face it cake batter+spearmint=nasty so I find myself not sneaking licks anymore. Niiiiiice. Now I am curious. Do *YOU* have a batter licking prevention tip to share?

Happy Friday everyone.

Be good with a pinch of evil. Makes life more fun.



  1. Yes I’m a licker! I’ve tried the gum trick before and it works pretty well so I might have to go back to it. Brushing your teeth is always a good one too :) Basically getting a flavour in your mouth that doesn’t go with cupcake.

  2. gum is the only prevention… no matter how full I am I WILL steal a finger lick unless I’m chewing gum :)

  3. If you don’t lick the batter you’re not living life to it’s fullest. I mean don’t like the bowl clean but a few licks here and there never hurt anyone

  4. I don’t have any tips, except that my husband loves batter so much I usually don’t take a swipe. I do get one little lick after I’ve filled the cupcake trays. I give him the beater from my KAM after I take one taste. Frosting on the other hand is a whole different story. I could eat frosting with a spoon…

  5. I’ve never really been a batter lick taker. When I was younger perhaps. My husband will in a heartbeat though.

    I have to agree with Jen, frosting is an ENTIRELY different matter however. ;)

  6. I take way more tastes when I am baking than I should… I’ll have to try the gum trick next time around. I’ve got to drop a few pounds, and food blogging is NOT helping! LOL!

  7. Yes, I sneak in finger licks, and I usually lick the beaters and the bowl too. Salmonella, here I come! :-P

  8. I usually wait until the cupcakes are in the oven… then I turn my attention to the bowl and beaters. It is hard to abstain though so I think I’ll have to try out the gum trick!!

  9. I taste the batter when everything is mixed to make sure it’s good (heaven forbid I use the wrong ingredient and then bake a bunch of nastimous cupcakimous) and I taste the icing when it is all mixed. That’s all. No licking in between.

    My HUSBAND on the otherhand is the licking bandit. Every time I turn around he is dipping another spoon in. He calls it “quality control”.

  10. yes, i definitely sneak licks. especially when i’m making frosting…

  11. I say screw counting calories! Lick as much as you want! There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fuddy-duddy! :-P

  12. MINDY, oohhh good one. Brushing teeth. I’ll have to remember that if I am out of gum.

    STEPH, Officer arrest me. I am guilty of stealing too. HAHA

    NIKKI, amen baking sister.

    JEN, Oh yes! Frosting is a whole other monster. ::drooling::

    JULIE, HAHA. I guess I am still a kid at heart. I will never outgrow finger licking good batter.

    PATSYK, Omg I know! So not helping but I am addicted to foodie events so I am screwed. HAHA

    STEPHANIE, I say Salmonella is overrated. Lick away… ;)

    NIKITA, Oh wow. You have some good restrain. Its hard for me to wait until the cupcakes are in the oven.

    JANNA, I think me and your hubs would get along great. I am so using that “quality control” phrase now!

    DOROTHY, Oh heck yeah. All bets are off when it comes to frosting!

    MARTI, Yay! Thanks for confirming my un-fuddy duddy-ness. HAHA

  13. haha, that’s a funny question. i don’t do it intentionally. i always manage to get some on my fingers – especially when scraping the beater. can’t let it go to waste now can we? ;-)

  14. SUSAN, oh right right. Definitely can’t waste precious batter. ;)

  15. Way to not lick your fingers?

    Use a spoon.

  16. Sneak batter on my finger? Dude, I’ll eat half the batter no problem. A spoon makes it easier, though.

  17. LEY, HAHA. touche.

    TRISH, Eat 1/2 the batter? um. yeah. I’ve done that before too. ::embarrassed blush::

  18. Me? Never! :)


  19. MARSHA, sure sure. HAHA.

  20. Heck no! why stop- someone’s gotta enjoy finger licking good batter! and frosting to top it off.

  21. BARBARA, I’ll support that platform! Vote Barbara for President!

  22. Never, ever, ever even tasted batter…just can’t do the raw thing…Now on the other hand, I’ve tasted so much icing that I didn’t have enough to ice what I baked…

  23. GINNYPA, LOL @ not enough frosting. I wish I had the raw batter issue. It would save some unwanted calories.

  24. um..yeah. Finger licker, spatula and or mixing spoon licker..all of the above. Raw eggs don’t scare me none!

  25. SUZY, omg that’s true! I always forget about the raw eggs. Obviously it doesn’t stop me either! HAHA

  26. yes. and spoonfulls.

  27. AMY, HAHA. My kind of baker. ;)

  28. I’m having flashbacks to my Easy Bake Oven… for some reason my cakes always came out half the thickness that they should. I was eating all the batter before it even got cooked by that lightbulb!!

  29. NIKITA, HAHA. I never had an easy bake oven but I can’t imagine that the light bulb could pack enough heat to really bake?

  30. Always, always after the cake pan is full, then I can go to town. I suppose my baking weakness is that right when I pull the cupcakes out of the oven, I eat one hot and naked (the cupcake…not me).

  31. KEESHA, LOL @ hot and naked! You are a far better baker than me if you hold out until you fill the baking pan. I try but I fail. Every time.

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