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November 4, 2008 at 12:38 PM | Posted in cupcakes | 29 Comments

Can you believe it? Its Election Day!

Do I speak for you too when I say… its about FREAKING time?!? If I never hear the words “Joe the Plumber” again I’ll be happy camper. And maybe “Maverick” will go back to being a Mel Gibson movie.

I voted by absentee a couple weeks ago so I feel like the election is kinda over for me already but today (hopefully) millions of other Americans will be using their right to vote and proudly displaying their “I voted” stickers. Maybe I’ll go down to the polls to get my sticker. That’s one thing that kinda sucks about voting absentee. No sticker. Call me a nerd but I like wearing my sticker. As an added sticker bonus, I hear, through the cupcake grapevine, that if you show your “I voted” sticker you can get a free cupcake!

Its kinda crazy to think that all the campaign commercials, presidential and veep debates, SNL skits (well hopefully not the SNL skits) will be over after today. I can’t seem to remember a time I haven’t see a Prop [insert number here] commercial or heard “I approve this message” endorsement. So what better way to celebrate the madness ending than with some cupcakes…

My hubs and some of his fellow teachers are holding a “mock election” at his school today. The kids can come to their first period an hour early or after school from 3-6pm to “vote” by ballet. Isn’t that cute? The history department is also providing some refreshments and TVs to watch the election coverage after school in the cafeteria. When they asked me to make some election cupcakes that were non-partisan, I racked my brain thinking about it. Finally I decided… what is more symbolic of patriotism than the American Flag right? Of course I had to have a little fun making mine…

PS. Have *YOU* voted yet?

(Cupcakes adapted from Hello, Cupcake! | photos from me!)


32 white velvet cupcakes
16 red velvet cupcakes
cream cheese frosting recipe
blue and red food coloring gel (I used Wilton royal blue and “no taste” red)
various red candy (swedish fish, red hots, licorice, sour patch kids, cinnamon gummy bears, gumdrops, M&Ms, starburst, jelly belly beans)
red, white, blue star sprinkles (I found mine at Macys Martha Stewart)


Make white and red velvet cupcakes per above links. Let cupcakes cool before frosting.

While cupcake are cooling make frosting. Divide the frosting into 3 bowls. Using food coloring gel, make the blue and red frosting. Make sure you have enough frosting to frost 12 blue cupcakes, 16 red cupcakes and 20 white cupcakes.

Garnish the red frosting cupcakes with various red candies. Garnish the blue frosting cupcakes with star sprinkles.

Arrange cupcakes in 8×6 rectangle alternating red and white cupcakes rows for “flag stripes” and a 4×3 rectangle at the top right for the blue cupcakes.

Happy Election Day everyone!



  1. Yep, I got my sticker this morning! I’m with you… happy that this will all be over and done with soon. Soooo tired of the ads and all that nonsense… SNL has been the best part of the election!

    Nice cupcakes!

  2. So cute! You’re the only person I’ve seen create the American flag in cupcake form. Very creative!

  3. I’ll be voting after work. I want my sticker!!

    Very cute cupcakes :D

  4. They didn’t give me a damn sticker. I feel totally ripped off

  5. Yep, I already voted and I’m proudly wearing my I Voted sticker. The worker gave my 4-year-old a sheet of about 10 of them, so she has them all over her shirt. LOL

    My daughter’s middle school held “mock” elections and also their own school elections. She’s running for Prez, so hoping she does well. :-)

    I had already been thinking of doing some sort of Election Night treat. I’m thinking maybe red, white, ad blue sugar cookies. I LOVE your flag cupcakes!!!!

  6. Very cute! We went to vote at 2:30. There was NO LINE! So glad I decided to work from home today :) We got our stickers and then walked down to Starbucks for our free coffee. I’d miss getting a sticker if I absentee voted too :(

  7. we voted by absentee also. I miss the sticker.

  8. I voted! Yay……………

    I love love love your cupcake flag!

  9. Yep, I left work to go vote while my boss went to work out! Hahahaha :D

  10. When I read your title I thought: The Cupcake Party is definitely one I could get behind.

  11. I didn’t get a damn sticker either. I was not pleased. That is the only reason I voted! HA! Kidding. :) I was up bright and early to Barack my vote.
    These cupcakes make me hungry!!

  12. My 4 year old is sitting here going ” oh yum, yum. yummy, yummy.” so, basically these cupcakes rock! Great idea and totally cute. You bet I voted, now I am just waiting to see what will happen!

  13. i did vote–exciting!! i’m sure everyone at school loved you for those cupcakes!!

  14. PATSYk, Oh agreed. Tina Fey is hilarious!

    TANYA, really?? Sweet. I love being original ;)

    JULIE, its all about the sticker. HAHA

    NIKKI, suck. Go protest!

    CHERYL, LOL @ daughter wearing the stickers. Thats right! Teach ’em young. Your red, white and blue sugar cookies sound so cute!

    JEN, Nice taking the day off. Personally I think it should be a holiday myself ;)

    KELLI, I vote all absentee ballot envelopes come with stickers!

    SUSAN, Awesome! Rock the vote!

    CASSIE, HAHA. Well I’d say it was a good use of your time while your boss was away. I won’t tell. ::lips zipped::

    EMILY, Yeah I think I would switch my affliation if Cupcake party was another political party option too. HAHA

    APRIL, Dude? Whats up with the shortage of “I voted” stickers?? Aint right.

    MARYANN, aawww that is so cute that you showed your 4 year old. Show a kid some cupcakes with candy and they’ll be happy. Simple pleasures right? :)

    STEPH, Omg. I totally got mobbed at the party. They were gone in about 10 secs! Even at 16-18 years old, cupcakes bring out the “kid” in everyone.

  15. I voted early but got a sticker – sorry you didn’t get one. These are cute, but I’m still dizzy from the whole Nutella cupcake thing. Those are a tough act to follow (but keep trying!)

  16. LISA, Yeah its hard to beat those nutella cupcakes. I am gonna have to step it up a notch now huh? HAHA

  17. I got my I Voted sticker. I love those things…

  18. IAMBELLA, Jealous. I miss my sticker. It doesn’t feel like I got the whole voting experience without it…

  19. Adorable idea!!! Beautiful pictures!!

  20. PRUDENCE, Thank you! Its an awesome compliment coming from you. I love your cakes!

  21. Adorable — and beautiful pictures!! Of course!! Way to hold back and go nonpartisan :)

  22. NATALIE, It wasn’t hard to hold back. I just do what the paying people tell me. HAHA

  23. I vote for your cupcakes!!! I’ll take two: one to eat, one to throw at Joe the Plumber, please!

  24. CAKESPY, I wouldn’t waste my cupcake on him. ;)

  25. Gorgeous cuppie combo! I voted absentee, too, and really enjoyed the experience. It’s pretty hard to beat doing your research on the county coroner with ballot in hand, because honestly, who’s going to even know that you elect the person who checks up on our dead? Shouldn’t that be a merit-based job???

  26. CHOU, LOL @ merit-based job. I definitely think thats a BIG plus of voting absentee. I was able to sit down, read all the props and make sure I knew exactly what/who I was voting for.

  27. Dude did you see this!? Totally thought of you when I saw it haha


  28. We had to vote by absentee… I miss those stickers.

    CB, I just made the classic vanilla cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla frosting on them for my speech class… I’m supposed to be giving a speech on cupcakes (with all of my inspiration from your blogging!)… I haven’t given my speech yet, but my class loved the cupcakes! So thank you!

  29. STEPHCHOWS, Omg that’s insane! Talk about Obama cupcake love! So freaking cool.

    CARLITA, Speech on cupcakes? Awesome! Glad the class loved the cupcakes. GL on the speech!

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