How-to: Colored Sugar + teaser

November 19, 2008 at 7:04 AM | Posted in cupcakes, how-to, teaser | 14 Comments

Have you ever needed a certain color sprinkle and can’t find it? (or in my case, too lazy to go to the store and buy it?) Well… here’s a how-to for you!

Make your own!


food coloring gel
ziplock bag

[NOTES: I use coloring gel but you could use coloring liquid. I’d probably lay it out on a parchment-lined baking sheet for a couple hours to dry it out before using.]


Fill a ziplock back with sugar. (I used raw sugar for the bigger crystals but you can use granulated sugar too). Using a tooth pick, add some coloring gel to the sugar. Close the bag (make sure its really closed or you’ll get sugar all over the counter like I did!) and mix the sugar and coloring gel by shaking or massaging the sugar. Make sure to get out all the clumps. Add more sugar if you want the color to be lighter or more coloring gel for the color to be darker.

I have no idea why my sugar looks orange. Its actually red. *shrugs

Now the question is: What am I making red colored sugar for? Inquiring minds want to know.




  1. Hey this is a realy fabulous tip.
    Here it is always so difficult to get coloured suagars.
    Will remember this tip

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ve done the same thing to shredded coconut.

  3. HAPPYCOOK, Isn’t it simple but you can do so much with it! I am already thinking about all the different colors I could make at home.

    INGRID, So true. Works for coconut too.

  4. I’ve wondered if this was possible before, but haven’t dared try it! Thanks!

  5. Santa? Are you making Santa cupcakes?

  6. NATALIE, Wonder no more. It can be done ;)

    MARY, Cold. Freezing really. HAHA

  7. Oh I hope they’re some sort of christmas cuppycake! I have a christmas party to plan for and I’m of course waiting for ideas from you!

  8. RENEE, I do plan on making some xmas cupcakes (probably after Thanksgiving) but not for this teaser. ;)

  9. oh good idea!

  10. I’ve done this before when I needed the sugar to match another similar color. Who wants clashing reds on a cake? Its way cheaper too! Fall leaves are red, as are apples, hmm, and the rose bowl, but that’s still a ways away.

  11. JULIA, thanks!

    ZEBE, Hot. Hot. Hot. Burning.

  12. Thanks again for the great tip- savings is important these days (a whole 2.00 or something.
    I say you’ll be trying something with christmas written all over it!!!!!


  13. This is awesome! I’ve never even thought about coloring sugar myself!

  14. BARBARA, LOL @ $2. Actually I like to say its more b/c you can make ALOT of colored sugar right? ;)

    MC, Me either. I love simple DIY tips!

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