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This morning, I got an email…

Dear Cupcake Lovers,

It’s your chance to convert Grub Street from cupmudgeonism. Convince us why cupcakes are so fantastic by emailing your argument to or leaving a comment on the blog for a chance to win a much coveted Magnolia Bakery t-shirt and bragging rights. But hurry, deadline is this evening!

Good luck!

I assume it was a mass email to other cupcake bloggers b/c of the way it was addressed. Looks like cupcakes are under attack again! Why must I defend my cupcake love? Make cupcakes not war! HAHA. But I had to defend my honor right? So I decided to email her back with a little haiku.

Cake, sprinkles, frosting
Fits in the palm of your hand
Need I say much more?

So I’ll post the same question to my readers.

What would you say to a cupcake hater that asked you why you love cupcakes?

Think about it. Maybe you’ll win a tshirt.

Happy Halloween cupcake lovers (and haters)!

PS. I’ll be back later with my little friend, Nutella. Muhahaha…



  1. I like them because they’re small and you can eat them in the car or a bus or probably on a horse (not like I’m ever getting on a horse). You can’t however eat a cake anywhere. I might graduate to eating cake all the time if slices traveled better. :)

  2. More for me!

  3. MARY, Travel-bility! So true. Can’t do that with a sheet cake. HAHA

    SHERRI, fo sho!

  4. It’s the old, good thinks come in small packages. Think about it, you may bake/buy a whole cake but you’re not going to eat the whole thing and part of it may go to waste. There is no waste when it comes to a cupcake. You eat the whole thing!

  5. How strange that we would have to defend our choice of pastry. If someone were to ask me, I’d probably just say, “uh…because they’re yummy. Now stop asking stupid questions.” :)

  6. KRMWV, Thats a good one. I use that line about myself too ;)

    TANYA, LOL. Best.answer.EVER.

  7. Haha I do agree with Tanya. But I always say that as a baker, I like to be able to taste test the final product (Hubby is my official taste-tester actually). But if I made a cake or a pie, I wouldn’t cut a piece out to taste it. With cupcakes, you can just eat one to make sure they’re good.

    I actually had one time that I was SO happy I taste-test the final products. It was a carrot cupcake and it turned out horribly. The batter tasted good, they looked and smelled good, but when you bit into it they were not good. SO glad I didn’t just make it into a cake and take it to the party I was going to…

  8. Cupcakes are so fantastic because they are portion control!!

  9. because they’re freakin’ awesome. that’s why. that’s the only explanation you need. pfft the haters hehehe

  10. I’d say, “Cupcakes are awesome because the best things come in small packages. Isn’t that what you tell your wife?!” Then, I’d kick them in the shins and run with my cuppys to safety.

  11. Single serving, portion control, 1500 calorie packages, easy for dieters to keep track. :)

    Nutella! “Where are you, my little object of art? I am here to collect you.”

  12. Sheet cake on a horse. You just made me snort diet coke through my nose. Ouch. :)

  13. JEN, Good point! Its always nice to be able to taste test the final product without messing up the final product.

    LEAH, Portion control is definitely a great characteristic. Well… *if* you have control. HAHA

    NIKKIJEAN, Amen sista!

    RACHEL, BAHAHAHA. I hope you’re wearing stilettos. Shin kicks with stilettos inflict more pain (I am told…)

    LISA, 1500 calories?? Yikes! No wonder there’s more of me to love lately. HAHA

    MARY, I can confirm that diet coke nose snorting tickles. Its those bubbles. Darn bubbles. HAHA

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